Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dark Eldar Raider pics for Colbalt

Since this was a used model, it came without the crew models. Or if it did come with the crew models, I can't find them in my huge stash of models. So I've set up some Kabalites to man the raider. Still some work to do on the model, including highlighting the black parts and painting on more markings. There's also the base to do. Still unsure about blood splatters, but I looked at a tutorial from From the warp.blogspot.com, but it wasn't entirely helpful. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bleedin' Eyes Raider

I've been working on a raider for my slow growing army. The model was already assembled by the guy I bought it from, and it didn't include the crew so it was a good test piece. I must say, this model is a neat design, but its gotta be painted in sun-assemblies since its so 3-dimensional. 
I got the sigil painted on but its a little messy. The yellow circle is a little large too. Still, I like it! 

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dark Eldar Progress Shots

Starting to feel the momentum build for these guys. Things have to go quick when you're building an army. I find that if I stall between squads, I lose it. Just like when I stall on a half-finished model. That said, I'm looking at finally painting my WHFB Chaos army. Who knows? Lots to paint. 

These are the latest of my batch of Kabalites. They were all given unhelmeted heads. I love the wild hair styles the Dark Eldar have. 

Separated at birth?

The shredder is a really cool looking gun...sadly completely ineffective. 

These girls love their expensive hair dyes.

Women in Dark Eldar society...evil but equal. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bleedin' Eyes Sigil

Just a quick update. Got the Bleedin' Eyes sigil painted onto a banner. Looks alright for a first go. Hopefully I can repeat this across all the units in the army.
I think the raven's head should be a little higher next time, making the bleedin' eye more central to the image. I'll be coming up with some alternate sigils as I go.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Kabal of the Bleedin' Eye

I think having an army badge and unifying theme is essential to creating personality for your army. The army badge is crucial. It helps tie the elements of the army together immensely. For my Tau, I fell back on the GW supplied army badge, but this time for my Dark Eldar, I want something of my own choice.

After mulling over different things, watching game of thrones, googling heraldry from the Middle Ages, I came up with the idea of doing something with ravens and bloody eyes. I quick sketch in my notebook here:

And my idea was born -- The Kabal of the Bleedin' Eye. Wonky Eyes for short. Pink-eyes to those who would belittle them. 

After that sketch, I went about combing the internet for more ideas. I found this: 

Here I like how the eyeball is hanging and bleedin' but the crow's head needs some work.

The theme will be repeated across the army on banners, vehicle sidings and so on. I think I might even do some alternate heraldry - humans heads with bleeding eye-sockets. Something like the Bolton heraldry of the flayed man from Game of Thrones. 

Here's a group of Kabalites I've been working on in the evenings. Lots sloppiness on some of the models, especially the glow effect. For rank and file troopers though, I'm pretty proud of them . 

Confirm kill. 

13 models at once. No task to be taken lightly.

Heavy gear for a spindly elf.

This model really makes me wanna do a fire team of Trueborn snipers with Dark lances. 
The plan is to get these bleedin' eyes done and move to some reavers. I expect that the color scheme will look great on the bikes. Then I've got to convert a flesh-moulder. What do you think so far? 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Farsight Army Commission Work Comes to a Close

I finished a while ago (before Adepticon) but never showcased them here. They were the last items in a 6 month long commission for a client's Adepticon army. I wonder if any of you got to see it in person. I really enjoyed working on it and I impressed myself by keeping up momentum to get it done in time. Also some work on my new Dark Eldar army below...the end is still a long way off. Ah, 40k...

Not that anyone really cares, but I thought I should put it somewhere. I'm not currently accepting commissions.

Well that was a lot of drones. I invented a new way of mounting them for painted. Flying stands duct taped to a paint pot. 

The beginnings of Torchstar. I really liked this simple conversion. The flamers were simply flamer barrels added to Riptide plasma guns. 

The flag and head of Torchstar are available from Mad Robot resin kits. 


Ended up switching the head to a white color. Made it more noticeable. 

After painting all these drones, I really noticed how lazy GW was with their designs. The missile drones are simple missile pods stuck to the bottom of gun drones. Seriously?

My white Dark Eldar in a batch for painting. Still a long way to go on this chaps,. Having lots of fun painting them though. Kinda crazy thing about 40k...every time you want to try something new, you've gotta paint 40-some odd models...gets tiring. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Is this really a "new edition"? Poppycock!

Warhammer 40,000 hasn't really changed much in the last 20-odd years I've been playing, thinking about, and hobbying wargaming. Let's take a look.

I got into 40k during 2nd edition. It was middle school. It was embarrassing to be into this stuff back then.

Chicks did not dig warhammer. The girls in our school took to calling us guys "army dudes."

Back then, vehicles were pretty rare and our armies were pretty small. I think I shoplifted about 90% of my army - Chaos Space Marines. Lots of lead on the table for sure.

I still have my old books.  If you've ever played Necromunda, those are basically 2nd edition rules. Complicated. Lots of adding and subtracting. Terminators with 3+ armor save (on 2d6. that is).

I remember the game being so difficult to get right with all the wargear, cards, and random tables. But I loved it.

These are the only books I could find. Good stuff these. Lots of cool artwork. Some of which still shows up in GW publications.

Blood Angels were so cool back then. So killer.

Squats were still around. But were headed toward oblivion. I think they just didn't want to do dwarves in space.
 Then came 3rd edition. Man that was actually a new edition. Nearly ALL of the rules had changed significantly. They focused the game toward units, away from characters. We got a totally new system - new movement rules, new rules for close combat. Even the phases were arranged differently. You could shoot BEFORE you charged. That was genius!

But every "edition" since has been a refinement of that core system. Refinement is probably the wrong word for it. It was refined in some ways, but there has been lots and lots added since then. Some of which isn't at all refined.

3rd edition to 4th...refinement, some tweaking, not really big changes.

4th edition to 5th...again, refinement...Couple things removed (consolidating into combat), lots added (run, go to ground, lots of USRs). Core rules the same.

5th to 6th...ok this was pretty different than the previous addition, mainly because flyers, FMCs, allies, hull points were added. Vehicles move a bit differently but in effect just got faster overall. From a big picture view though, no core rules mechanics were changed.

6th to 7th seems to be even less so. Sure they've added a whole new phase...but its just an addition, not an overhaul. 2nd to 3rd was a complete overhaul. In fact, they had to include army lists for all of the armies in the core rulebook because no one had codex rules compatible to the new edition. It was awesome.

I'd love an actual change for once. I'd love to see what new innovative ways we could play battalion-scale 40k...but this new edition just isn't it. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Will it breathe new life in the game? Probably not.