Sunday, November 20, 2011


This weekend I had a chat with Roman, aka Jarhead from Massive Voodoo. I've been following the Massive Voodoo site for sometime and I randomly entered one of their contests and won a hour long chat via Skype. Talking with other miniature painters is really great for me, because it is a hobby I don't get to share with many people, even within the 40k community miniature painters are rare. One of the things that comes across immediately from Roman is his love for his art and his desire to share that with others. He spoke about how much he loves connecting with others who share in his passion and about "the big nerd family."

We actually spoke for almost 2 hours. Of the many things I learned chatting with this great person, he reminded me that miniature painting must be fun, first and foremost. And what is fun? A process he calls sketching. Here's some pictures of the second time in my life, beginning a miniature in this way. 

Still getting the gist of this method and trying to find my own path from it...maybe I will continue to use it, maybe not. 


Michael Pokorny said...

Hey Tim,

By 'Sketching' do you mean the technique they talk about on MV where you zenithal undercoat and then just wash color on kind of loosely to get a sense of the model's composition?

I've played with that technique too but never been satisfied, I think I'm using the wrong consistency of paint (too thin). What have you learned from your experiment here?

Also, would love to hear more about your chat with Roman, what contest did you enter. I've been a huge fan of massive voodoo for a long time.

I'll try to get some pics of my experiments with this technique up on my blog and maybe we can share some pointers.


Michael (PG_Avatar8481)

Old Shatter Hands said...

Yes, it is exactly that technique. Roman told me that reading his tutorials can help a little but he says that in person he can teach so much more. I am hoping to be able to visit him when I am in Europe next summer...he was a really friendly guy and had a great way of looking at thing and talking about them. I would suggest you reach out to him via email, or commenting on his blog. I know he gets loads of emails everyday so I would keep it short and sweet.

I will check out your site. On the "sketching," I think I like but I am not sure. It certainly hase given me a better understanding of the models composition. I've done it on this model, and on the Gui-Lang Sniper I did on Remote Presence. It gets you started on the right foot with the miniature because it is fun and fast and you can play with the colors.

Roman aka jar said...


Cobalt Cannon said...

Happy Thanksgiving Osh!!

I read the article on sketching, and I noticed that washes and were primarily used over a light base color.
It looks to me like doing this with red on your second try using it, would be more difficult than starting with either a lighter color or darker color and working up to the actual base you want or highlights you want. The concept is the same for painting on canvas really, but a canvas is much more forgiving than a model. If a canvas develops a texture then it's often a good thing which adds to the painting, but on a model,.. not usually.

I'm sure with more practice, it'll become as second nature to you as how you already paint. I recall only doing this really once recently on a tau battlesuit. It started out red and ended up blue-grey. hahaha! I managed to keep the surfaces smooth and without creating muddy colors, but I was worried about it.

Tim said...


I was interested to hear that this method is used in canvas painting, because that is something I eventually want to do. But for the model, I didn't have any trouble with thick paint because I water down all my paints on my pallet.

Red is tough but this set is actually coming out really well. Roman gave me a great tip and that is too shade red by adding turquoise to red gore. it looks great! I took it a step further and I am adding depth to some of the curves using glazes of purple ink. I hope to post something soon but I am actually going to have put them on hold for a minute---I have a commission I need to get started on, 8 alpha legion razorbacks (counts as grey knights, lol). breaking out the airbrush on Sunday for that. check backs soon, always love hearing from you.

Tim aka Old Shatter Hands.

PS I am coming out of gamers anonymous and using my real name from here on out. So you'll see my blogger profile as Tim.