Monday, June 18, 2012

Infinity the Game: Yu Jing Favorites

My Infinity craze continues. It seems of late I have less time for painting, not because I've taken on anything new, but there are times, when the kid has gone to bed, the kitchen is clean, everyone's bellies are full, and I just want to chill out on the couch to some mindless television. Either that or I am enwrapped in reading the Song of Ice and Fire, for you unfamiliar, I'm talking about the Game of Thrones novels. 
For me, painting is now about getting a good foundation in blending. It's still a challenge for me. There are times I get tired of waiting for paints to dry that I hastily brush on some thick color and ruin my blending work. Other times I slap on too much paint. And still others where my colors are just off. Way off. 

This time I report out to show you some of my latest paintings from my Infinity collection. First here is my Gui'Lang Skirmisher. A lone wolf. This unit is limited to one per army and comes with a range of different abilities. He can be equipped as a forward observers for your guided missiles, a minelayer, a hacker and a couple others. 

He has level 2 camouflage and a multispectral visor level 1. This means he is pretty nice for hunting down other level 2 and mimetic enemies. Yet sadly, he can't take much of a beating with light armor and has the ballistic skill of other Yu Jing line troops, BS 11. You're going to need to be within +3 to hit range or he aint killing much. 

Next up is one of my Shaolin Monks. I love these guys! For only 5 points, you get a pretty seasoned fighter. They're impetuous though so they often end up running forward without much thought to their own safety. I've learned that keeping monks alive long enough can yield some lovely results. They are certainly useful for their smoke and their chain guns. If my opponent has a linked team, I simply run my monks head long into them and see what they can do. 

Last but not least is my Husong Remote. We often call these things total reaction bots. Every army, save Ariadna, has a variant of these and they are all pretty much the same. They have their uses, but don't count on their HMGs to save them. BS 11, as noted above, leaves a lot to be desired, even with 4 shots in ARO. Don't ever forget their mines and their repeater. Those can be as valuable as their ballistic weapons. 

That's what I've got for this week. Soon I hope to showcase some 40k stuff. Not Tau unfortunately. Someday, Tau will return. I promise. For now, consider them lost behind a warp-storm or something. 


Antisocialnerd said...

Nice stuff i've always found yu jing interesting in inifinity.

However my faves when admiring from a distance has always been Haqq islam both for looks and fluff.

pity about the Tau but you know what happened the last time they were lost behind the warp.

Dan (nyhil) said...

I could compliment your painting, but your skill is obvious.

Instead, let me say: great basing. Minimal, well spaced, and complimentary to the model colors.

G Red said...

Hey Tim, try an experiment with the Gui'Lang photo. Use whatever software you use to transform the photo into a black and white. I suspect that you will find a distressing similarity in the gray tones you see. You may want to have more variance/contrast in your base color values to enhance the visual impact. I believe some people use the term "pop" to describe this. Do a little internet searching for more info. It can be rather involved, but good to know :)

Tim said...

G Red, great feedback. The grey tones- well one is grey and the guy is not grey but desaturated brown. They are very similar though and I noticed this while painting him but still liked the colors. Ah well. Things to learn for future figs.

Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Tim!

That Gui'Lang Skirmisher. WOW! I am so liking the coat and boots especially on it. The backpack as well. They actually look like aged leather. The mix of tones is so dynamic and rich. I was going to pick out the highlight on his left leg as being a bit extreme, but when the pictures are as zoomed in as yours are, it's easy to forget how small these models are. From actual view in person it's probably fine. Zoomed in, it seems to need to be blended out more form it's zenith highlight point. You'll be able to tell a lot better than I can with the model in front of you.

Also the shadows on the monk's robe and kicking leg: very nice. I think what I like most however is the shadow under the bracer on his left arm. The use of the warm colors to shadow the bracer shows reflected light from the ground besides the shadow. That was really well thought of and executed.

Your painting is really progressing.

I would like to make the suggestion of darkening the rifles on both the Gui'Lang Skirmisher and the monk. Especially where the weapon's body comes closer to the figure's body. This will increase the contrast between the weapon and the grey armor on the skirmisher's wrist and shoulder as well as the monk's back armor and legs. This could make the weapon look more like something being held and less like it's molded to the figure, IE: inseparable. Another idea might be to make the magazines look like they are made from stamped aluminum rather than the same color as the rifle. Or possibly add some white shaded with bleached bone-like color on part of the rifle or the entire magazine, to compliment the Skirmisher's helmet.

Is it just me or does the Shao Lin look like Mr. Clean?