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Monday, June 17, 2013

Redemption of the Fallen Update: Tactical Squad

We got troops. But you can be a trooper of good. Support Doctors without Borders and enter a chance to win these models and the rest of the army. This is only the beginning!
Go to 
And support the cause. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kebec III's Amazing Tau Army Unveiled at Adepticon 2013

This Tau army was brought from Quebec, Canada by a team of 4 friends for the Team Tournament, Kebec III. In my biased opinion, it was the coolest army in the entire tournament. The painting was beautiful, the conversions inspired and the mood set just right. The colors on their own created a level of creepiness that was only enhanced by the conversions. Genius.

You can find more of their work at their website:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Space Wolves Showcase

Space Wolves are interesting models to paint and they help develop a painter because they have a wide variety of surfaces and details, like armor plates, fur, metal bits and sigils. However, because of that they don't really lend themselves to speed painting like normal Codex Space Marine models do - there's too much detail to paint that you can't bust them out with such speed. 
These were done as a commission for a friend of mine. If you are wondering, I'm not taking commissions at present. Commission painting is not a good side project to life. When you have limited time for painting, commission paint ends up taking up all of it in order to meet deadlines. I've found that I kept putting off personal projects that I really wanted to do and I have decided that I will only take commissions if we're already good friends, if the project includes 100% artistic freedom or if the price is right.
For those of you interested in painting your own Space Wolves and want a blue tint but not blue pijama blue found on the GW studio army, I would like to introduce you to Vallejo Model Color 70906, Pale Blue. This color is mostly grey with a very slight hint of blue. It's perfect for creating a cold grey that people often like to see on Space Wolves. 
My process for the armor here was:
Airbrush entire armor areas in Vallejo Air German Grey. 
Airbrush highlights with Games Workshop Codex Grey. 
Airbrush highlights with Vallejo Model Color Pale Blue. 
Break out a bristle brush to do blacklining. Then use bristle brush to do edge highlights with Pale Blue. Done. 

Yes, yes, I know the OSL is rather unprofessionally done. It needs some work. Also there isn't a variety of helmets here. That's because this is a commission of 35 Space Wolves and I grouped them by helmet type for painting. Once they are all done, I'm going to apply squad markings and fix the OSL on all the 4 guys with plasmaguns. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Haramaki Zensenbutai

Yep, another look what I did post. Lots of comments been popping up to get back into Tau blogging. Sadly I can't say I'll be able to deliver. Competitive 40k gaming has burned me out and I just can't bring myself to participate in the tournaments that actually teach you the tactics, list-building and such that I'd need to help you all out. 

I think any kind of Tau blogging that will happen will be showcase posts like this and perhaps some modelling. For 40k, I'm still working on super-fast ways of painting space marines, and it goes well. You just need an airbrush - it can be so easy to get results uber-fast. 

These gents and lady below were painted in July and August this year. I'm honestly not entirely psyched about them. There is something off about them. I think it is the overall dark scheme of them. I must say I learned a lot about painting red with them. 

I still need to develop my blending some more, and I am looking at Glaze Medium to help get smoother transitions of color. Water just isn't cutting it at this stage. 

The display base here was the first I'd ever done and I had to get it done in about 4 hours - drying time included. I hope to make more in the future. It combines two of my hobby loves, making terrain and painting figs. Then once done showcase pics are so much more atmospheric. 

Oh man did yall see the UK GD golden daemon winner? 

Friday, August 24, 2012

UA Marine Corps

Painted for Defiance Games. 
Possible edits to come. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Painting Update: Long Fangs Commission Finished

Lately my painting table has been consumed by a couple commissions from clients and friends. This is my latest completed commission, 2 units of Space Wolves Long Fangs, all armed with missile launchers (do they ever have anything else?). I painted 14 models at once and really surprised myself at the level of quality I was able to maintain across all the models. Normally when I take on large chunks like that the quality suffers but in this case, I had done models like this before and I was methodical in my approach and still managed to get some flourishes like squad markings and a colorful banner.
Since I ran out of Space Wolves bits and the client did not provide more, I dug through my bits box to find alternate pieces to complete the models so you will see a mix of Dark Angels parts, Scout bits and regular Marine Tactical squad parts.
I always try to include a few models in alternate and original poses in my work and this center Long Fang typifies that. Any Space Wolf worth his salt would be ready for close combat of course!

