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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Look what I did! Bling Commander

These days Tau and Eldar mix and you can get some interesting conversions. This gentleman is going to be a buff commander for a Tau allied detachments for my client's Eldar. The color schemes are very similar so I think they will look the part on the tabletop. The addition of the Wraithlord's blade on this commander represents an Onager Gauntlet.
Side note: I sometimes flatter myself in thinking that the author of the new Tau Codex has read the fluff sections of this blog.
The Earth Caste pilot:
Onager Gauntlet:
Nah, couldn't be.
Back to more self-flattery and vanity.

This blade is really nice to practice non-metal metallics (NMM) because it's so large. You can really focus on getting the blends right because you've got a lot of space to deal with.

Here is a quick paint list in case you were wondering:
Base coat: Out of Production (OOP) Games Workshop(GW): Hawk Turquoise.
Highlights by adding: OOP GW: Ice Blue, Vallejo Model Color (VMC): Pale Blue, VMC: White
Shaded with: OOP GW: Dark Flesh, OOP GW: Scorched Brown.

Sky-earth effect was taught to me by James Wappel on this preview video:

Friday, December 20, 2013

Riptide with Paulson Bits

This model was painted by Kevin K. a fellow Tau enthusiast. The model was done first with a top-down highlight with an airbrush. Basically how this works is you cover the entire model in your shade color, and then spray from the top down with the main highlight color. I think in this case the original shade color and the highlight were too similar to get any contrast, so the painter went back with the airbrush and sprayed in the shade color in certain spots.
The painter used Paulson bits from this site:
The head and twin-linked fusion blasters on the left arm were all built from Paulson's model parts. 

 The base isn't done yet, but you get the idea.

 It's pretty insane how this guy can make such straight lines on those Tau markings. They were all done freehand, if you can believe that.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Redemption of the Fallen Update: Tactical Squad

We got troops. But you can be a trooper of good. Support Doctors without Borders and enter a chance to win these models and the rest of the army. This is only the beginning!
Go to 
And support the cause. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Massive Voodoo and More Paulson Games

I've successfully mounted some Paulson Games weapons to a full squad of battlesuits. All that remains on them is a few touch-ups, new drones and grass placed on their bases. The drones I plan on doing almost completely with an airbrush. The only work I intend to do with a traditional brush is the outlining - but I may go the extra mile and do some work beyond that. I really like how the squad is shaping up. At first I felt the Missile Launchers were too large, but after painting them it n longer seems the case.  

That ox-man beast is one of my entries for the Bananalicious contest from Massive Voodoo. He's actually farther along than that right now, but this will give you an idea. For some reason, he reminds me of some sort of Roman gladiator - I think it is the small shield and the exposed chest. I intend to play into that theme some more with the basing and the rest of his paint job. Though that might make for a rather boring base - unless it has severed limbs on it!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick Shots of Space Wolves

Yep, just some quick shots of the some Space Wolves I am working on for a friend. I'll be working on their bases some more, adding grass and painting the rocks, but for now, just have a gander!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Infinity Nomads Collection

I had shown these on my other blog, Remote Presence, but had not done so here. Thought some of you might like to see what I've been up to. 
The three guys without helmets were all "speed-painted" in my own way while the centerpiece model, the Spektr, was not.
What i've basically done here is copy the Codex Space Wolf color scheme, with some differences in application but not many. Looks great, don't it? It's amazing how different a scheme can look, when it is applied to something totally different. 

And now for something completely different:
Yep. My Dark Eldar models still in box after over a year since purchase. More are streaming in this weekend. Time to get to work on these wouldn't you say?

But before I do that, more Space Wolves are on the way...
Below you can see one of my attempts at Minutes Marines - didn't get this one done in 30 minutes though...more like 90...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Infinity and a Columbus Day Discovery

Alright, if you hadn't already guessed it, the model I previewed below is the Hsien with Multirifle and AP CCW from the Infinity line. Pro pics are coming (I've got a lot to do) along with some other pics of things I've been working on.

