Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Codex: Lords of the Wasteland

Like a lot of other modelers out there, I've always dreamed of a Wasteland Raiders style army that you'd see in Mad Max films. These guys are the first serious attempt I've made and I am loving it. Lego wheels were probably the best tip I got.

This truck is the called "the Scrapper" because it's made of scrap. The other buggies I've got are all based on toy cars but this one was made completely from scraps and extra bits in my bits box(es). Like the one I showed last week, this one can also roll.

I'm making my own codex to go along with this army Codex: Lords of the Wasteland.

These buggies are actually bikes so that they can engage in assaults, which is important--that's what they did in the movies at least. Their shooting is rather weak but when they assault, watch out! Another cool special rule I am giving them is "I am AWAITED!" In any turn they use their turbo-boost to move in the shooting phase, they become Fearless until the start of their next turn. This ensures they don't run away while zooming straight at the enemy.

How do you guys feel about fan-made codices? If they are not OP, I don't see a problem. Plus if the coolness factor is really amped up, I figure opponents would love to ride the Fury Road with these guys.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Never done something as shiny as that!

Wheels are fully "articulated." Meaning this baby can roll. I'm racing it all over the flat. I'm really just a kid at heart.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Desktop Shot

Morning all,

Today I'm feeling in the mood to share a pic with you all. I have 5 Adeptus Mechanicus Dragoons on my desk, some Ratskins (getting painted for use in a 40k Campaign) and some Tau in the background for you close watchers.

In about a month, I will have 15 of these mechanical cavalry men painted up for a local client. Great stuff and very exciting for me. They will be painted up in my "Lannister" theme --- orange, white and black with lion heraldry. Its great to flesh out the force some.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Farsight Returns with some friends...

One of the things I love about commission painting is that I feel like I get to do big kunst handwork without having to find room for it in my apartment. Another thing I love about it is getting client feedback. This is a collection of some of my work, amended with some additional Crisis Battle Suits from another painter (white armor with red accents). Anyway, the dude sent these in.

Its kinda neat to see how two different projects unintentionally fit together. As you can see it turned out rather well.

The feedback that is really neat  though is to see how the dude then converted a model, post-painting! I love the result! 

You can see the originals here and here
A massive improvement in my mind. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tabletop Update - More Commission Work

Just some eye candy for you all. A set of 8 mournfangs that I have been working on for a client. I think after this commission, I'm going to do a commission for myself. TT quality, kick-ass army done in about 2 or 3 months. The running concept right now is something completely diverging from Tau fluff. I might actually make them humans in battlesuits. It's going to be something like a private special ops corporation. Think Blackwater in battlesuits.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Break from Commission Work to Speed Paint a Mech

Lots of the work on this MechaFront model were done weeks ago with my airbrush. Last night, I decided to finish it up quickly. I spent about 45 minutes doing this work, then called it a night. I figured this would be good enough for the Tabletop.

I may have played around with the camera effects too much. Here's the original. 

Here is a scale shot for a FB commentator.