Saturday, July 4, 2009

Chaos Tau???

This morning after driving my wife to work, I settled down for some 40k blogging. Seeing that Black Matt's blog had a new post announcing the contest winner for three superbly painted and creatively converted Chaos Obliterators, I decided to check who won. It was announced in this video.

I literally jumped out of my chair when I saw that the venerable Old Shatter Hands was the winner. Unbelievable! What an awesome day.

Black Matt's blog has some really cool chaos stuff, videos, painting tutorials and battle reports in which he takes on such famous armies as Fritz's Saim Hann and Jawaballs' Blood Angels, all to the tune of jumping hip hop. His painting skills are enviable and his colors choice is always spot on. Check out his blog at Black Matt's Black Legion Blog

Big thanks to Black Matt, you're a truly righteous heretic. I guess I gotta start a Chaos Army now...hmmm, are possessed any good? Because they look cool...what about noise marines?


NockerGeek said...


Raptor1313 said...


The Possessed LOOK great, but if you compare 'em to Khorne Bersekers, the 'zerkers are better at CC and cheaper, and don't have to worry about getting a random power that may or may not be useful. Unit full of power weapons, cool. Unit full of scout?

Noise Marines? Not as bad, depends on if you want 'em on foot with Sonic Weapons, or out of a Rhino with a Doom Siren champ.

Chernobyl said...

Something I saw on a display board a while back was some slightly modified berserks using chaos possessed bits they looked mighty cool.

Also congrats on your win.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Thanks everyone.
I've been reading the chaos book and I'm thinking that I want an army that has at least one group of possessed and one group of noise marines---regardless of effectiveness. Pure fun. I love the randomness of the possessed and I love rolling buckets of shooting dice. That's the thinking. So I am thinking of doing a Chaos List challenge...with a prize (inspired by Black Matt). Thinking the prize may be a set of fireknife crisis suits that I am replacing with forge world suits...

Chernobyl said...

Im guess the challenge would have to include possessed and noise marines in it ? heh regardless it sounds like fun and I could use some more battle suits for my Tau army * goes about consorting with the chaos gods*

Chuckles said...

Way to go, OSH.

I think that chaos army should also include some Thousand Suns, painted like the two or three rainbow warriors you've already done. Old School Chaos with the Riot of Colors for the Ruinious Powers.

Hey, that kinda rhymes.