Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Buy a Mech, Support MechaFront

MechaFront is a new game produced by the one-man show, Paulson Games. You may have read about him on this blog here. Here's the guy that does all those great Tau conversion kits. He still produces lots of great Tau bits but has also started making Mecha models for 15mm. I posted some pics of painted ones on this post:

Right now MechaFront is about to produce a third model, a Medium Mech called the Lynx. It is going to be quite a beast. My estimation is that it will be roughly the size of 40k Space Marine Dreadnought, perhaps slightly larger.

So the point is, he needs support to produce the model. It's not a kickstarter, but he's taking pre-orders to produce a 3d prints, the molds and the resin to produce the model. Otherwise I don't think the model will get made. Pre-ordering the model is 30 bucks, which is not much at all. Please support.

From Paulson: 
I've started the pre-orders for the Lynx on the Mecha Front website.

In order to fund this item I need to sell 25 copies of the model. Once I have all 25 pre-order slots filled it head out for printing and molding. This process will take aproximately 30 days from the point that funding is achieved.

I will accept pre-orders until Feb 15th (or until all 25 slots are filled) If the project does not fund by the the 15th I will refund all pre-orders purchases in full.

Any additional models (such as the raptor or goshawk) that are ordered at the same time as this item will not ship until the lynx itself ships out.

Also please take note that all of the resin models are limited run items, I'll be doing 100 copies of each. At a later point I'll be introducing the production pieces as metal.

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