Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tau Rumors...I was right. They were all fake.

This afternoon I drove out to deliver the Alpha Legion tanks I had painted over the last 3 weeks. As we looked over the models I had done for him, the client and I briefly chatted about what is upcoming for 40k. He told me it would be Black Templars and then Tau, so don't worry...and that Chaos Space Marines would be after the Tau. I replied that if that part were true, then he'll be waiting a long time for Chaos Space Marines, because Tau are never getting a new book. I was joking of course, or so I thought.

About 15 minutes ago, I checked Faeit 212 and saw these rumors at this link. It states that we're not going to see Tau in 2012, and rather Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines and 6th Edition will dominate the year of 40k. It's a much more plausible scenario- more Marines. Not only is it more plausible, but it makes more business sense. GW knows it can sell marines. GW also knows that making marines is easier for them and cheaper. So it is less of a commitment and more money in return. The Tau Codex...too risky...too much invested into this little blue-skinned army.

So all those gob-smackingly delicious Tau rumors....all fake.

The Ubersuit...fake.

The Demiurg...fake.

Sniper Suit...fake.

What isn't fake? Another year of waiting.

Maybe another 2 years, who the hell knows? Maybe there will never be another Tau Codex.

I am sorry but I am just too bored with the current codex. It ain't about power, it ain't about competitiveness, it ain't about anything other than just being bored with my Tau options.

So 2012 will be another year without 40k for me. For the rest of you, it'll be another year of Marinehammer with some Necron and Dark Eldar sprinkled on top for giggles.

Did we seriously think that GW would waste its 25th Anniversary of 40k on Tau?!?!


anucer said...

Wow ... that's sad, very sad. Kinda gives a clear message from GW, they don't care about their game, just profit.

I was hopping for more. The BoW's leak looked pretty nice...

Anyways, as long as GW isn't comming back iT's over for me, let's say i still have hopes (very very very little) just enought so i keep my army and finish painting it and maybe sell it later when it's done.

Fehdman said...

Another year w/out Tau=another year GW won't make any money off of me.

Sounds like 2012 is going to be all about Infinity!

Brian said...

Well I guess I will just go to ORKS,,I have enough of thm to convert and trukks I can scratch build those. Or CSM because I already have a 6k force.

Tael said...

In the kindest way I hope you're wrong, but I do concede the point, that this being the 25th year of 40k; marine goodies will likely abound.

As a lover of Tau; waiting another whole year is.. argh.

Sigh. Guess I'll have to convert up some 'new' goodies hah.

Cobalt Cannon said...

I checked out your link. That guy doesn't know what he is talking about any more than he knows the mathematical formula for everything in the universe.

GWS has put out so much disinformation ( And they get huge kicks off of doing this believe me!), that you really shouldn't get yourself down about any of it that you hear. It's all just BS until a product comes out. The clown on that blog thinks that Dark Angels are coming out just because a dark angel is on the binding of his last two white dwarfs? He's a knuckle head! I can tell you why that pic was put there . It was put there because they didn't want so much empty space on the binding. It's an Art Director decision.

SO this is all we really know and should bother thinking about:
GWS is coming out with some new products over the course of the year. That's it. Be patient. See what comes out. Do other things in the mean time.

Rumors that can make some sense:
6th edition might focus on the Dark Angels as their example chapter for learning the game. They are the 1st Marine Legion after all. It makes sense that their next codex will either be part of that rule book or come out at about the same time. There is also a rumor that a new Warhammer 40k starter set will be out with eldar and dark angels. That suggests and eldar codex also at about the same time. If any of it is true. Those things make sense.

Also Beasts of War doesn't know reality from their own huge butts. Disregard anything they say.
Wait, be patient, and see.

oink said...

FYI: just because Tau are not being released immediately, does not necessarily mean the rumours that have been banded around are fake!?

Just means the release schedule is different...

Lars Petersson said...

How come this guy can be relied on to be right about this?

Does he have a track record of getting rumours right?

Tim said...

You all know that I hope that I am completely and utterly wrong. Yet this release schedule makes more sense. Previous release schedules had Black Templars then Tau all before 6th edition this summer. That just doesn't fit. What makes more sense? 2 codices per year. One marine and one bad guy.

Anonymous said...

That's it, I'm fed up waiting. I've slowly been building and painting my Tau over the last 6 months - a Hammerhead one month, a Piranha the next, a couple of XV8s the next.

I am not going to buy another 40k model until my beloved Tau get a chance. Being assaulted first turn by Marines, firing 22 rapid fire markerlighted shots and seeing one enemy die. It's pointless.

Jordan said...

Infinity is starting to look really good. So is my Russian Flames of War.

Flekkzo said...

How can marine only make sense financially? It would be like releasing Starcraft 3 with one race. I play marines (Imperial Fists!) but I'll be damned if I want to face more damn marines. Marines that get stupid good rules for no real added point cost.

No, marine vs marine makes the game less fun. It turns it into a giant liability. It's exactly that kind of thinking that have ran companies like Nokia, RIM, and Motorola into the ground. What we need is an iPad. A new way of doing wargaming, where we get many balanced armies that are fun to play.

Because fixing the Tau doesn't mean it has to get some Matt Ward type of insane upgrade. Just clean things up, have Farsight make suits troops, simplify some rules, and add a few units. Keep the fluff and descriptions.

