Saturday, September 1, 2012

NOVA Open Painting Comp

Well, was hanging out at NOVA all day today. Entered in the painting comp, but through a scheduling snafu, the awards announcements got delayed and I had to jet before it happened. Don't know how I scored but I think rather well as the staff were really disappointed I had to leave and forfeit any awards. 

The thing about painting comps is, even if you don't win anything, participation is the award. You push yourself to new limits, develop skills and in the end you get to take home your best painted minis to keep forever. Thanks to Kelli for helping me to remember this in a weak moment. ;)


Mike Brandt; mvbrandt@gmail said...

You inspire many.

Muskie said...

Nova is this weekend? I'm not really in the 40K scene anymore, but I was Googling and noticed some mentions of it on the RSS feeds.

Isn't NOVA not about painting, to put it bluntly?

Tim said...

@Muskie, you know, in hindsight...I should have known that this is primarily a 40k tournament with some side events. In fact, the scheduling snafu was caused by the 40k tournament being delayed at one point.

G Red said...

We had one other painter withdraw because he had to leave early due to a family matter. It is very sad that such things occur, but family must always be the first priority.

Next year we will try to have other activities just for painters. Perhaps a speed painting contest or some sort of Iron Chef painting event.

Oh, and we don't delay the awards ceremony for the 40k again. We'll just pull those guys from their games. Too many people, you included, suffered great inconvenience because of that delay.

Tim said...

Hey G Red, thanks for the comment. I would love an Iron Chef type event though recognize the challenges posed to such an event. It would be cool if some company could donate a set of figs, then you have everyone paint it in say, 4 hours and see who comes out with the best result. How awesome would that be!

I don't hold any grudges for the way things turned out. Participation is its own reward as I mentioned in the post. Thanks for putting all the work into the event.

Was cool just to meet other painters and see what they produced for the comp. It was actually the first time I had ever attempted to do a display base like the one in the picture and I am energized to make more!

See ya next year or around locally. I've tossed around the idea of holding a painting-centered event locally - something like Paintfest - but haven't gotten the time to put something together. I'll contact you if you'd like to join a team in putting something together. I envision something smallish, at a local community center for about 20-30 painters. Tutorials and painting mostly....


Cobalt Cannon said...

Present or not, you aren't a prisoner of the convention. If you entered models into a contest and won an award, then the convention staff should make sure you get it. They should have your mailing address or phone number or something with which to contact you.

Those are gorgeous models, and you deserve any award regardless to you being present or not. The convention botched scheduling and therefore inconvenienced all of their customers that PAID for the convention. To not honor their end of the bargain out of shear lameness or laziness or an excuse clause entered into the rules of a contest is ridiculous. They are beholden to you, since you paid. You are not beholden to them to have to stay at the convention at your inconvenience created by the convention staff's error.

You deserve any award you earned, and I seriously would not participate in any Nova Open contests in the future. I would also suggest passing on the convention in the future as well. You deserve what you pay for, and they didn't hold up their end.

I have to say it again: Those models look Fantastic!

Tim said...

Yeah..pretty much sentiments exactly, cobalt...thanks man

Anonymous said...

Hello Tim!

I have followed your blog and your venture into quality painting and strategy in Infinity for quite a while!

However, the 6th edition of 40k has arrived and the Tau'va is in need of your services again.

In 5th edition, there was not a Tau player that I met from tournaments in San Francisco to Washington D.C. who did not know of your strategies including the Piranha block, 6-man fire teams in 'fish, etc.

The brotherhood of the Tau'va has progressed into 6th edition without your input--all of us creating unique tactics that are semi-effective against our opponents. I humbly request that you return to the service of the Tau'va in order to provide your brothers with the tactical inspiration and insight that would allow us to make the Tau a competitive army once again. Without trying to stroke your ego, your insights literally influenced the last edition of our game.

We all hope to see fresh insight in our game from you soon,

That Frog Kurtis