Friday, September 25, 2009

Orks Vs. Tau: Way of Saim put to the test

The young Fio'la scanned his digital screen for updates. His eyes squinted as he noticed something unusual. "How strange, numerous energy signatures in the Gor'An sector. Primitive combustion engines all moving at high velocity." He said to his friend and fellow Fio, across from the various digital monitors and glowing keypads. The blue glow on his face only highlighted the curious expression on his face.

"Speak up, Fio" commanded the bold Shas'Ui on deck. "What is your concern?"

"Sir, multiple energy patterns all across this sector, dangerously close to our settlements on the coast of Gor'An."

The tall and bulky Shas'Ui thundered over to the Fio's screen. "Get me a visual" From miles high in the sky, the Tau Manta patrols the newly claimed planet, Vaun; it's scanning systems, sophisticated beyond human comprehension, can locate a grain of sand on the planets surface or provide a complete diagnostic of mineral deposits deep within it surface. However on this day, the system would only locate enemies.

As the image appeared on screen, the team leader stood upright, his face grew cold, his eyes widened. Belching monstrosities, brutal war-machines and their crazed operators...the constant violence, the barbarism...

"They're too close to the settlements for bombardment. Alert the Aun, establish a channel with Shas'El Shatter Hands' Cadre on the ground.
The Orks are back..."

Ahem, sorry for inflicting my poor fictional writing on you guys but I've got to go one step farther and share with you my first...drumroll first edited video.

Before the Vid, a little explanation. This past Thursday I headed over to a game with my friend who brought his Nobz bikerz, Dual Battlewagon ork list. His army is strong and tough. Ork Nob Bikers with feel no pain and his battlewagon get a cover save from a Big Mek's force field. I certainly have trouble gunning it down.

I brought my usual list as posted in my previous battle report. This time however, I had gotten a better idea of how to play it, after Fritz's great post in response to my army list. The feedback there was invaluable to shifting my thinking about how to play objective games.

In this game, I knew the orks would be trashing my army from turn 1. So I reserve 3 devilfish, the piranhas and one battlesuits squad for Fritz tactics. My hammerheads, broadsides, other battlesuit squad all get annihilated by turn 3. What's important is that, my key mobile units, the Devilfish and Piranhas, survive to claim and contest objectives for the win. See the vid on how I've fed my opponent units to give my precious fish the time and space to claim objectives. I even completely abandon the objective in my deployment zone. Now this wasn't a perfect win, I still have much to learn.

The pictures were taken with an iphone and have some captions which make it less than perfect. As I said, I've much to learn.


Adam said...

How many points were you guys playing?

CJ said...

Nice game! I saw a lot of familair moves coming across the screen. Tau is actually a lot better then Saim Hann for the specific playstyle I think. YOu have the same mobility but better survivability on your vehicles (disruption pods ftw) and a lot more and better Fire power. So you can easily affort to just shoot the guys and stay away.

Very Nice Job!

Cheers CJ

Old Shatter Hands said...

Adam, straight 1750 points.
CJ, actaully Saim Hann have better mobility because all skimmers are fast and you'e star engine. Devilsh can only move 12 inches tops.

Thanks for viewing. It's my first video and there are things I would have done differently. Next time!

vwinter said...

Nice blog, nice battle report, nice tactics (will try it out) q: by dropin the shield drones and some small bits u can kit out all your tanks with smart missle system... 12 shots on hiding units/transports..wont it be more usefull? cheers!

Old Shatter Hands said...

@vwinter: Honestly I'd rather have the 6 burstcannon shots than the four smart missiles. Plus I like to keep my hammerheads moving at crusing speed (7+ inches) so that enemy assaulters need 6s to hit in CC. Because of that I want the cheapest option there is for the secondary weapon.

vwinter said...

Humm ic... maybe on the DF's? :)
Ahh and 2 cool links for u fellow tau generals:


Fritz said...

Awesome job man. Saim-Hann might have a sligh mobility edge being fast skimmers but Tau definetly have the range, firepower, and more durable vehicles. Feeding suits is the way to go- plus your opponent will "feel" like they are winning since they are killing your suits and everybody knows how much Tau players coddle their suits, then you swoop in for the win!