Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Paulson Games' Mechafront Kickstarter

MechaFront is now a kickstarter! Jon Paulson is looking to accelerate his production of resin mecha models with a kickstarter. You can find it here:

I've painted MechaFront models and own a whole bunch. They are good quality models that take to airbrushing very well, meaning they are quick to paint. In chatting with Paulson years ago, he let me know his goal was to make a Mech-combat game with mechs as large as Warmachine warjacks. I thought the idea was a real winner. We all love big mechs, don't we? Now we get them without the gothic and/or steampunk influence! MechaFront is a solidly western mecha game, that means that the designs are similar to the old school battletech style and that they don't carry swords or other unnecessary flashy bits like wings and large helmets.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Farsight Enclave: Torchstar

Sub-Commander Torchstar. On going work on the Farsight Enclave...more to come.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Riptide #2: A bit more controlled this time

This is the second riptide I have done in the past 2 months. It's an addition to the original Farsight Enclave work I did for a local guy. These models will be headed to Adepticon along with Torchstar and a ton of drones to be added to the army in the next week. I won't be going this year as I've got to focus on my studies and job hunting before I can take any lavish gaming trips.

These photos are a bit of an experiment. I am leaning toward making a light box. Before I do that, I took these to test what it would be like photographing them in natural light in a different part of my apartment. Still not very good - but then again, I am just using the camera on my phone.

And then there is this background,  think it looks much better:

Oh and another thing, behold my protege! This little one is going to be the next Natalie Melnik.

Even has the mark of a pro! (see thumb)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mercenary Anaconda TAG from Infinity

Yet another commission to showcase and this time from a range of models that I really adore - Infinity TAGs. This guy was painted first by an airbrush - in this case I used Vallejo Air colors. I started with Cam. Light Green, then shaded down with Tank Green. I made the shading even deeper by adding Valejo Model Color Black Red to the Tank Green; a trick stolen from Angel Giraldez. Then I used an airbrush to highlight some more with a mixture of Cam Light Green, GW Scorpion Green and Vallejo Model Color Ivory. 

After that I broke out the brush and went to work on the gray metal parts. This was a done with a basecoat of Adeptus Battlegrey (old Foundation paint). I washed it with Badab Black, then worked up by adding Vallejo Deck Tan to the basecoat color. Final dot highlights with white. Then I shaded some more by adding GW Dark Flesh to the basecoat. There is quite a bit of back and forth with blending. Shading then highlighting, and shading again. All with thin layers of paint. I still have a long way to go in developing the skill.

I want to add some battle damage to this guy but I am nervous about screwing up the airbrush work, which is basically unfixable at this stage.

The freehand is alright, and I really like the angry badge.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

One Hell of Weekend in Three Scales.

This weekend is turning out to be significant. For one, leaks of the new Games Workshop Imperial Knights were dispersed across the internet. The pictures are a bit blurry but they're pretty amazing. After having just assembled a second Riptide, the thought of an Imperial big model just gets me excited. I'll never find room for something like that in my apartment, but man I would love to paint that thing for someone!

You may have missed the new Corvus Belli models that were previewed, now these I'll certainly have room for - Geckos. These are light TAGs for the Nomad faction, but hell, I'm getting them no matter what. Too cool to pass up.

Corvus Belli has started to design digitally and the results are just amazing. Hard to get the scale of these guys, but those are terminator sized bases. Pretty sweet!

I always like looking at concept art so I've included this for you guys too. 

Then at the 15mm scale we have MechaFront's first medium mecha release -  the NorAm Lynx. This guy is either bigger or as big as a 40k Dreadnought. I love the stompiness and the modernity of the model. It's not Ipod-ish like the Gecko's but a solid piece of the near-future. 
 I've pre-ordered one of these so I'll be painting one to show you at some point.

All in all, an exciting weekend for internet eye-candy!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Farsight Enclave Photodump

The first batch of the Farsight Enclave commission is complete. On to the second part, another Riptide and a host of drones. 

I thought I would show you the group and some WIP shots. If you have any questions about how I did something, ask in the comments section. Though I think it is pretty self-evident from the photos. There's not a lot of magic tricks to it, just careful airbrush work and brushwork. 

One of the great things about this commission is that it paid for some of my wife's urgently needed dental work. She comes from Slovakia, "a land untouched by modern dentistry." Just kidding, they actually have good dentists there, I just like to push her buttons.

If you're interested in a commission, I do my absolute best (that's why it takes longer than the big studios) and you support a family. I guess that is a plus. 

Pricing if you're curious. I charge the retail price of the model for painting (not the price you paid, but the manufacturer listed price, not warstore's for example).
Assembly is extra on top of that.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Farsight Enclave Riptide - Sometimes you push the bar, sometimes the bar pushes back.

So this guy is now pretty much done. I need to paint and attach his secondary weapons (fusion blasters) but I was very excited to show him off to you. I'm still getting the hang of the airbrush and I've found a new respect for the likes of GMM studios, Next Level and all those other completely airbrushed Riptides out there. It is NOT easy. 

I did a fair amount of brushwork on him though. My method was mainly airbrushing to get good foundations and then doing brushwork to define edges, clean up areas and so on. 

I feel I pushed my abilities outside my comfort zone but at times I feel it didn't work right. The glowy bits are an example. I just feel they look rather silly. Cartoony. 

Quite a model. Stubby arms, small head, but still pretty neat. 

I'm going to work on getting some good family shots of the whole Enclave soon enough.