Sunday, February 10, 2013

Massive Voodoo and More Paulson Games

I've successfully mounted some Paulson Games weapons to a full squad of battlesuits. All that remains on them is a few touch-ups, new drones and grass placed on their bases. The drones I plan on doing almost completely with an airbrush. The only work I intend to do with a traditional brush is the outlining - but I may go the extra mile and do some work beyond that. I really like how the squad is shaping up. At first I felt the Missile Launchers were too large, but after painting them it n longer seems the case.  

That ox-man beast is one of my entries for the Bananalicious contest from Massive Voodoo. He's actually farther along than that right now, but this will give you an idea. For some reason, he reminds me of some sort of Roman gladiator - I think it is the small shield and the exposed chest. I intend to play into that theme some more with the basing and the rest of his paint job. Though that might make for a rather boring base - unless it has severed limbs on it!!!


Siph_Horridus said...

Love those missile pods, soooo much better than GW stock. Awesome looking suits. Lets hope the new Codex won't nerf your fisheads.

Mad Pat said...

The pods look great. I've actually bought a few to try as Smart Missiles on a Devil Fish.