Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inner Circle Tournament Coming Soon!

Calling all Wargamers in the Maryland, DC, Virginia Area! Saturday December 12th, our great gaming club, the Inner Circle, will be hosting A 40k Tournament at Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD. Prize Support with Inner Circle is always great! The best players will get to grow their army with loot from IC. Here are the details.

Games and Comics and Stuff, LLC 7476 Baltimore Annapolis BoulevardGlen Burnie, MD 21061410.863.7418

32 man Warhammer 40,000 Tournament 1850 Points 3 rounds$5 dollars at the door all the money goes towards the prizes (more players=bigger prizes).Prizes for 1st Place, 2nd Place and The Best Painted Army.

The tournament starts at 11:00 am, dice will roll at 11:30amEach round will last 2hours and 15min with a 45 minute break between games.Each table will have 5 objectives on it. 1 In the middle and 4 others in each table quarter.Each player must pick 5 kill points from their opponents list before each game starts. Each player will be given a secret mission in each game. If you reach this objective call over a judge and they will mark you down for it.You will also be given a sheet with other secondary missions to reach. You are allowed to obtain 2 of these missions a game.All games will be 12 inch deployment. Standard turns, rules and no special scenarios. No Comp restrictions, standard force org, all GW legal codices (inc. Blood Angels).Scoring:20 points for a win, 15 for a tie, 10 for a loss, extra points to be awarded as described above up to 5 per game.Painting scores are not added into your final score, sportsmanship however is.Play nice have fun and KILL everything.

Please register in advance here or send me an email at timandlucka at gmail dot com, with your full name and army (for ex. Space Marines, not your list) and I will register for you.

So far I am the only Tau player in this tournament with the majority being either Space Marine Equivalents (cowards) and Imperial Guard (wimps). I'll be bringing some new models I've been working on, including Sidestriker so be prepared for some stiff resistance from the Tau Empire.


Pete W said...

I'm tempted. I'll check my schedule and get back to you on this one. Perhaps the footslogging marines need a trip outside.

If only I had enough Tau to make 1850. I think I'm at around 1000 at the moment. Just a little more painting and then I'll buy some more.

CJ said...

Sounds like a lot of things to consider each game. a objective/killpoint/primary and secondary mission for each game. that's some serious tactical challange with 1850 points and only 2:15 per game.

Good luck hope you do will smiting those so called emporors protectors.

Wonder how much empire stuff is at tournaments now a days with IG and SM being top armies at the moment.

Cheers CJ

Old Shatter Hands said...

yes, I agree there will be a lot going on in this Tournament. We're still new at designing tournaments but with enough participation the secondary and secret missions will allow us to award players for other things than just battle points and wins.

Dhinanta said...

The ways I wish I had 1850 worth of Tau, working on it though!...How do you fluff Tau vs Tau without involving Farsight?

I'll be really interested to know how those games turn out. They seem kind of hectic. Any chance you could post a list of the missions? (I'd imagine afterward so no one can try to prepare for them in advance)

Pearlygates said...

OSH, What your army list going to contain?

Are you keeping it the same as the combat patrol list you put up?

Just remember during the Tournement, it's not about playing, it's ALL about WINNING!!!! so take a deep breath before each turn, do not get too hasty and run for the objectives; make sure you're paying full attention to your oppenents moves, plan ahead (and then have a back-up plan in mind incase).

As the ONLY Tau army in the Tournement, you are doing this for ALL of US!!! For the Greater Good!!

Right, prep talk over, now....go get 'em Tiger! or rather wait at least until the 12th like I said don't be too hasty.

I'm sure your army will be right up there for best painted army! and I wish all the best during the tournement.

Are there any armies you don't like to compete against with Tau? and maybe you should try these scenarios out before you have the Tourney.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Pearly! I am taking a list similar to the one I posted a week or so ago.

3 piranhas

Old Shatter Hands with Fire Knife Bodyguard, Targeting Arrays

SideStriker - Shas'EL with Fusion, Missiles and Targeting Array.
3 deathrains

3 Broadside with Targeting arrays 2 shield (Sholto's convinced me that I need bs 4 here)

3 hammerheads with burstcannons and railguns

and 3x 6 fire warriors in Devilfish.

My worse army to play against...it's a toss up between a well-balanced guard army and what I call STD Marines: Nurgle Plague Marines in Rhinos lead by two Slaanesh Sorcorcers with Lash of Submission.

My favorite army to play against: an all drop-pod army. If Old Shatter sees an all drop-pod army, his eyes light up "easy prey!"

Old Shatter Hands said...

I mean 2 hammmerheads not 3....oops

MFerek said...

Hey man, I just came across your blog. I've been reading warhammer Tau for a while but that one's fallen by the wayside for the moment so i needed a new blog to learn about tau tactics from.
That inner circle tourney sounds pretty cool. I live in northern virginia so i might be able to make it out. Is that store near the glen burnie battle bunker?
I never realized it, but after seeing pictures of your army, I think i've actually met you before. And no, i'm not a creepy stalker or anything. I played in the outdoor tournament a few months ago put on by the SGI League. I have a standard, desert color tau army, if you happen to remember any of the armies from that event.
So yea, tourney sounds cool and I'm glad to have a tau tactics blog to read again.

vwinter said...