He's looking pretty nice. An airbrush helped me achieve a very even coat of orange-brown on the armor which I then went back to and shaded and highlighted. The armor was then carefully masked off and I painted the cloak with the airbrush.

Because the cloak has a flowing shape, I decided to do my shading and highlighting with the airbrush. I sprayed down my basecolor, which was a 50/50 mix of GW:Red Gore and GW: Scorched Brown. Once that was dry, I mixed some GW: Moody Blue into it (from their original line, yes, their paint pots used to be so good the paint would last 15+ years) for the shading. Adding a cool color gives it some depth and more visual interest - which black does not give you.

Once the shading was dry, I took my original mix (minus the Moody Blue) and added some GW: Bubonic Brown, which is a yellowy brown. Yellow warms it up on the highlights and again adds more visual interest. It's important to go slow with airbrush when doing highlights or else you can really screw up your shading work.

The shading and highlighting was a bit stark, and even though I love contrast and vibrancy, I had to tone it down a bit. I mixed up my original color (SB and RG), diluted it with water quite a bit, and then sprayed over the cloak. The coat was translucent enough so that I did not ruin the shading and highlighting, but added enough color so that it tied it together.

This is a process I learned from M. Fontaine in his airbrushing seminar last year at Adepticon. He does it slightly differently - using blacks and whites instead of the warm and cool colors I used - but the process is essentially the same.

In honor of Columbus Day, my buddy Lo Pan and I discovered this garage in Reston, VA. Local inhabitants were already there, but we discovered it. So we began the process of raising an army to subjugate the locals. Below you will see the results of our labors.

Just a basecoat at present. Lo Pan is going to keep working on them and if I have time, I'll help out. Hopefully I can post to this blog as this army gets done.

Friday, August 24, 2012

UA Marine Corps

Painted for Defiance Games. 
Possible edits to come. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Defiance Games Work In Progress

I don't how many of you have even heard of this company but lots of great things are about to come out from Defiance Games.

Full disclosure. I am painting these above figs for the company -something I am doing in exchange for some free minis, not money, simply because I love what they are doing. We need more diversity out there and Defiance Games in filling a niche that few other companies are filling - near future, realistic, well proportioned figs with familiar weapon designs - boy, that is a mouthfull. 

Their first set is shown above - they are Defiance Games UAMC Marines - $29.95 for a box of 24. This kit is fun in that it is fully multipose and has lots of gubbins for customizing your troops. A set of different head options, four different weapons, pouches, backpacks and various leg poses. I've assembled 12 so far and I have tons of bits left over for other conversions and kit-bashing. Perhaps I will even share with you some of the Tau Gue'Vesa models I am working on at some point...heheheheh.

There is some really great stuff coming from Defiance Games on the horizon so keep an eye on their website and facebook page. Including this amazing thing below:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Infinity the Game: Yu Jing Favorites

My Infinity craze continues. It seems of late I have less time for painting, not because I've taken on anything new, but there are times, when the kid has gone to bed, the kitchen is clean, everyone's bellies are full, and I just want to chill out on the couch to some mindless television. Either that or I am enwrapped in reading the Song of Ice and Fire, for you unfamiliar, I'm talking about the Game of Thrones novels. 
For me, painting is now about getting a good foundation in blending. It's still a challenge for me. There are times I get tired of waiting for paints to dry that I hastily brush on some thick color and ruin my blending work. Other times I slap on too much paint. And still others where my colors are just off. Way off. 

This time I report out to show you some of my latest paintings from my Infinity collection. First here is my Gui'Lang Skirmisher. A lone wolf. This unit is limited to one per army and comes with a range of different abilities. He can be equipped as a forward observers for your guided missiles, a minelayer, a hacker and a couple others. 

