Saturday, June 13, 2009

Desktop Shot of the Week

Greetings from the Tau'va! I'm continuing on the renovation of my Tau army. This shot shows some new recruits for my Fire Warrior squads, some Pathfinders, and more Crisis Suits. The deadline for completion is the night of June 26th. The next day there is a tournament at the Bunker and I'm vying for the best painted award, which means I'll also have to make a display board. I prefer going to the tournaments to see other armies and display mine rather than the actual competition of playing games. Although, I still play to win, I don't expect to contend with Nob Bikerz lists and Vulkan Hestan lists.

You'll see in this picture the excellent work my citadel spray gun has done. Even though I was spraying vallejo paints, it works like a charm and is your best friend when painting large quantities of troops.

Keep posted. I'm working on a battle report against my friend, Brian, and his Ravenwing force. Until then, may your aim be true and your forces fluid. Go fishheads!

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Chuckles said...

Citadel spray gun + warhammer fantasy armies = actually might be fun to play fantasy...good lord, don't let your wife hear about this, she would never forgive me.