Thursday, January 9, 2014

Look what I did! Bling Commander

These days Tau and Eldar mix and you can get some interesting conversions. This gentleman is going to be a buff commander for a Tau allied detachments for my client's Eldar. The color schemes are very similar so I think they will look the part on the tabletop. The addition of the Wraithlord's blade on this commander represents an Onager Gauntlet.
Side note: I sometimes flatter myself in thinking that the author of the new Tau Codex has read the fluff sections of this blog.
The Earth Caste pilot:
Onager Gauntlet:
Nah, couldn't be.
Back to more self-flattery and vanity.

This blade is really nice to practice non-metal metallics (NMM) because it's so large. You can really focus on getting the blends right because you've got a lot of space to deal with.

Here is a quick paint list in case you were wondering:
Base coat: Out of Production (OOP) Games Workshop(GW): Hawk Turquoise.
Highlights by adding: OOP GW: Ice Blue, Vallejo Model Color (VMC): Pale Blue, VMC: White
Shaded with: OOP GW: Dark Flesh, OOP GW: Scorched Brown.

Sky-earth effect was taught to me by James Wappel on this preview video:


Palakir said...

Really nice effect on the blade, can't wait to see more of the Farsight Enclaves Tau

The GunGrave said...

Looking slick - nice work!

G Red said...

The problem is that the blade looks so good, I don't even notice the mini!

Very nice, really. Now paint an entire battlesuit that way. Or better yet, a Hac Tao. It would be perfect for TO camo.

Tim said...

Hi Geoff,

Yes, I think that is a valid point. The blade is so bright and flashy that it detracts from the actual model I may have to brighten up the actual torso and head or at least add some visual interest so that the blade doesn't totally take over.

Great call on the TO Camo. I hadn't thought of that before...ITOTALLY GOING TO DO THAT!!! :)

I will need a good deal of reference photos for it, but I think completely doable. How cool would that look?