He has level 2 camouflage and a multispectral visor level 1. This means he is pretty nice for hunting down other level 2 and mimetic enemies. Yet sadly, he can't take much of a beating with light armor and has the ballistic skill of other Yu Jing line troops, BS 11. You're going to need to be within +3 to hit range or he aint killing much. 

Next up is one of my Shaolin Monks. I love these guys! For only 5 points, you get a pretty seasoned fighter. They're impetuous though so they often end up running forward without much thought to their own safety. I've learned that keeping monks alive long enough can yield some lovely results. They are certainly useful for their smoke and their chain guns. If my opponent has a linked team, I simply run my monks head long into them and see what they can do. 

Last but not least is my Husong Remote. We often call these things total reaction bots. Every army, save Ariadna, has a variant of these and they are all pretty much the same. They have their uses, but don't count on their HMGs to save them. BS 11, as noted above, leaves a lot to be desired, even with 4 shots in ARO. Don't ever forget their mines and their repeater. Those can be as valuable as their ballistic weapons. 

That's what I've got for this week. Soon I hope to showcase some 40k stuff. Not Tau unfortunately. Someday, Tau will return. I promise. For now, consider them lost behind a warp-storm or something. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smartphone Post: Infinity Hu-Song Remote or as they say on the streets, a total reaction bot.

I know the image quality is bad and someday soon I hope to do a more professional photo shoot of my Infinity models, alas that day has not come. 

I painted this model in two parts - the walker's legs and it's body separate. Started by priming it white, then I broke out the airbrush. I did a full coat of Bestial Brown (FYI, I used all old GW paints) let that dry and then I did a top-down coat of Bubonic Brown. This helped create some natural and smooth blending on the model. 

The next step was to use Brown Ink to do all my old lining. I felt this was a little too warm, so I took out Bestial Brown, mixed it with a really old GW paint - Moody Blue and blended that into the recesses and shaded areas.  Then I blended in Bleached Bone for the highlights. 

Once that was done I went to work on painting the mechanical parts in Shadow Grey. It's not perfect NMM, but as I planned to use a dull coat at the end, I decided not to use true metal. The grey areas look good, and I am not concerned with it looking like metal. Shiny grey is fine. 

Once I had then painted the details and added some Red Gore accents, I decided it was just too smooth. I took out my Bleached Bone and used some foam to apply some texture to the model. Then I took out Chardonite Granite to do some paint chipping effects. I then used an old GW Flesh Wash to paint on some rust stains.  Was lots of fun and I enjoyed trying out the foam texture effect. 

This model is the first model of my Japanese Sectorial Army (JSA) for Infinity. I am going to keep a unified color scheme for them, as opposed to my Yu Jing. I want the JSA to look as cohesive as possible, given that they are a regional force. More updates to come. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mixing Your Own Paint

I'm wondering how many of you out there actually mix your own paints. There comes a time when you just can't find the appropriate color from the manufacturers or you need a certain for highlights across an entire army - or like me you've come up with your own color for your army's base. See mine below -What I call OSH Khaki. This color is abouf 3 parts of VMC: Khaki to 2 parts VMC: Dark Sand. I use it as a base for all my Tau stuff. 

Of course it's pretty important to have spare paint pots around. I would never recommend the older GW paint pots, but this newer generation certainly holds up. I seem to run out of Citadel washes. I use them so often and they also don't give you much per pot. Each pot is really only about 2/3 full when you buy it so chances are everyone has empty Citadel wash pots around. Wash pots are also good because it's easy to wash out the dried-up leftover washes from the rims of the pot and such. 
It's important to record your ratios somewhere in case your going to mix more later. I actually measure out the paints in a separate container and pour it into these old pots. Then I throw in a penny to help mix it up. It never hurts to add a little water at this stage but don't over do it.

I've mixed up a couple of these. One for my Tau army, one for this Alpha Legion project (actually mixed up a big jar of it), an ogre flesh pot, and a color that combines Shadow Grey and Space Wolves Grey for painting Space Wolves and so on. 

