Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Call the Fio'la! My computer died!

Yep the old clunker bit the dust. There was a flash and then nothing but the smell of smoke coming from the CPU. It's over for that one. Good thing my wife's laptop still works.

Even so, I'd like to show you a work in progress shot of my new Forge World suits. I displayed one of the suits a while back and I've finally gotten around to assembling the second one. This model has some customization. The Fio'la, or Earth Caste to all you humans, has improved the design of the XV8 Jetpack, giving it more power to carry this larger Battlesuit in battle. The Shas"Vre pilots have been especially pleased by the increased mobility that does not compromise durability and the suits ability to withstand direct hits. In game terms, this means nothing of course. i just like to embellish it a bit.

I plan on painting both of these suits together so I can be sure they are uniformly painted. I'm going with my standard khaki and dark green color scheme, but with black helmets that have a white stripe going up the center. That should draw enough attention to the head while still distinguishing them from Old Shatter Hands, who sports a white helmet, as appropriate of his rank.

Once painting is done, I shall showcase them with an appropriate painting tutorial...


Chernobyl said...

Chances are the computers internal components where clogged up with dust and such roughly about once a year you have to open the casing and take an air can to it.

that aside the jet pack conversion looks mighty snazy looking im guessing thats the same one we saw earlier with the SM jump pack bits correct?

Mauri+cio said...

hey, readers are still waiting 4 new stuff

Old Shatter Hands said...

OK, OK. I'll get working on it this weekend. With my computer dead I lost a lot of photos. It's time to make some more!