Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ready for War: Glen Burnie 2250 Tournament this Weekend.

Painting miniatures under a deadline is a great way to finish your army. It's also a good way to get a stiff neck. I haven't completely finished painting every piece of this army, I've still got to finish a few drones, a crisis suit and some burst cannons for my Ionhead. But here is a glimpse:

I'm bringing this army to the Glen Burnie Bunker on Saturday for a 2250 Tournament. I'm expecting lots of MEQ armies. The roster had mostly Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines, maybe one Guard srmy and one Sisters of Battle Army. I think I know the Sisters of Battle army. It's almost entirely rhinos, maybe 11 or so, lots of flamers.

The plan is usual Tau tactics-mobile warfare. Keep fluid, keep moving, take out priority targets and draw the enemy into kill zones. Objectives and pathfinders as lures to bring the opponent out in the open, them overwhelm him with firepower. devilfish move out to claim objectives, piranhas and hammerheads contest.


Chuckles said...

Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads, eat them up yum!

oni said...

I like your display base a lot.

Anonymous said...

I recently started sisters of battle after i just finished my tau army, i like playing the so called under power armies lol. anyways i dont suppose you remember how the sisters played? hard to find any sisters love on the net as far as tactics and what not.