Monday, January 13, 2014

Get your Paulson Games Parts while you still can!

Hey guys,
I wanted to pass this on. Paulson Games is ending production of all his Tau bits and pieces to focus solely on his new game, MechaFront. I'm glad to hear that he's going to focus on MechaFront because I simply love the Mecha models and designs that he makes. Sad to see the Tau bits go, but you can get them until the store closes.

Here is the announcement:
"The Paulson Games website will be closing on Jan 25th. This will be permanent. 

If you have any purchases you want to make be sure to get them in before the 25th. Mecha Front items will remain available on which should be active later today. 

I'm closing the Paulson Games website as I wish to focus my business solely on the production of Mecha Front items. I appreciate all the support you guys have shown for my past products and I look forward to supplying you guys with some outstanding Mecha Front items in the coming year."

If you want to see all the models I made with Paulson Games parts have a look here:

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Mech Dude said...

Minor update, I worked out a deal to keep the parts in production. Mad Robot Miniatures will be taking over the line.

He does a great job at casting and is a stand up guy so I'm hoping everyone visits his site, he's got some great stuff of his own that's worth a look.