Friday, February 17, 2017

New Blood Bowl and Tau Storm Surges

So I've been busy. As winter winds down and spring starts peeking out, I've been painting away late into the night.

First thing is my blood bowl team. They're really shaping up to be a neat team. Here's one of my players, Krom. The skull on his base is what I use for a ball. In this teams very first match, they faced ogres and lost, but they killed an ogre and took his skull as a trophy. Now they use it for blood bowl.

Here they are taking on a Nurgle Team.

Next is the commission I've been doing, more tau. I referenced this Giraldez book for the main gun. This is the result. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Chaos Team: The Players

Here are the players. 
More to come. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Blood Bowl is Back!

Blood Bowl is back, baby!

Back when in 1994, my buddy, Peder convinced me to play his new set of Blood Bowl. In his grandma's flat,  we'd share a bottle of coke and roll dice for hours. He chose orcs from the box and after having to play humans for a while, I wanted something bashy. So I chose the Chaos team!

Since my old metal chaos team is scattered across the world in oblivion now, (I think part of it is in my parents basement somewhere) I had to build a new team from random parts in my collection. Necessity (and being cheap) is the mother of conversions.

The chaos team is made up of Chaos Warriors, well-armored tough guys, and Beastmen, whose only notable trait is a set of horns. Minotaurs are part of the team, too, but I haven't taken one.

My team is converted from whatever miniatures I had available to fit the part - Khorne Bloodreavers, old Beastmen heads, Ork shoulderpads, old chaos warriors, and even older chaos warriors.

The dwarf pillars from the Mines of Moria set have been adorned with the icons of the Chaos Gods, to serve as the team's alters of evil...and in game as my team re-roll counters. 
You need such things to win the favor of the Gods. 
The Chaos Team is pretty bad at Blood Bowl for the first 3-5 games of a league. They start without any of the core Blood Bowl skills, like Block, Pass, dodge, and Sure Hands. With no skills to help them win games, the Children of Chaos must appease the Gods in hopes of good die-rolls.
If the team is able to attract the Hand of Fate, the team will be rewarded with the Star Player Points (SPPs), needed to get the skills and mutations to become a formidable team....but only if the Hands of Fate deem it so.

In fact, once the team has some experienced players, Chaos become one of the more versatile team with access to bashing skills, and mutations that make the team better at handling and running the ball.

My team consist of 7 Beastmen, 4 Chaos Warriors, and 3 re-rolls. And I don't see how any other starting roster could be better.

The key with Chaos is to accept that winning your first games is unlikely so it's best to minimize losses and bash heads where possible. That's the plan at least, once I've got some star player rolls, I'll get concerned with scoring touchdowns. Such is the glory of Chaos teams!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Rat Ogre Update


Friday, November 4, 2016

Rat Ogre...the Rat Rod Monster Truck of the Wasteland.

Is there anybody out there? Hope so. I'm back to show off some works in progress shots of my recent Wasteland Car. I'm out of a certain paint I need for a commission, so until I get a refill I started work on this car.

The idea is a replica of the "Bigfoot" car from Mad Max Fury Road. The monster truck that Rictus rides into battle, until it meets an untimely end running over Splendid and wrecking itself on a rocky outcrop.

To make it unique, I'm going with the Rat-Rod look of a rusty car body. My Rictus Erectus is very different from the movie version as well, but really fits the part nonetheless.

Before you can see the first part of the commission I am working on. Lots of Tau to do! But I need to go our and get a new pot of paint. It's the color for the sand on the base, kind of important to make them all uniform there!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Salt Chipping some Wasteland Cars...

The horde goes...
This week I was supposed to get in some wasteland weapons shipped to me. Instead the package got shipped to my neighbor. My neighbor accepted the package, put it on his counter, then went on a week long vacation. Because of this, I was not able to do more assembly of my Half-life Warboys. 

I could have started work on more cars. I have about 5-6 more cars to do, before I start on my Gigahorse and War Rig. But then my real car's AC konked out and I had to get it fixed. While I was at my local boot-leg auto-body shop. I saw these cars...

After seeing these wrecks, I really wanted to try out my painting again. I looked online for how to do rust effects. I found a great youtube video on salt chipping and I decided to give it a try. I went to the store and bought some coarse salt. I mixed it with some regular tablesalt and went to work. 

But I am getting ahead of myself. First you have to paint the under body of the car. I used a bunch of different oranges and browns to get a real rusty car body. I used some foam dabbing techniques, Ryza Rust from GW and even some airbrushing at this stage. 
Once that is done, you wet your miniature and sprinkle salt on it. 
Then you start airbrushing your main colors. 

For these cars, I am going with a white, black and orange-rust color scheme. This will all be contrasted by pale-blue skinned Warboyz. Once all that had dried, I washed off the salt to reveal a beautifully chipped paint job. 
I went back with some highlight colors to outline the chips, just to add some depth. 

They aren't done by any means and I have a lot more cars to do, but here you can see where this army is headed. With any luck, you can come by and see me at the NOVA Open. My warparty will be on display somewhere at the event. Not sure where yet. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Every Armada Needs a Freaky Dancing Shaman

I really wanted to use the Skaven herding prod from the Warhammer Fantasy starter box. I felt it was appropriately post-apoc and seemed to be a useful weapon for striking enemies from the back of a speeding vehicle. 
I decided to cut the skaven feet and tail off, and I dug through my bits box for human legs. I found some bare foot Victoria Miniature penal legion legs. They were difficult to place right and when I was done. I looked at them and realized the guy looks like he is dancing. 
To reinforce this theme, I gave him a creepy head, a headdress and tilted it to the side. Now when I look at him, I can only see him dancing.