Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inner Circle Tournament: 1850 Army List [Edit]

Inner Circle is hosting another tournament on December 12th at the Games n’ Stuff in Glen Burnie. 1850 3 Round Tournament. Just about right. Check out the link here if you are interested: LINKY

I’ve tweaked my list a little in preparation for this tournament. I’ve dropped Flechettes from my Devilfish and Hammerheads, as often months go by with them ever getting any use. I’ve also packed in a 3rd XV88 and given my second HQ a Fusion Blaster so he can drop down and threaten tanks. I’ve also boosted my Piranha squadron to 3 skimmers but I am considering dropping the 3rd broadside for a 4th piranha. We’ll see after my game with Pete W this Thursday. As always, questions and comments are welcome!

HQ: Old Shatter Hands
Shas’El with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod and Targeting Array. Hard-wired Multitracker.
97 points

HQ: Sidestriker
Shas’El with Missile Pod, Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array. Hard-wired Multitracker
1 XV8 Shas'Vre Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Targeting Array. Hard-wired Multitracker
1 XV8 Shas'Vre Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Targeting Array. Hard-wired Multitracker and Drone Controller. 2 Gun Drones.
273 Points

Troops: Fire Team
6 Fire Warriors
Devilfish, Multitracker, Disruption Pod
155 points

Troops: Fire Team
6 Fire Warriors
Devilfish, Multitracker, Disruption Pod
155 points

Troops: Fire Team
6 Fire Warriors
Devilfish, Multitracker, Disruption Pod
155 points

Elites: Crisis Team
3 XV8 Shas’Ui Twin-linked Missile Pods, Flamers.
141 Points

Fast Attack: Piranha Squadron
2 Piranhas with Fusion Blasters, Disruption Pods, Flechette Dischargers and Targetting Arrays
1 Piranha with Fusion Blaster, Flechette Discharger and Targetting Array.
255 Points

Heavy Support: Hammerhead
Railgun, Smart Missile System, Multitracker, Disruption Pod.
175 Points

Heavy Support: Hammerhead
Railgun, Burst Cannons , Multitracker, Disruption Pod.
165 Points

Heavy Support: Broadside Team
1 XV88 Team Leader with Advanced Stabilization System. Hard-Wired Drone Controller and 2 Shield Drones. Hard-Wired Target Lock. Blacksun Filter.
2 XV88 Shas’Ui with Advanced Stabilization Systems.
283 Points.


suneokun said...

You've listed no piranhas ... is that a special test?

Old Shatter Hands said...

Opps! let me fix that

Brother Vizlani said...

I am guessing you do not field Stealth suits?

I would be interested in seeing this build go to a tournament.


Oh, it's you, Bob... said...

Just as a test, you might change one rail-head to an Ion-head for the points and see what that would get you. You have plenty of railguns...

Pete W said...

This seems like an interesting list and I'll be excited to face it on Thursday (I'm assuming you'll bring this or something much like it).

My only point of interest is whether or not the crisis teams could do with a little drone support simply for the ablative wounds.

For example, against a list with a bunch of S8 AP3 guns (like my missile launchers), you could lose a suit per shot with relative ease, even against your HQs. Given that the suits aren't bonded it could damage you a lot.

In any case, it'll be interesting to see it perform on the tabletop as I'm sure you've thought of it.


Old Shatter Hands said...

Just pointed this up and I've got to shave off 13 points. Dropping the Smart Missile System on the Railhead for Burst cannons will give me 10 points. Where to get the other 3 points from? Or I get all the points back by getting an Ionhead instead of a Railhead...as Oh it you bob suggests...
Drones for the crisis teams...Not sure if I need them.

Pearlygates said...

Oh I think OSH Will be regretting saying that when Pete launches those rockets at those crisis suits.

I have to agree with pete though, if you swap the Rail for an Ion, I too would consider that you give those battlesuits some form of drone even if it is a gun drone!

Question OSH, both you and Adam, who does the warhammer tau blog, field squads of only six firewarriors. I know that it helps keep points cost down but do you actually use them in battle? or do they hide away in their devilfish for the purpose of capturing objectives? I ask because, as I'm sure your aware, statistically you'll be lucky to get any hits off them (unless guided by a markerlight) and even then actually killing a unit is still greatly low.

Excellent army list btw.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Yes, the fire warriors rarely get out of their vehicle and when they do they do so only when supported by other units. So I might send two devilfish out and have both squads do an FoF together. I used to field squads of ten, then it went down to 8 and now it's 6. This allows me to save points for unit that actually do damage. Fire Warriors, even in large squads, need markerlights to do any real damage. That fact, coupled with the fact that Pathfinders tend to die in droves from turn 1, means that my fire warriors don't really do any of the fighting. Which is a shame because I have 48 fully painted fire warrior models. It could make for a pretty nasty gunline but I just don't play that way.

Adam said...

Yep, Burst Cannons are best on the Hammerhead, because you often don't fire them.

Do your Devilfish have Smart Missile Systems? If not, those drones counts as extra Kill Points.

Shas'el doesn't need a targeting array if he's in with 2 other guys hitting on 3+.

I'd drop the targeting arrays on both Shas'els, drop the SMS from one of the Hammerheads and give it burst cannons instead.

That frees up 30pts to give Shatter hands 2 shield drones.

Interested to see how you get on with the piranhas.

Pearlygates said...

I've just seen the Experimental rules for the new forgeworld XV9 Hazardsuit. Not only do I NOT like the look of the model, I don't like the points cost either as they're not cheap!

They come with Photonic dischargers (personally I would have hoped they get Fletchettes)which I think will be pointless.

But at least they pack a lot of fire power! And I don't even like burst cannons on battlesuits, It's just wrong!

So, looks like some of us will be getting our dream team of 'battlesuits only' army.

Is this going to be yet another wasted unit choice that nobody wants to field, or will it prove to be a new contender?

Eitherway, I'm not buying the Forgeworld models, too expensive and looks rubbish! It's gonna have to be convertion models for me!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Adam, I used to field SMS on all my devilfish but I prefer gun drones nowadays. I'm sure mt preference will change back one day. The kill point doesn't bother me too much as I normally keep all of my devilfish in reserve anyway. AS you point out, I am wondering whether the TAs on the Shas'Els are needed. We'll see.

Pearly Gates, I've looked at the rules for the XV9 and I think it's a worthwhile unit if you have all three in a squadron. This could be a pretty good tarpit unit but I doubt it'll survive the entire game being used that way. I'd love to take it for a spin. The model is sweet with exception of the legs, which I would switch out for some other FW XV8 legs.

Pearlygates said...

I just like the upperbody of the Hazardsuit, I agree the legs look rubbish and I don't like the flappy-wing parts (guessing they represent the vectored thrusters).

And although I don't tend to field battlesuits with burst cannons, having a squad of three with two twin-link burst's kicking out a maximum 18shots is impressive.

But damn those points cost! I'm gonna have a game on 2000pt game on sunday so I may try the rules out then, see how they fair up.