GW's biggest issue bar none is their slow codex production. If they released four 40k a year they would have a full refresh every three years. Which means more people still playing. Everyone do not want to play bloody Grey Knights… Heck, by now even my vanilla marines are boring.

You are right, Tau needs a new codex. And it needs to be balanced and fun, with many builds.

Tim said...

@Flekkzo, for me it's mostly about getting new models...well new rules would be nice...

Anonymous said...

If tau aren't getting update this year then I'm going to Grey Knights

Anonymous said...

There has been a lot of rumor mongering but it seems that the DA release may just be minitures in the 6E boxed set but no codex...or maybe even a WD treatment (plausible given the WD spine mystery). Rumors additionally point to CSM in the fall. So yes, its highly likely that no new Tau until fall 2013 given that an imperial force always follows a xeno/chaos one. However, that being said, there will be 6E which could (depending on if the leaked rules are remotely close) buff the Tau or at least open up some new dimensions...along with possible follow on 6E FAQs.

Another glimmer of hope for the optimists...the BT and Tau FAQs were not updated recently which sometimes (stress sometimes) means a possible emminent release.

BadKarma said...

Sadly, if you're correct, that may be "it" for me in 40k. Tau are all that interest me, and keep me playing 40k, so if they continue to languish, I have no incentive to keep playing.

I guess I can hope 6th changes things in a way that makes Tau what they're supposed to be, but I won't hold my breath.

Infinity you say? Yeah, I may have to give that a try. =)

Garnet said...

Though I myself have little interest in rumours, the fact that a new Codex: Tau might not be coming out this year doesn't prove anything about the validity of those rumours one way or the other. It could just as well be that Games Workshop had a finished version of the Tau codex worked up, but after the complete collapse of Dreadfleet, decided to switch it around for a Marine codex because they believe Marines make them more money. And they're probably right about that, given how many people seem willing to jump onto a new Marine codex (high returns on small investments of time or money) compared to how many Marine players will switch to xeno codexes (medium returns on medium investments of time or money).

And frankly, not getting a codex this year, while frustrating, may not be the worst thing. Did we really want to be the last codex put out before 6th launches? Has that ever been good for a codex, to be there just before the paradigm changes?

Tim said...

@Garnet, well actually the source of all those rumors come out publicly and said that he made them all up...

So they were all completely bogus. All of them.

Chuckles said...

As someone who has been playing 40K for only months less than Tim, I have watched the balance of 40K swing from all Marines all the time (Rogue Trader days) to Marines-Eldar-Orks in about equal measure (First Box edition in the early 90s) to being about 80% Marines (middle 90s to now). I would love to have the time to assemble all of my White Dwarfs and run a statistical scan of their articles. I have issues from the 80s through 2009. The copes cover 30 years and all editions of 40K, but I don't think combing through them will be necessary when all we have to do is list the armies existing currently:

Dark Eldar
Witch Hunters
Chaos Demons
Chaos Space Marines
Ultramarines (and vanillas)
Black Templars
Blood Angels
Dark Angels
Space Wolves
Grey Knights

44% of the Armies currently in release are offshoots of one army: the Space Marines. Tau, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, and Tyranids are working with rules that are approaching three years old, while Space Marines have had what? TWO codices in that time? Ok, maybe I do want to go back and perform a statistical analysis of my White Dwarfs. I will count all the articles (not the ads) and then keep track of the armies featured in each by name. This could take WEEKS.

Michael said...

I just started playing Tau, cause of this blog..
I feel the need for a new codex, but I am sure it will be released soon enough..
I've played BA, SW, CSM and daemons, and the Tau just feel right for me, so I hope you will continue your blog :)

Garnet said...

@Tim - Fair enough. Assuming, of course, that you can believe anything from someone who tells you they're a liar... ^_~

Lars Petersson said...

@Garnet: Ahhh, the good old 'reverse psychology' gambit...

If he says he's a liar, can you trust him when he says he lied :-D

But he was lying about being a liar and was actually telling the truth -_-

Anonymous said...

I don't really mind. It will give me more time to scratch build my crisis suits. Also, the right tau list can still take people by surprise. I enjoy that moment, as victory is so much sweeter when people write you off.

Jordan said...

Didn't know if you heard, but Tau just got some nice FW upgrades. Including but not limited to...
Tetras marker lights are now Heavy 4. and they allow deepstrikers to re-roll scatter

Sensor Towers allow any one unit per tower within 6" to re-roll all misses.

Heres the address

Malthus said...

So true mate.
I feel your pain.
Because I also posess a large Tau army. :p
I've only played it 5 times in 5thEd against my bro and lost 4 and I'm already sick of how it plays...well can't field half of my units because they suck.

Accumulate dust my dear firewarriors...

I play Tyranids said...

Tau players should not give up! They need to keep playing tau. Publicly. GW need to see that tau are popular and not just a dead-end army! IF you are a tau-player and love your tau, keep playing them! It is the only way they will get an update.

ODSTau said...

If the statement of GW focusing on marines is true, it would make sense why GW gave forgeworld the thumbs up on its products and made their rules official. FW has been developing suits(xv9 and xv8 variants), heavy support options, our flyers, and our orbital troop transports( manta, orcas) and in my humble opinion, I wouldn't be surprised if FW ends up writing the new tau codex and ends up in distribution under GW's flag.