Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's in my Studio

I would like to get more painting updates here more regularly. A full-time job and family obligations come first though so if you're still with me, I really appreciate sharing my hobby with all of you. 

Here is some work I've been up to. First you'll find some Alpha Legion Dreadnoughts in progress. They will accompany that horde of tanks I did a while back. This group I've put some of the things I learned at Adepticon about airbrushing, but unfortunately I am limited by Createx Airbrush Paints, which I am finding are not ideal for miniatures as they dry slowly and don't mix well with watered down alcohol like GW or P3 paints do. 
Still I've been able to speed up the process by getting all the blue areas colored and all the parts I want black, mostly black. It's now time for a traditional brush. 

The client actually lost some of the Forgeworld Dreadnought heads for these so I converted up some replacements - chaos terminator heads fixed in place by building a housing from the terminator torsos. I think it will add some character and uniqueness to the group. Once fully painted, that is. 

Now here is another work in progress that I have on the side for the moments I need a break from Dreadnoughts. He's a practice model in a way. I learned a lot about blending in Fontaine's Blending Class at Adepticon and I'm working to put what I learned into practice, though as you can see - I need lots of practice. At least I know one thing well, in all things including miniature painting, the road to success is a series of failures. About the miniature - He is a Shaolin Monk for my Yu Jing Infinity collection. I really like these guys in the game - they're definitely cannon fodder but can have their shining moments.  


Dan (nyhil) said...

Looks great!

The airbrush work is perfect, investment considered.

The Infinity model looks good as well. The orange highlights are interesting, and good commentary on the work a viewer can do to achieve an effect.

I bought the Infinity books, now I just need to select a faction and get painting.

Keep up the inspiration!

Dan (nyhil) said...

The colors look great! I especially like the highlight color you used on the orange robes of the monk.

The airbrush work looks fantastic, especially considering the investment of time.

I bought the infinity books, now I just need to pick a faction. Sexy robot girls are an obvious choice...

Keep up the good work!

G Red said...


This is a good thinner for air-brushing --see URL below. It is called Paint-Easy, and thins down even housepaint nicely enough so that you can shoot it through an airbrush:) and achieve nice results (Using housepaint For painting birdhouses and terrain: not miniatures, never miniatures.)

It is readily available at any DIY store. You can also search for any of the airbrush mediums available (and yes, the English language plural of medium is mediums, not media.) from Liquitex or Golden, etc. Free yourself from Createx.

Understanding the nature of the medium in which you work is essential to doing good work. So, perhaps a brief study of the technical aspects of acrylic paints may be helpful to you too.

Argeros said...

Have you ever used the Vallejo model air airbrush paints? I don'
t think they come in the brighter "Fantasy" type colours Dreadnaughts look awesome btw.

Morgrim Dark said...

Tim the head conversion looks awesome! I really like it makes it stand out from the standard dreads.