Friday, December 2, 2011

NOVA Open Registration Live!

The time is now.  
Click the image to be taken to the NOVA Open website.

I was scrolling through the internet, trying to find some good pictures of the NOVA Open and instead I came across this little snippet from a fellow blogger at and I think it rings true.

Closing out my thoughts on last weekend's event, I can't emphasize enough how great of an experience the NOVA Open was. You'll see a lot of different views and opinions on the Internet but just keep in mind that people tend to complain more about the things they weren't expecting or didn't like over acknowledging the aspects of the event that were done really well. This is the biggest thing I've noticed on the web over the past week. To all the NOVA staff who volunteered their time and effort to make the tournament a huge success, you did a phenomenal job. Everyone who was actually in attendance can attest that the event as a whole was a positive experience and the good far outweighed the bad.

He's talking about his experience last year at the NOVA Open 2011. Being amonst the few 40k gamers in DC, it's kinda hard not know Mike Brandt and other organizers of the NOVA Open. I didn't attend last year due to my friend's wedding but I can tell you this. Last year, they pulled off a world class event and only began planning about 6 months before it. This year, they began planning a year in advance. You can expect something incredible in 2012 from the NOVA Open. I promise you.
Registration is live and the spots are filling up for the 40k tournament. Of course, these year there's alot more option than just that. There's Infinity, Malifaux, Fantasy, Flames of War and a host of non-GT 40k options. Mike Brandt is the mastermind of this whole thing and he's got lots of dedicated staff and friends helping out. You'll find me on the floor as a 40k rules judge for the GT but despite being a spineless deviant, I will not accept bribes. It's a promise I made to the organizers, sorry!
The Hotel....the room rate is 85 dollars!!! Being a DC native, I promise, you will not get a better deal anywhere in the area at this level of quality and cleanliness. Seriously, bring your wife, kid, girlfriend*, boyfriend, neighbor, whoever and send them to Smithsonian while you play. They will get one of those awesome patriotic holidays all good Americans love. Bring your sunscreen and loose fitting shorts and clothes. It gets hot and humid in August, but the museums are air-conditioned. I recommend heading out to see the momuments really early in the morning before it gets too hot.

You can register by going to the NOVA Open website at or by clicking the image above. early registration really helps the organizers in planning for the event so do your duty and support the war effort!

Here are some posts I made about the NOVA Open in 2010. Enjoy!

*Note: do not bring your girlfriend if you are also bringing your wife. If you are not the kind of person to have both a wife and a girlfriend, ignore this message.


Drathmere said...

I did not know you were local tim! Do you ever head over to the Springfield GW store?

Tim said...

I am local but I don't usually head to the Springfield GW. I probably should because it's pretty close and from what I heard has a decent community. If I go to a store I go to Dreamwizards because it's about 10 minutes from my house. Even though it smells funny sometimes.

I could be convinced to go to the Springfield GW though, when do you usually go there?

Joe said...

Hey Tim, thanks for the mention. I'm up in Rockville once a week for work, not far from Dream wizards. Maybe we can meet up for a game sometime. I'd definitely like to get more practice games in before this year's Nova!

Lo-Pan said...

The NOVA Open? This sounds like a very intersting wargaming opportunity! I hear that the NOVA Open has a special deal with the Hyatt Regency for $85/night for registered attendees. I have also heard that it will be a most magnificent event for wargamers and hobbyists!

Is it true that Old Shatterhands himself will be in attendance? What a wonderful opportunity for people around the interwebs to meet such a great guy!

OK, in all honesty- I'm the web guy for the NOVA Open and OSH, to his eternal regret, knows me personally. Somehow we managed to rope him in to attending the Open next year. It's going to be a lot of fun. We'll be playing a boat load of 40K, Fantasy, and Infinity, and we'd love to meet as many "followers" as possible. Seriously- this is a great opportunity to meet people in the hobby and exchange tactics and painting tips.

OSH and I spent some time recently going over some basic airbrusing techniques and terrain building concepts- and frankly, that's a large part of what we're trying to share at the Open. Sorry for "hijacking" the blog for a bit, but I'm less of a "gamer" and more of a "hobbyist" and I truly enjoy sharing tips and techniques for what I consider one of my passions. I've been a kit builder for over 30 years and if there's an opportunity to spread the love, I'm happy to take part.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog. OSH- now that you've got that Iwata and the compressor I gave you, I expect to see more magnificence on this site. Cheers!

Lo Pan

Tim said...

Hey Joe, Will be at Dream Wizards on Wednesday night, playing some Infinity. From 7pm til they kick us out. Coe say hi, I look like the guy in my blogger profile.