Thursday, June 7, 2012

Smartphone Post: Infinity Hu-Song Remote or as they say on the streets, a total reaction bot.

I know the image quality is bad and someday soon I hope to do a more professional photo shoot of my Infinity models, alas that day has not come. 

I painted this model in two parts - the walker's legs and it's body separate. Started by priming it white, then I broke out the airbrush. I did a full coat of Bestial Brown (FYI, I used all old GW paints) let that dry and then I did a top-down coat of Bubonic Brown. This helped create some natural and smooth blending on the model. 

The next step was to use Brown Ink to do all my old lining. I felt this was a little too warm, so I took out Bestial Brown, mixed it with a really old GW paint - Moody Blue and blended that into the recesses and shaded areas.  Then I blended in Bleached Bone for the highlights. 

Once that was done I went to work on painting the mechanical parts in Shadow Grey. It's not perfect NMM, but as I planned to use a dull coat at the end, I decided not to use true metal. The grey areas look good, and I am not concerned with it looking like metal. Shiny grey is fine. 

Once I had then painted the details and added some Red Gore accents, I decided it was just too smooth. I took out my Bleached Bone and used some foam to apply some texture to the model. Then I took out Chardonite Granite to do some paint chipping effects. I then used an old GW Flesh Wash to paint on some rust stains.  Was lots of fun and I enjoyed trying out the foam texture effect. 

This model is the first model of my Japanese Sectorial Army (JSA) for Infinity. I am going to keep a unified color scheme for them, as opposed to my Yu Jing. I want the JSA to look as cohesive as possible, given that they are a regional force. More updates to come. 


Antisocialnerd said...

Nice to see you painting Tau again the new drones are looking sweet pity it's only armed with a burst canon though ^_^

Lo-Pan said...

oh SNAP!

Tim said...

Anitsocialnerd, Ha ha! It really seems like the creators of Infinity were once hard-core Tau players...

Cobalt Cannon said...

Antisocialnerd, that's a really good spot you made! It does have some Tau design aesthetics to it. Come to think of it, a few of these would be helpful in a Tau list if we could take them.

Awesome paintwork Tim! It looks ready for war! So are you going for a tan/desert camo type of look for your Japanese sectorals?

Tim said...

Colbalt, thanks for your comments. I accident;y deleted the other because of the stupid touchscreen on my smartphone-i hate those touchscreens.

My JSA will have this color scheme. Desert yellow with red accents. Not cam as such - which is hard to do on miniatures. I've got a stash of the models and I'm going to try to do them as I would an army, not one by one but in batches.

So far the army is
5 Ketseitsu Butai
5 Haramaki Zensenbutai
2 Domaru Butai
1 Oniwaban
2 Arogato

15 models. A whole army. I think I can do it.