Thursday, October 2, 2008

Desktop Shots of the week

For some reason I got inspired to paint these old Necromunda Ratskin models. I am hoping to use them in a Dark Heresy campaign (if I ever get a chance to play the game). You can also see some new fire warriors I am getting ready. Ever since 5th edition, I've really found myself in a troop-choice deficit. So these young shas'la are my new recruits.

I run my fire warrior in two ways on foot and mounted in the same army. 8 fire warriors mounted in devilfish, armed with a multi-tracker and disruption pod. This allows the devilfish to fire on the move and gives it a 4+ cover save.

The foot-slogging infantry are normally fielded 12-strong with a squad leader. They will either hold objectives on my side of the board, protect my other static unit or act as a lure for enemy assaulters.

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