Here you can see the Ragnar's Army Badge, as requested by the client and squad markings. This helps differentiate the squads when unpacking your minis and during the game, when like models can often get confuses with others. 
This squad was armed with Scout missile launchers that the client provided. They aren't so bad in the end. If you're short on Space Marine missile launchers, Scout missile launchers are a cheaper and decent substitute. The only problem becomes that scout arms don't really match Space Marine heads that well so I used Scout heads for some of those models. You'll have to sculpt necks on them if you want to do this too though!

While this leader is not actually armed with a shield, I think squads need little embellishments like this to individualize them and make them stand out. 

I'm starting to really like Scout heads on marines, but preparing them is a pain. You have to stick them on a pin, sculpt on a neck - eyeballing it - then when it comes time to attach to the model, you have to trim the neck down so it fits. 

Right now, I am booked for commissions for a couple months. Ahead of me is completing the Alpha Legion vehicles, a display piece for a friend and then I'll be free for some of my own stuff. Unfortunately due to this commission and other, I probably won't be submitting anything to Crystal Brush this year...perhaps. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Infinity Tiger Soldier

My latest Infinity model, the Tiger Soldier. He was finished a couple weeks ago in fact, but I haven't had the time to post him here.

I've started to use inks again. Lately I have been unsatisfied with the results I've been getting from GW washes, and although, I used them here, I've found that ink provide for a more intense and controllable shading technique. 

This miniature is probably the least favorite in my Infinity collection, but I wanted to paint him because he is very valuable to me in the game. He's got a high Ballistic Skill and mimetism which helps keep him alive. With Airborne Deployment Level 3, he's a master of the ambush, dropping from the skies to flank units, or attack isolated targets. 


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Infinity Painting Contest

A gentleman by alias of BlitzJaeger recently administered a Painting Competition on the Infinity Forums. We were given an approximately 3 month period to complete models and submit them in various categories. While I could and perhaps should have spent more time on my entries, I fared rather well considering.

Check out all the entries by clicking this link: Painting Comp Entries

I submitted two models in two categories.
The first is the Gui-Lang Sniper that some of you saw on Remote Presence. Here's the little bugger in case you missed it. (which you probably did Remote Presence simply doesn't get lots of hits). This little paint-job, while relatively modest, won me Third Place in Category 1, which included some pretty stiff competition.

In Category 2, which featured all non-TAG Remotes and medium sized Infinity models, akin to Terminator sized models I suppose. I entered in the Su-Jian Immediate Action Unit which is actually a transformer in the game. It's two models for one unit. These two pieces got my 1st Place in Category 2, out of three entries so not exactly too much to write home about, but still I'm proud. 

This Spring, there will be another contest and I'm already planning out my next entries, although with the Crystal Brush coming up, who knows?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tau Crisis Suit Repaint and 40k from an Old Man's Perspective

A couple weeks ago, I picked up this old model of mine and had a good look at it. Then without a thought, placed it on my painting table beside my other models in progress. While waiting for paint to dry on other models, I'd pick this guy up and dab paint on him. I completely re-did his armor plates and his plasma-rifle. I even placed some transfers on him and tried out a new thing- burn marks on his plasma rifle. It's something I had been thinking about doing on my suits and I used this models as a trial run. I like it but I'm not yet committed to doing that on all my Tau stuff. 

I don't know if I'd call him completely finished but I am done working on him for now and I've placed him back in my army carrying case for safe keeping. 

I played my first game of 40k since January this year. It was fun but I had forgotten how many dice you have to roll in that game. It's a little excessive. So at least 5-6 times a turn, you pick up a handful of dice to roll to hit, then you pick up a slightly smaller handful of dice to roll to wound, then your opponent picks up a handful and then he rolls his save. Your opponent then removes 1-2 models from his unit. Then you Choose another one of your units and do the whole process over again. Am I the only who thinks, this is one handful of dice too many? By the end of the game three hours later, my back was sore from all the leaning over the table to scoop up dice. Must be that I am getting old. Or just used to chilled-out skirmish games like Infinity.

Heh, getting old. Reminds me of when I went out to a bar in Adam's Morgan a couple weeks ago after months on end of parenting. I'm all pumped on the way out the door, but when we got to the place, my first thought was, man, am I tired. Then second thought was, it's loud in here. Ha! 

Now where did I leave my reading glasses?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pan Oceania Cutter Showcase

Repost from
I painted it as a commission for a friend. Very happy with the end result. Since these photos were taken, the model was coated with watered down GW 'Ard Coat which gave it a slight gloss effect. Note to self, use dull coat next time.