Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cool Armies at the NOVA Open

The NOVA Open was one of the largest tournaments I've attended with about 88 players total in 40k alone. There was nearly every Codex represented and here are a quick sampling of armies I really liked. 

First off we have D. Brown's Orks. This is a Blood Axe horde that sports some of the coolest conversions and bright colors. His style is a cartoonish without looking goofy. One of the coolest features of this army were all the berets and army hats the Orks sported on their green craniums. 

Below you can see the Ork armies HQ choices. Check out the objective markers like the Ork Servo Skull and the Orkus Mechanicus Big Mek. What a goof ball!
Nobs that keep the boys in line. 

Don't break your back with all those Rokkits!

Here are Jawaballs' Tanks. The red is so bright and his free hand is beautiful.

Dark Wolves ready for battle!

Dakka Marine form a strong point.

Huron's Griffons claiming the objectives...it takes a lot of Jolly Ranchers to feed the Chapter.


Sammuel takes to the skies.


tim said...

i love all these armies, and the storm raven is awesome.

Kirby said...

THose ice display tables...are awesome! Need to steal that for my armies and figure out how to make a whole table for that :P. Some of the best bits of tournaments are seeing so many pretty armies all painted on the table. The boards also look excellent.

Muskie said...

Not bad. Astro Vancouver is this week, we'll see what shows up there in the cool army category...

Did you win your grudge match?

tim said...

he lost to jawaballs.

Tyr's-Vanguard said...

That Imperial Shuttle Storm Raven is brilliant!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Yep. lost to Jawaballs. It was pretty close though. I could have had him if my sissy broadsides hadn't ran off the board on turn 2. Even with the re-roll from my Ethereal they booked it. What can you do? It was only the third game I'd played with that list and I mark it down to inexperience. I am playing Tau like I've never done before and it's a bit of a learning curve. Jawaball's played smart and got ahead in VPs then hid his forces.