Monday, December 5, 2011

Kill Zone In the City

When I game these days, it's gotta be something more than set-up and shoot (or in my case, set up and remove models for 6 turns). My gaming tastes have wandered from straight 2,000 point 40k to smaller scale missions that present their own challenges and fun.

The folks over at Galaxy In Flames and A Gentleman's Ones have released Kill Zone 2.0 and being a solid Infinity-player, I like a good skirmish and the bonus of using my Tau models makes it a win. I also get to use my growing collection of slum terrain. A note on that later. 
 My old gaming buddy, Brian, is always up for something new and he and I met at the new GW battle bunker in Bowie, Maryland. Driving out there was quite a journey for me and I was even beginning to hum the tune to Deliverance, it was so far out in the sticks. Brian and I pointed up a Kill Team in less than 15 minutes and even got to use some of the cool wargear like Medic and skills like Crack Shot. Lots of the rules have all the flavor you would expect from a GW product but nonetheless are independently written.

We played two games in less than 2 hours, the first was one of my own design that set the Dark Angels on a mission to search the slum for alien tech reported in the community while a Tau Infiltration Force lay in ambush. The mission needs tweaking, as Brian gave up on the mission and instead got hell-bent on wiping out the local blue-skin population. Guess there needs to be more incentive to actually search shacks. We shot some pictures
Here the Tau battlesuit lurks before making it's strike. 
The suspicious Dark Angels Squad Leader surveys the town square. 

With the Tau ambush commenced, the Dark Angels mount a counter-attack. 

This sneaky Fire Warrior blasts away at the Terminator, to little avail. 

A portion of my slum terrain set on a GW Realm of Battle board. In keeping with the theme of the terrain, it was built primarily from trash and discarded materials, pretty much like a real slum. 

I'll be entering these games into the Giveaway at A Gentleman's Ones and you should too. Get rewarded for playing games? Hell yes, thank you.


Valk said...

what's the mission description for the slum game, I'm interested in giving it a shot.

Drathmere said...

I really want to play a game like this. This game really tells a story to me. It seems so much more narrative than 2k armies duking it out NOVA style. This scenery looks fantastic as well. Shipping containers make execellent battlefields!

Tael said...

Used to do these scenario games way back in 2nd Edition 40k using some Necromunda rules. Best gaming years ever.

Single scout squad placing demo charges in ork camp motor pool. Ten marines raiding a 50 strong IG base. The list goes on and so do the memories of fun games. Scenario gaming is King.

I've been eyeing alternate game systems for just the reasons you mentioned here. Be fun to see how this evolves :D

Brian said...

Cheers. The battlefield is beautiful, and these images really create Special Operations atmosphere. Tremendous

As you mentioned, Jim has v2.0 up on his site, but if you are looking for some mission inspiration, I recommend also having a glance at the old Missions download. We have replaced it with the newer mechanism, but there's still plenty of ideas there to help improvise on the move.

I, too, would really like to hear about the mission you created, and how it played out. Who knows...

JustinM said...

We finished our 3rd game last night! KillZone Rocks!