Of course, now that the whole range is completely different, I'll have to adapt to some new colors for this. It's not a bad thing, especially since an good friend of mine gave me all his old GW paints - here's to hoping I get to use them all before they dry out!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's in my Studio

I would like to get more painting updates here more regularly. A full-time job and family obligations come first though so if you're still with me, I really appreciate sharing my hobby with all of you. 

Here is some work I've been up to. First you'll find some Alpha Legion Dreadnoughts in progress. They will accompany that horde of tanks I did a while back. This group I've put some of the things I learned at Adepticon about airbrushing, but unfortunately I am limited by Createx Airbrush Paints, which I am finding are not ideal for miniatures as they dry slowly and don't mix well with watered down alcohol like GW or P3 paints do. 
Still I've been able to speed up the process by getting all the blue areas colored and all the parts I want black, mostly black. It's now time for a traditional brush. 

The client actually lost some of the Forgeworld Dreadnought heads for these so I converted up some replacements - chaos terminator heads fixed in place by building a housing from the terminator torsos. I think it will add some character and uniqueness to the group. Once fully painted, that is. 

Now here is another work in progress that I have on the side for the moments I need a break from Dreadnoughts. He's a practice model in a way. I learned a lot about blending in Fontaine's Blending Class at Adepticon and I'm working to put what I learned into practice, though as you can see - I need lots of practice. At least I know one thing well, in all things including miniature painting, the road to success is a series of failures. About the miniature - He is a Shaolin Monk for my Yu Jing Infinity collection. I really like these guys in the game - they're definitely cannon fodder but can have their shining moments.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Infinity Tiger Soldier

My latest Infinity model, the Tiger Soldier. He was finished a couple weeks ago in fact, but I haven't had the time to post him here.

I've started to use inks again. Lately I have been unsatisfied with the results I've been getting from GW washes, and although, I used them here, I've found that ink provide for a more intense and controllable shading technique. 

This miniature is probably the least favorite in my Infinity collection, but I wanted to paint him because he is very valuable to me in the game. He's got a high Ballistic Skill and mimetism which helps keep him alive. With Airborne Deployment Level 3, he's a master of the ambush, dropping from the skies to flank units, or attack isolated targets. 


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tau Gue'Vesa

I was just sketching one day and I then I went pretty far with this guy and decided to add some color. I used watered down acrylic paints (not GW's but actually art store acrylics), pencil and water-proof ink pens. I really like how he came out and I want to do more. Notice the katana, yep definitely an Infinity influence there. 


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Commission: Alpha Legion Rhino Horde

Work is wrapping up on the first set of vehicles for the Alpha Legion army. If you are going to Adepticon, you'll be able to see this army in person, as I believe it will be part of the team tournament. Next block of vehicles includes 2 more rhino chassis, 3 Chimeras and 2 land raiders. Maybe someday I'll be able to paint my own figs again...

Question to the community, does anyone have access to or suggestions on where I can find Alpha Legion transfer sets? These tanks are begging for some markings. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tau Color Schemes

Painting a full army is one of the joys of the hobby. It takes time, effort, dedication, planning and execution. While talent and ability may influence the end result, effort and persistence are much more important. Many of the greatest painters have yet to complete full armies, while moderately skilled painters accomplish some really stunning armies.

Planning is important. It generally starts with an army list and color scheme. For me, finding the right color scheme took ages. As I started collecting and assembling my force, I paged through copies of White Dwarf, army books and the internet until I found a color scheme I wanted.

We're lucky these days in that there are now 3 main companies that produce some really awesome acrylic paints; Privateer Press, Vallejo and Games Workshop. I use all three in painting and prefer some over others for different things.

Here I have done a few test models that may help you choose a color scheme. These include a list of colors so that you can copy or adopt any of the colors I've used here. The only mixing I've done on these models is with highlighting and shading.

