Saturday, December 27, 2014

Imperial Knight Titan

The last few months have been crazy for me. Lots of work in my professional and personal life. Finishing up my thesis, trip to Istanbul, Prague and Bratislava, and getting ready for Xmas...which means lots of money matters on the mind. Still, I had some time this month to paint an Imperial Knight for a local client. I love this guy because he gives me free reign on color schemes and so on.
The initial inspiration for this guy was from a piece of art from Brom called Last Crusade. As you can see the main colors of the knight are orange, white and brown. Brom is just so amazing with those  tones. However, you will notice that the "base" has a good deal of blue in it. Nice compliment to all the orange.

And here is the result...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ectros Regiment

Still a WIP but I love shots like this.
Bases and guns to go.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sneak Peak: Tohaa and Street Graffiks

Here is just a quick sneak peak of some upcoming Tohaa of mine. I'm both hating and loving the process of painting these guys. They are so detailed that it's time-consuming to get everything looking right. On the other hand, they are beautiful models and the final products look pretty. 

There are two types of paints that have made these easier to paint: GW shade paints and GW's Lahmian medium. The shade paints make painting the symbiont armor much easier. I lay down a basecoat of white, then cover it in the yellow glaze. Once that is dried I lay down a coat of the orange glaze and then the red one. Then I go back and paint the rest of the model. Once I have completed most of it. I go back with a yellow+white mix and highlight the symbiont armor. It ends up looking pretty decent. 

Lahmian medium is amazing for mixing into paints to shade the armor plates. I've been shading my armor plates with Incubi Darkness. This makes the armor a lot colder than you'll find on the studio scheme. 

I should have these guys done by next week. When I do, I'll try to get some good photos done for you all. 

Next up, I got inspired by some local art to street-out some of my terrain. I hope to get some work like this on my terrain set for Infinity and maybe update some of it so that's more cohesive. This is just me getting out some colors and going to town. I bet my airbrush could really make this more realistic.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This Ork wants to fight Ebola. He needs your help though (he's only a model).

In Western Africa, local people, doctors and nurses are fighting a war against an unseen enemy - Ebola. After watching Frontline's special on Ebola, it is clear resources are thin for stemming the tide.

Big congratulations to the NOVA Open Charity for raising over 20k for Doctors without Borders. Its really amazing to see that effort come off with such an impact. Who knows how many lives will be saved with those dollars? Surely it is a lot.

Since I was not able to participate in the effort this year, I've decided to do a little fundraising of my own. See this ork below:

This is a display model, but I think he'd make a great addition to an army as well. Nevermind that he has a square base.

He can be yours! Here how it works:

1) You contact me at timandlucka at gmailicus doticus comicus to discuss the offer.

2) You make a donation over 100 dollars to Doctors Without Borders through their website.

3) You show me proof of said donation via email (you can block out whatever information you want, but I need to see the amount, the date of donation and confirmation that it went to Doctors Without Borders. We can discuss how to do this ahead of time.

4) I pay for shipping and packaging and you receive the model for being a good human being. :)

5) You make note that ZERO dollars come to me or through me for this transaction.

If you are interested, contact me. There is only one of these guys so this will be first come first served.

I can provide more pics of the model if you'd like.

If this is a success, I will be doing this with more of my models.

Please share if you know someone who like orks. And hates ebola.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tohaa Battlegroup - Still in progress but almost there

Here are my Tohaa - not completely done, but close enough to show you guys some more photos. I really like these models, though they are a tad too detailed. Some of the straps are really small and tough to paint. Mostly I've focussed on making the models look good from 18 inches+ away. 

I've go these models plus two Ectros (both variants), another Gao-Rael, and a Gao Tarsos primed and ready to paint. To be assembled - Chaksa Auxiliaries, Servants and a Tohaa doctor-engineer. My Neema model broke at the leg and I have been too lazy to contact Corvus Belli about it - I should get to that today.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Infinity the Game: Tohaa Battlegroup WIP

With a decent amount of Dark Eldar done, I decided to take a break and get my Tohaa painted up. I've assembled and primed a battle group of 10 models, adding up to a 300 pt list so I felt like I get get them done quick and get back to my Dark Eldar. To keep the decision-making down, I just decided to use the studio paint-scheme for these guys. After all, I like it and I know how to apply it. In fact, it's basically the same scheme as my Dark Eldar. I go through phases like this.

Here they are:
I'm painting 5 models at once, but these are the farthest along.

These two are Sakiels. Elite light infantry with some nasty kit.

Infinity is probably the funnest tabletop wargame that I've ever encountered. I've been on a losing streak for about 2 years now and I still love the game. Hopefully these Tohaa will have better luck than my Yu Jing.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Work in Progress: Dark Eldar Reaver Jetbikes

Here are some of my near complete Dark Eldar Jetbikes. For you on the blogosphere, they probably look 100% done because the spots that need to be finished aren't visible in these pictures - the underslung weapons need to be detailed, their faces need a little work, the pony tails needs some work and the skulls and tassles on the leader's bladevane aren't painted yet. 

Viewing your models in pictures actually gives you some good perspective. When I see these, I am wondering whether the battle-damage adds to the model or detracts from it. These models are detailed enough to have plenty of visual interest, which is what damage tends to add along with realism. However, I can see the red blood stains adding to the models so I think I'll keep those. As for the paint chipping and rust, I'm going to tone it down quite a bit on the rest of the my Reavers (I have 5 more boxes of these guys - excessive? yes.)

Once these blokes are done, I'm taking a break from Dark Eldar to paint some Infinity figs. I have about 10 Tohaa models that I want to paint in a single batch. I'm planning on bringing down my standards considerably on them and work on some speed-painting techniques. The plan is to use GW washes to paint the symbiont armor and doing some very general painting on the rest of the figs. I'm also going to stick to the studio paint-scheme to minimize the amount of time I spend making decisions on what colors to use.