Friday, August 24, 2012

UA Marine Corps

Painted for Defiance Games. 
Possible edits to come. 


Cobalt Cannon said...

I really like the variations. Mixing the marines' races is a great touch and not done enough in this hobby.

I have two suggestions for you.

First, have you considered reddening up the sun exposed areas on the Caucasian guys' skin to show sun exposure? The bright light in the photos makes them look pasty.
Second, have you thought of maybe trying to darken parts of the arms with a neutralized (gray) skin tone to show arm hair? Those arms just scream with opportunities. Maybe try a scar or two also.

Purgatus said...

I'm sorry, but can we not, in a sci-fi setting at the very LEAST, recognize the absurdity of calling one homo-sapien with dark skin a different "race" than another homo-sapien with light skin.

I mean, when the dark brother and the light brother are standing next to the six limbed monstrosity from Galaxy X... they're the same friggin' race.



I have to second the commendation though, good on ya for mixing up the skin tones. I would love to know what colors you used for the dark skin.

Tim said...

Agreed. In Coldbatl's defense I believe he might not be a native English speaker and may not realize the gravity of word-choice as us native speakers. Thanks for the comments guys!

Colbalt, I will have to edit the arms. I agree that they need some work.

Painting dark skin tones was easy. I simply used GW's old Dark Fresh - which is a red-brown mix essentially. Then I highlighted by adding some old GW Bubonic Brown which is a yellow-brown. Then final highlight by adding white.

Cobalt Cannon said...

Thanks Tim, but I am American born and raised. Unless every legal form in the nation has been changed overnight, the propper term to refer to a person's ethnic origin is "race.". I didn't make it that way and actually agree with your view on that technicality Purg. However the population of this country and the federal government use that term, so what can we do? I would advice hardening your intestinal fortitude on such matters as I have. People that use that term don't intend any offense, and I think we should not be so sensitive as to be looking for offense on people's words as a standard assumption.

Like I said, I do agree with you on that issue.

Tim: I think the arms actually look fine, but was making the suggestion to give you ideas that you might want to play with. Like Purg said, that dark skin tone is excellent.

Ede said...

I always assumed people intermarried a lot and thus ethnic background becomes obsolete in the future. It's nice to see that in the future in certain scifi universes they hold on to predjudices long enough to be able to still make racial slurs at each other. All joking aside, very good job Tim. I expect nothing less from you. I like how you used the background to give a feel for the Color scheme.