Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick Shots of Space Wolves

Yep, just some quick shots of the some Space Wolves I am working on for a friend. I'll be working on their bases some more, adding grass and painting the rocks, but for now, just have a gander!


Cobalt Cannon said...

For being "minute marines," I sure can't tell the difference between these, and something that you would take a longer time to paint. They look great!

How long did it take you to complete ten of these then from start to finish using your minute marines techniques?

What do you use for the gold details? I have been doing research on different metallics lately.

Thanks Tim.

Tim said...

HI Colbalt,
Well, what I've found is that it isn't possible to do Space Wolves in 30 minutes each. They have too many different surfaces to deal with - armor, trim, runes, bones, fur, etc. Minute Marines is really only for basic vanilla marines, is what I've found.

In total I would say I spent about 10 hours on this group - about an hour each, which is pretty good still. Excluding drying time of course.

The gold I used was the GW Gehenna Gold, which I quite like. Would recommend it.


Cobalt Cannon said...

I am still using my golds from the previous GW line:

Dwarf Bronze, Shining Gold, and Burnished Gold.

Would you say that the new line of metallics (gold anyways) is an improvement on the previous line?

I've been looking into the Vallejo model air gold and vallejo liquid gold. I see tutorials online from Buypainted (youtube vids) and the results of the liquid gold really looks naturalistic. It's appears to be the next best thing to using actual gold leaf.

On your Space Wolves, I figured that the fur capes and ornamentation would be speed bumps, since they would be easier tackled with a brush, but even so 10 hours on ten guys (60 mins per guy) is really fast wouldn't you say? For this degree of quality and precision, it's an impressive speed.