Rai'Dallah Sept

Armor Plate Color
VMC German Uniform Green, highlighted by adding GW Skull White
Soft Armor Color/Lower Forearm Guards
 GW Chaos Black, highlighted by adding GW Bleached Bone to Chaos Black
Shin Boot Wraps/Gloves/Carbine Ball/Hair
Deneb Stone, highlighted by adding GW Skull White
GW Shadow Grey
Pulse Carbine "Metal" Parts
Adeptus Battlegrey, shaded with GW Black Ink and highlighted with Fortress Grey

This color scheme is an overall cool theme. I really like how the Shadow Grey Skin and German Uniform Green go together. Deneb Stone is used as a spot color and black adds contrast. You could swap out the Deneb Stone for a warm color that could work, but might end up looking gaudy. I decide to stick with cool colors for this model.

For a battlesuit, German Uniform Green would still be the main color and I might even use Shadow Grey as an alternate color on the armor plates. For Hammerheads and Devilfish, I would likely make a camo pattern with German Uniform Green and Shadow Grey, with Black on certain armor plates to break up the camo and add contrast to the model. Deneb Stone would be used for Sept Markings on all vehicles and Battlesuits. Deneb Stone could also work for helmets to signify leaders like Shas'Ui Fire Warriors, Shas'Vre Crisis Suits. I might give a Commander a Black Helmet with Deneb Stone stripes to set him apart.

Farsight Enclave

Armor Plate Color
GW Red Gore, shaded by adding a little GW Chaos Black and GW Hawk Turquoise. Highlighted by adding Dwarf Flesh.
Soft Armor
PV3 Khaki, shaded by washing it with GW Orgyn Flesh Wash, highlighted by adding GW Skull White
GW Scorched Brown
Pulse Carbine Ball and Lenses
GW Hawk Turquoise

Pulse Carbine "Metal" Parts
Adeptus Battlegrey, shaded with GW Black Ink and highlighted with Fortress Grey

Farsight Enclave Armies are typically red and I decided to go with a Dark Red for this one. This color scheme is different than others in that most Tau Schemes have a darker Soft Armor and a lighter Armor Plates theme. This one flips that and give you lighter colored Soft Armor and darker Armor Plates. In retrospect, I may have added some yellow somewhere on the model, but this is fine for a quick paint job.

On Battlesuits, you would use the Khaki color as your alternate armor plate color, and use grey for the mechanical parts of the model.

 Dai'La Sept

Armor Plate Color
GW Chaos Black, Highlighted by adding GW Shadow Grey.
Soft Armor
Vallejo Model Color: Khaki 
GW Scorched Brown
Pulse Carbine Ball and Lenses
Blood Red, Highlighted by adding Blazing Orange

I painted this model years ago when I was still determining the colors for my Cadre. I didn't like it at the time because it's too dark, that you can't see details. I still don't prefer it, but I thought I would add here for your benefit. In retrospect the model might have been improved by yellow sept markings instead of white.

Old Shatter Hands' Cadre Prototype

Armor Plate Color
GW Kommando Khaki, Highlighted by adding GW Skull White.
Soft Armor
GW Dark Angels Green
GW Scorched Brown
Optics, Lower Arm Armor and Grenades
GW Codex Grey.
Pulse Rifle Ball

This model was one of the pre-cursors to the scheme I finally settled on for my Fire Warriors in my army. Looking back at it after all these years, I still see why I liked it so much. MOst of the model is  bright, so you can see all the details. The Khaki and Green go well together, yet are different shades so there is contrast. That's something that is important to remember on models, contrast generally looks good, makes models pop and attracts the viewer.  Contrary to popular belief, contrast is not achieved by choosing complimentary colors, like blue and yellow. Contrast is achieved by light and dark.

Note:  This post is a work in progress that will continue to grow in its scope as I get more color schemes developed and models painted. It will be added as a link to the side bar of this blog in some way in the near future.