Monday, November 9, 2015

Baltimore Brawl Corregidor Sectorial Army Build

 In this post we look at my Corregidor Sectorial Army collection that I brought to the Baltimore Brawl. This army was intended to represent some sort of corporate security force. I wanted something along the lines of Neill Blomkamp's great films and I think I came close. The whole army was assembled and painted within a month's timespan, so the paint jobs and conversions are more for tabletop effect than up-close inspection. I definitely rushed it toward the end, but was overall very proud to display my forces on the tables at Games N Stuff.

Tau drones were repurposed to represent the Zonds in the rules. With climbing plus I thought it fitting to have levitating drones about. 
Group shot on my painting desk. I made the army list based on getting a symmetrical display of figures. The two geckos and two drones really frame the infantry quite well. 
I'm a proud papa when I look at how my boys have come into their own. Geckos are THE SHIT. The models are bas-ass, the rules aren't bad either, and they just stomp around the board. Love them!
Total Reaktion Zon on the right there. Also with Climbing plus. Very nice for a reaction bot. 

The Wildcats formed as a linked team. I made the heads by making molds with insta-mold of the Mobile Brigada head from Icestorm. Then I pushed green stuff into the molds to make replicates. It sort of worked well, but I have to add a lot of detail with painting. 
I really liked tossing an army together from box to board in just a few weeks. I really enjoyed it on the table top. I think the meta is way ahead of a list like this. Many people just knew exactly where my LT was within a few minutes of game play. Still, moving two TAGs around is a lot of fun, so I didn't mind watching my army getting blown up, shot, sliced in half, hacked, and immobilized in various ways.

Things to do next:
1) Clean up the Geckos some, esp add more color and contrast, do some more points of light.
2) Finish the doctor lady, and the sniffer model.
3) Kitbash two helperbots (g:servant bots) from necron and tau bits. Paint.
4) Kitbash link-team leader counter (tau bits, flag).
5) Add a dog-soldier and jaguars...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Corregidor Sneak Peak

Not sure if I can get all these painted to a high standard for the Brawl, but I'm close. No longer caring about getting a painting award--not enough time.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Baltimore Brawl

I've got two weeks to paint the Infinity Corregidor force shown below. It will be a quite a feat to accomplish, especially considering it is not the only thing on my painting table. I decided I wanted to try my hand at kit-bashing Infinity models. It was a lot of fun, but I ended up just kind of adding Tau bits to Infinity stuff. The most complicated thing I did was to make a mold of the Mobile Brigada head to add to Pan Oceana Bolts and Fusiliers. In the game they will represent Wild Cats.

I've also got two zonds (drones) that were made from Tau drones. The TO has allowed it, and I'm glad that I don't have to buy the real versions. I love making use of my bits collection to make new armies.

I will be taking this force and my Tohaa to the Baltimore Brawl on November 7th. Well, assuming I get these all painted. If not, it'll just be my Tohaa. My goal is just to not be in last place, but honestly I won;t be upset if I do end up there. That's happened to me in nearly every Infinity tournament I've been to.

If you want to join me at the Baltimore Brawl, here's the info:
Group shot. I think the army has nice symmetry.  

Stempler Zond and Sniffer Token

Tomcat Engineer. Her zondcat hasn't been made yet. 

Reaktion Zond and Wildcats. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Nux Car WIP Number 2

Well, here she is. The Nux Car. A work in progress. You'll notice I haven't hit the hard parts yet - exhausts and engine. I'm waiting on a home depot trip to get some electrical tubing and a brass rod for the front axil. I ran out of brass rod on the back axil here.

Who's going to ride this thing? Well, a converted "Nux" is going to drive it...but I am thinking that Esh from Dark Age Games is going to man the charioteer position. More to come...

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pursuit Car: She-Wolf

She Wolf is inspired by Razor Cola and one of the claw trucks from Fury Road. She's not large enough to have a harpoon gun, so instead she's got a large crossbow for spearing crew members, drivers and popping wheels. 

The lancer on top is magnetized for game play. In that way he's a removable turret. I kinda like her better without him. 

I worked hard to give this model a detailed interior with a driver, additional weapons, cargo and other details. In the end, the driver was kinda weak, but at least he's there. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Friday, September 25, 2015

She-Wolf gets some paint

It's so much fun doing these cars. It's expensive sourcing all the bits, but getting them together, painting them and looking at them is just pure joy.

For some reason I really don't mind doing tabletop quality painting on these. I'm definitely moving fast on them as I paint, I think in part because I am just too excited to get them done and on the board.

I've settled on this color pallet for now. Moving forward, I'm going to limit myself and that will make things a lot easier and faster. And it'll keep this motley crew of cars looking like a unified force.

All that is missing on She-Wolf is her rooftop lancer and he's already on his way. Below you can see how I do the thundersticks. Plastic rod and and plastic tube on the top. Space Marine purity seals and then thread, glued in place and then spun around the sticks.