Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Railguns from Paulson Games, Painted This Time

A couple of you asked to see the Paulson Railguns painted so I whipped up a rather speedy paint-job. It was actually rather fun doing some speed painting. I completed in about 15 minutes. As you can see, nothing ground-breaking about the paint-job but I really like how they look. I need to clean up the paint job on the Battlesuit as it's a rather old model, I think one of the first things I did for my Tau Cadre. Well, enough waffling.

Looks like Paulson is back from vacation. Bear in mind that Paulson is probably just a bloke in a basement, but man, is he one talented bloke. I love his designs. And his missile launchers are back in stock!

One added bonus I forgot to mention about these shorter railguns, they fit better in army transport foam and such. 


Garnet said...

So, they look good as far as being weapons go; nice barrel, good lines, ammo hopper or whatever in the back. I even like the somewhat triangular barrel. But they're just not railguns, to my eyes. It looks more like an '88 with multi-meltas strapped to its shoulders, rather than the giant guns-o-death Tau players love so dearly.

Nice work on them, though.

Lo-Pan said...

They look pretty slick. Been wondering how they'd look painted and installed. It will be interesting to see how they mesh with any new designs from GW (fingers crossed).

Tim said...

@Garnet, I see what you mean. In hindsight, I think I would have purchased the longer barreled ones for shoulder mounts. This was just a test. I bought the shorter ones because I want to do some arm mounted railguns...hopefully I will find the time to complete them.

TheGraveMind said...

Yep, I just ordered mine. I went with the long barreled versions. Honestly, depending on the next book, I think they might make sweet ion cannons.

Tael said...

The designs do strike me as alternate anti-tank weapons. Paulson mentioned how he liked the PAC weapons on my Urban XV88, and aimed to do something similar.

An armoured and short barrelled close quarter weapon system like the above.

The paint work is great and forgot to mention love the new XV8 paint job in the recent battle report.

- T.

Allan and Carmen said...

Hi Tim,

Which colours are you using for your Fire warriors & Suits?

I am struggling to find a colour scheme I really like.

Happy Gaming,


Tim said...

@Tael, thanks! That is a battlesuit I painted some time ago, but I don't think I ever really posted pictures of it here. I might have to go back and do some more photos of my army.

@Allan and Carmen,

I actually use a pot of paint I mixed up myself. It is one part Vallejo Model Colour: Dark Sand and two parts Vallejo Model Colour: Khaki. I hope that helps. At some point I would like to a couple posts on possible colour schemes for Tau, maybe that will help...

Cobalt Cannon said...

Those new rail guns really match the tau aesthetic well. They really look good! Even with the shorter barrel. This way, they can turn in tight quarters such as alleyways. I wonder how the larger ones might look on a hammerhead. You could even use these as some kind of plasma cannon. I think they would be perfect for that as well.

The paint as usual is really well done and looks great.

Tim, you mentioned something about a tau color scheme? Are you thinking of changing the colors of your cadre? The current scheme is still a good one.

JBW said...

Your previous post is what made me order 18 of them. :)

BrandCAG said...

Thanks for sharing; I'll definitely be buying a handful of those railguns.