Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tau Gue'Vesa

I was just sketching one day and I then I went pretty far with this guy and decided to add some color. I used watered down acrylic paints (not GW's but actually art store acrylics), pencil and water-proof ink pens. I really like how he came out and I want to do more. Notice the katana, yep definitely an Infinity influence there. 



Anonymous said...

That's pretty damn sweet.
Rather than a reference to an Infinity influence it could be a bonding knife haha. I've always thought that not only Tau's fluff, but also their aesthetic owes a lot to Eastern and Japanese influence like the samurai armour.

Lo-Pan said...

The Ashigaru motif is pretty strong in the Tau aesthetic. Your painting exaggerates it a bit more, not so much with the sword, but with the baggier pants, I think. The bare arms reinforce it as well.

When I built my Tau, I was in a rush of sorts, so I spent less time on details, but if I had, I would have added a few more Samurai touches to my squad leaders. If we get a new codex in this lifetime, I'll dig the boys out of storage and add some banner poles, even though they won't fit in the foam trays anymore, ha ha.

Good work as always, OSH.

izeColt said...

Nice one! Like the colours and the massive weapon he's holding! Katana really boosts the Eastern feeling of him too, in a good way! Always thought that if I'd start collecting and painting Tau army, it'd definately be heavily inspired by the feudal Japan.

Keep 'em coming!

Valk said...

Awesome pic, maybe a little more in the background would add to the characters role.

Cobalt Cannon said...

Hi Tim!

Nice work again! The impression I get form it is a human kid playing fire warrior. hahaha

The thing I like most about it is the style that you drew it in is reminiscent of the feudal japanese warrior prints
by Kuniyoshi, Yoshitora, and Gekko.

Quite often the negative space was left unattended to due to the importance of the subject to the artist. Simple suggestions of what was in the negative space were often thought to be enough, unless the negative space was considered by the artist to be an important part of the subject. This was sometimes due to historic importance of an event being rendered in the work. The artists were often Samurai class during the shogunate peace era who had no wars to fight, and therefore put their warrior focus to artistic pursuits.

I can imagine a Tau Firewarrior on his down time painting something like this.

Really cool!

If you make more of these, you should give your firewarrior artist a name. Perhaps old shatter hands painted it.

suneokun said...

Nice work sir ... Can't help but think that the Tau would give humans some cool close combat suits though, Something like a Spryer suit from Necromunda?

Anonymous said...

Infinity here I come.

Chuckles said...

In one piece of fluff I read somewhere, either in one of the Tau Codices or in the new Necromunda rulebook, the Spyrer suits are explicitly said to be manufactured by the Tau.