Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Warmachine Hyperion Commission

So instead of posting up WIPs and pictures piecemeal, I decided to hold back on sharing photos until the model was completely done and show all the pics in one go. This model was painted over two weeks for a friend as a commission. He chose the color scheme and I simply executed it. 
A couple things about this model. It's quite nice.
1) The studio painter for Privateer Press didn't do it justice. The box art really doesn't show the neat details and symbols across the model. 
2) It's heavy. Handling it during painting was especially difficult and awkward. None of my model mounts were large enough and I eventually had to don latex gloves to hold it by hand. 
3) Assembly was difficult. Everything needs to be pinned in place to add support. The pieces are just too heavy to be mounted simply with superglue.

It's a great model though. I hope my buddy gets lots of enjoyment from it.