Monday, July 16, 2012

Checking in

Hey readers,

Sorry I have been MIA for last month or so. I've been abroad and on vacation but I am happy to return to you all with lots of excitement around the new edition of 40k. I've got my copy but I haven't read much yet, I hope to devour it this week.

To my delight they've changed the rules for rapid firing and I can't wait to see more Kroot Ox on the table now. 2 shots of s7 weapons at 24 inches, very nice!


Brian N. Henry said...

Yeah - but is that really worth losing what little protection our Kroot get?

Docbrown said...

Kroot lose another point really doesn't bother me. We will get a fictional codex soon. For now they'll just continue to make us less relevant with every edition and FAQ.

Face it. The game got faster again. We didnt. The game got more Killy. We didn't. The game got new stuff. We didn't.

We cannot split fire to counteract our low unit VOF and deal with msu.
Everyone got jink on skimmers meaning our mighty disruption pods are of miniscule effect.
We still have no power weapons.
We still can't kill MEQ worth a damn.
Were still an army that can be prioritized and mitigated.
6th had little xenos love. We're not a favorite right now.

NockerGeek said...

Well, considering that Kroot can't assault after outflanking now, very possibly.

xXTerminatorXx said...

A small buff is that when XV8 characters buy drones, the drones gain Unit Type: Infantry (Jetpack, Character). Meaning the drones can issue and accept challenges, and Gun Drones can Precision Fire. Like I said, small buff.

Xyhelm said...

Tau sure got some love with 6th Edition! Most of the other guys in my group are wanting to play Tau. They are saying that one of the best builds are a mixture of Eldar and Tau (TauDar). Eldar (Warwalkers) have the best anti-infantry while Tau has the best anti-elite. It's a good day to be Tau! I'm actually hoping we DO NOT get a new codex too soon.

I'm glad you'll be posting about 6th Edition. Please post a review of each codex entry and how they are affected by 6th. For example, now that all vehicles are made out of paper, are Piranhas necessary anymore?

Rathstar said...

Glad to have you back.

I'm looking forward to more Tau articles.


Mon-keigh Reaper said...

I would not say vehicles are made out of paper, they are just different. Normally if something took three glances it probably would be hurting to begin with, especially open top AV 10. From what I have heard glances can't kill outright.

As an eldar player I fill the xenos hate as well, my Assault 2 12" catapults must be trying to kill the marines with love.