Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tau Commission Update - the Farsight Enclave Crisis Suits

A couple months ago, I was talking to my friend about the need for constructive feedback in my miniature painting. My point was this, blogs are great because you get a lot of positive feedback, but the constructive criticism is rare and this what I actually need and want from the community.

So after he saw this post, he emailed me with some feedback. He felt I had been working too much within my comfort zone of desaturated khakis, grays and greens. After some thought, I felt he was right. Thus spurred my interest in doing something completely different from my norm on these guys.

They are painted with scarlet, black, white and a bright green for the eyes and glowing bits. I used an airbrush to start off and used a trad brush for about 90% of the work on these guys. I hope you like them and if you have any constructive criticism - don't hold back. I can take it.

The missile pods are probably my favorite feature on these models. They come from Paulson Games and are pretty affordable. If you need help affixing them to your models, drop a comment and I will offer any advice to help.


Jefffar said...

Yo dawg, I heard you like missiles on your Crisis suits . . .

Kidding aside, I do find them very dynamic looking (and black, red and white schemes have always been a favorite of mine).

A couple of critiques because you asked for it.

First, the scheme. I think more white would make these suits pop out a bit more. I'm not really sure where to put it, but a white panel somewhere might draw the eye a bit more.

Second, posing, in particular the center suit. Having the missile pods swivel like that is dynamic, but there is no real other movement from the suit along with the missile pods makes it seem out of place I'd suggest angling the head so it's clear that the missile pods are tracking the same target the suit is.

Based on what I'm seeing here, I think that a really nice Crisis to Broadside conversion with quadruple Paulson Missile Pods could be be done. However, the quadruple pods on a Crisis suit really seem too bulky and heavy. One or two on the shoulders is probably the most I would go with.

Tim said...


Greg said...

Hi man, good work, This missile pods looks good. I am too really unhappy how original GW missile pods looks like, absolutely not like something with range 36" and S7... This Paulson Games conversion is one of better MP conversions. After long time for looking which conversion I will use for my crisis I decided create my own ...
pic here
Here is my WIP blog if you want see more, thnx

Jefffar said...

They are great parts to be sure . . . I just find them a tad bulky on regular crisis suits. They look more suited to Broadsides and Tanks.

Mech Dude said...

I wonder if the missiles could be improved with some color (maybe yellow?) The black and red are very dominant on the piece which really helps make the head stand out.

With only the highlights on the missile tips it does create a mild chrome glint but I think maybe they fade into the black a bit and that if you did the tips in either yellow or even white that they stand out a bit more.

It'd also give just a touch of additional color to the overall pallette but it'd be small enough that it wouldn't distract from the head or focal points. Right now the amount of black seems to be on the verge of overpowering the red on the misisle clusters. I think a third color might tie everything together stronger?

Really nice work on these and thank you for plug and linking to my webstore :)

Mech Dude said...

Also if you want to go for broke on detailing you can add some green color to the sensor lens on each of the launchers

Tim said...

Great points. I can see what you mean about the missile tips.
I think I will go back and work on them. I probably need to add more green to the model - might do that sensor know, I had no idea that was even a sensor!

As for the posing, the client assembled these models, so I can't really change what he's already done.