Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Commissions: Alpha Legion Army and the Crystal Brush

I had to put some of my personal projects down to get some solid work done on this Alpha Legion Razorback/Rhino. I'm painting this model up a test for the color scheme and it's lots of fun. I've never really worked with this color combination but I think I really like it. The client asked me to start with blue and highlight up to Scorpion Green. This goes against conventional wisdom on highlighting but the effect is visually interesting and makes the model look very aquatic and nautical. I am complete ignorant as to the Alpha Legion, so I am not sure if that is in line with their fluff or not, but it looks cool.

This is my first real use of my new airbrush and I learned a lot of my first go of it. The next set of models will be done as a group and I'm going to try more advanced shading and airbrush work using masking tape to prevent any over spray.

The army is quite large and needs to be done by Adepticon, but I won't be doing the infantry. I hope to finish this early though, to make room for more work and to get my entries to the Crystal Brush ready to go. I am being realistic about the Crystal Brush, but the point is not the awards, it is the challenge.

I have three concepts for the Crystal Brush.

The first project will be the XV-22 I converted over a year ago and never painted. There a lot of conversion work to be done on him and I'll need to develop a scenic base as well.

The second project, I am hoping, will be a warband of Warhammer Fantasy Mutants - think, Codex the Lost and the Damned but for Fantasy, with all that Old World, John Blanche charm. There are some characters from Slavic myths that I want represented in that group, including a Baba Yaga type hag, Viy and Chert, who is a devil that comes around on Christmas time. Germans out there might know of him as Krumpus if that helps. He's got one human foot and one goat foot, horns, a devil's tail...could make a really good chaos mutant.

Also the Vodnik, a river spirit that lures unsuspecting humans into the depths, when they drown he captures their souls in little jars and adds to his collection. Simply evil.

Then the last idea, is, wel,l you guessed it, the District 9 Prawn Suit...more updates on that to come.


Anonymous said...

Add some scales here and there and your golden. Looks great! I might have to steal that for my upcoming Alpha legion army...


Marshal Wilhelm said...

Looks gorgeous!

If you have the Space Marine game, you can see the Alpha Legion has a cool 'sometimes blue sometimes green' sheen to them, which does look pretty coolzors.

I would think Google Images would have some Alpha Legion minis to inspire you....?

Dan (nyhil) said...

No matter what you go with for the crystal brush, post some Krumpus pics so I can terrorize my little cousins with them.