Thursday, December 1, 2011

Railguns! From Paulson Games

Railguns, or to be more precise, Broadsides are almost never seen absent from a serious Tau cadre. Tau Commanders simply value their fire-power too greatly and as a battlesuit, their mobility makes them idea for keep pace with mobile formations and their size makes them easier to conceal than Hammerhead tanks. Yet the cost of such troops often limits their numbers in cadres across the Empire. Until now. 

The Fio'la have released a light-weight and affordable railgun that will make all commanders happy. 

Of course what I am talking about is the set of resin railguns from Paulson Games.
Paulson Games seems to be really just one chap in his basement, but like a diligent Fio'la, he's been creating some truly unique and advanced weapons. He's got a great selection of railguns for the Tau player, in three sizes. I chose to purchase the medium length railgun, as I am hoping to build an Urban Cadre sometime in the future and I want shorter railguns for close quarter fighting. I've never ordered resin parts from independent sculptors before and I was expecting low quality resin. Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong. The quality of the resin seemed to be as good or even better than forge world. I ordered 12 railguns and I got ZERO airbubbles and ZERO miscasts. I can't say the same for Forgeworld resin I've bought, and we all know what Finecast is like.

 The first thing I did when I got the set was to clean the resin from any flash. Flash should be expected on all models, and it's just a fact of life. We'll never be rid of it. Of course I did this wearing a face mask and a window fan going, as resin dust (like all dust) can be harmful if inhaled. I used some fine sand paper to smooth out the surfaces and then I got some sticky tack. I ripped off some old railguns from my first ever Broadside and attached the Paulson railguns. I liked them much better.

Then I got a little experimental and attached them to the arms to see how that might look. Even better. Yesterday I went out and bought a new Crisis Suit with the full intention to use Paulson Games railguns, mounted to the arms of a fully detailed and converted Crisis Suit. Since these pictures were taken, I have fully painted these railguns and attached them to the model forever. Next I am working on an entire squad of Broadsides with railguns and painting them up. But first I have to decide on a color scheme...


TheGraveMind said...

I've bought Boneswords from him and I was very pleased with them. Great detail, a wonderful deal on the price per sets and hardly any flaws with the actual products. I've been wondering about the Railguns he sells. Thank you for showing the medium sized on a suit, as I've only seen the large ones in pictures. I'll have to order myself some as soon as he gets back from vacation.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

I guess another sweet thing is that the centre of gravity goes down with the lighter resin guns, compared to the metal ones from GW.
Less falling over means less chipping! :D

NockerGeek said...

Interesting. On one hand, I like how the metal railguns mirror the Hammerhead guns. On the other, lighter, less fiddly guns for Broadsides is a good thing.

I'd love to see how they look painted.

Valk said...

Not sure about the design, the gun its self looks like a gauss cannon.

I certainly like the concept of lighter rail guns, easier posing and such.

Tim said...

Weight certainly is a consideration. These like all resin a MUCH lighter than metal. I've also found that they have straighter lines and right angles, whereas somehow metal never seems to really true straight lines. Don't know why.

Anonymous said...

I've ordered a bunch of the long railgun version for my broadsides. The models are no longer top heavy and the quality is top shelf. Paulson also makes a burst cannon style autocannon that I recently purchased to put on my XV8's. There a shade bulkier than the tau version but detail is way better.

Jefffar said...

Those mediums look very nice. To the poster who used the longer railguns - do you have a picture of the converted suit?

I am thinking of the medium under arm railguns and then putting some of his missile launchers on the shoulder or waiting until he gets the underarm missile launchers he said he is ordering and combining with the long railguns on the shoulders. But seeing how the mediums look on the shoulders of a suit here has got me to thinking.

Now if only he made a kit featuring better feet and legs :D

Paulson Games said...

Glad you are happy with the parts and the cast quality :) When I see posts like these it confirms that I'm doing a good job.

I do have some more mecha related stuff in the works. Which should be along just after New Years.

Allan and Carmen said...

Thanks for the headsup!

I have ordered some for my Broadside suits as well.

I always hated the long heavy barrels from GW!

Looking forward to seeing yours all painted up :)