Friday, August 17, 2012

Defiance Games Work In Progress

I don't how many of you have even heard of this company but lots of great things are about to come out from Defiance Games.

Full disclosure. I am painting these above figs for the company -something I am doing in exchange for some free minis, not money, simply because I love what they are doing. We need more diversity out there and Defiance Games in filling a niche that few other companies are filling - near future, realistic, well proportioned figs with familiar weapon designs - boy, that is a mouthfull. 

Their first set is shown above - they are Defiance Games UAMC Marines - $29.95 for a box of 24. This kit is fun in that it is fully multipose and has lots of gubbins for customizing your troops. A set of different head options, four different weapons, pouches, backpacks and various leg poses. I've assembled 12 so far and I have tons of bits left over for other conversions and kit-bashing. Perhaps I will even share with you some of the Tau Gue'Vesa models I am working on at some point...heheheheh.

There is some really great stuff coming from Defiance Games on the horizon so keep an eye on their website and facebook page. Including this amazing thing below:


Pete W said...

I see that you're a paint-on-the-thumb-to-test kind of guy too.

Nice looking models

Bernard Jackson II said...

I picked up the $200 deal they had with the marines a few months back. I am planning to kit bash them with Cadian bits and use them as a super cheap mass infantry horde for the Imperial Guard. At around a dollar a model, you can't beat it. Putting together so many minis at once though is a pain in the neck! Definitely a company to keep an eye on. Can't wait for the hard suit release.