Sunday, August 9, 2009

SGI Outdoor Tournament Coverage

This past weekend's SGI Tournament was unusual in a couple ways. It was held outdoors at Lee District Park. Players could feel the breeze, bask in the sun, but most importantly they couldn't smell each other!!! SGI, Strategy Gamers Inc., even grilled hot dogs and burgers for everyone and brought out water and coke for all. As far as tournaments go, it was also unusual in the amount of obscure armies. There were 6 Tau players, a couple Space Wolf players, and even Demon Hunter armies. I played mech Tau and scored 2 wins, 2 losses. The scenarios were rolled straight from the book. I lost 2 Seize Ground missions. This is the last scenario that I have been able to score well with my Tau.

Good news is I was awarded with the "Miniature Frankenstein" Trophy for my Old Shatter Hands Conversion. See the trophy below.

Big thanks to SGI for an awesome tourney!


oni said...

That's a novel idea, a tournament outside. I think I would have enjoyed that as long as it wasn't overly hot, humid and/or windy.

where are you located?

CJ said...

Great stuff Ol'shatterd hands even winning himself a trouphie is even cooler.

Seeing your army I have to ask which colours and in what order do you use to paint your bases? I'm looking to make something like that for my Eldar army but can't seem to get the result I want.

Cheers CJ

Tim said...

CJ, its easy! Start with a basecoat of Bestial Brown. Maybe two coats to make it brighter. then a heavy drybrush of Snakebite Leather. Then a drybrush of a yellow-brown color (I forget what it is called...maybe Bubonic Brown) Then a light drybrush of Bleached Bone.

Oni, it was awesome to be outside! We got lucky in that it was a shaded area and it didn't rain...because weather could have ruined it!

CJ said...

Thanks mate!! going to make my bases like that with some grass and treestumps and then some scorch marks. Giving a shatterd warzone feel.

THanks a lot for the help :)

And even though you sufferd 2 losses it sounds like the tournament was a Blast! looking forward to some Higher res pictures of your army :)

Cheers CJ

Raptor1313 said...

The outside tourney idea sounds interesting. Not a very common thing, that. Even better that the weather worked out. I'd think about suggesting it where I live, but the weather goes from 'intolerably hot/humid' to 'stupid cold' with about a week of 'pleasant' in between for good measure.

Grats on Shatterhands bringing you the trophy.

I'm also surprised that there was so much Tau out there.

Chernobyl said...

Some great pics there Shatter hands and a mighty spiffy trophy to boot. Speaking of which I have to ask and if its and ancient tau sept secret I understand . How did to make the hands for old shatter hands? Those alone make the battle suit look so much cooler it makes me wonder why GW didn't give them something similar instead of the little nubs they currently have.

CJ said...

Take a look at the SM Powerfist fingers ;)

Cheers CJ