Sounds like it will be fun fun fun :) Damn i cant get visa to US that quick :P

OSH could you pls make available the detailed mission descriptions after your glorious victory? Ty!

Pearlygates said...

OSH, Tau certainly do NEED a targeting array to increase their balistic skill, but I'm wondering if it is really necessary on your broadsides? they have twin-link (though, yes even I've had moments where I even fail the re-roll).

I was wondering if it would be more practical giving at least one of the a targetlock instead?

That list sounds more than 1850pts.

Old Shatter Hands said...

I am hoping that it looks bigger than 1850 but I promise it is exactly 1850. I have skimmed a lot of points off stuff to get lots of big guns in there. But there are a couple things I am considering right now that I could use advice on. First off, I have three broadsides and 2 Railheads. Thats 5 railguns. I have three troops choices. I am thinking of dropping one Broadside in exchange for a unit of 10 kroot with 2 hounds. As there are objectives in every game one in each quarter and one in the center, outflanking kroot could potentially steal an objective towards the end of the game no matter which table edge they come in on.

On the flipside, I am sure to meet lots and lots of mech and having the third broadside with a target array and lock, I can knock out more transports on turn 1.

What do you guys think?

Mferek, I think I do know you and your army. Did you also have it on display at Games Day on Armies on Parade? Games and Stuff is closer to the Arundel Mills Mall GW than the Bunker. It'll be a good tournament. Most of us know each other and I don't there are any douchebags signed up. :P

Pearlygates said...

That idea does sound plausable OSH, though I'm not too sure about using the kroot too late in a game to outflank an enemy. I would use them soley as a meat-shield.

And on the plus side, with a squad of kroot in the army, that's an extra troop choice to hold an objective! And naturally they come with Infiltrate AND Fieldcraft, all for 7pts each!!!

However, would it not be wise to take either Fletchettes or Disruption pods? mainly for the devilfish?

Stick with the kroot in the mean time!

CJ said...

using kroot just as a meat shield is just stupid! by outflanking them the can get into terrain and just take an objective then it the dirt and shrug of even the fieriest shooting.

And against a gunline army they are great at taking out small pockets of resistance in the back of a field.and if that forces your enemy to commit to them outside of the main battle that's a lot better then just meat shielding them.

This combined with a threat reduction of the broadsides will make them less of a target then with 3 of them. and even if they commit to them which you can bet your ass on they will if there are 3 in a unit that will mean you loose a lot of points and fire power in a single swipe.

So to conclude take some kroot they will be a great tactical addition to your army.

Cheers CJ

Pearlygates said...

CJ, Kroot are not tactical! they no amour value; unless you include a Shaper with them and even then that's only +6 (so they have a 5 out of 6 chance of dying anyway).

This basically means that you can't go footslogging them up the table.

Better to infiltrate them ahead of your deployment zone or nearer to an objective, keeping them hidden in terrain so they can benefit with +3 cover saves.

It's better to use them as a 'Lure' to force your opponent to attack them, thus relieving the rest of your army being charged at, or to lead the opponent away from an objective.
If they survive, then it's a bonus; Kroot are meant to be a disposable unit.

So in conclusion CJ, a meat-shield is a sound tactic, if you know how to use them! It's not stupid!!

However if OSH has better skill using them as an outflanking unit then he should go with whatever tactic suits him best.
We all play our armies differently, and we may be better suited with different strategies.

I was merely voicing my own tactic which meat-shield happens to be the most common use for Kroot.

Dhinanta said...

I too used them for mere meat-shields for a while. Then I started being more clever with my objective placement.

A unit of 12, on top of an objective going to ground, can draw a lot of fire away from your real guns. My more common opponents got into the habit of just ignoring them for a while, so I started trying to get them more towards the middle of the table were they would be able to rapid fire passers by. It's been very effective so far.

In non-Objective games I just try to keep them hovering near the middle of my lines to counter charge or meat shield though.

I really do feel like Kroot are the most debated Tau unit. Everyone calls them amazing or useless...

CJ said...

Pearly gates you have a point but I believe claiming they are not tactical shows poor generalship more then a poor unit. They can be extremly tactical if played right. Outflanking kroot can easily mop up left over stuff. and because they aren't on the board turn one and can also appear on a board edge makes them very useful if not used as a meat shield.

off course in some missions it might be useful to use them as a plain meat shield but I believe they can be put to other if not better use in a other role.

But like you mentioned everyone plays his army slightly different even if they would have the same list. so to each his own I guess :)

Cheers CJ

Pete W said...

My other suggestion to OSH for his small tournament that could also work for other games was to put Kroot in devilfish. That leaves the fire warriors to sit in cover on the home objective and use their range to still have an effect. It also gets the Kroot up close to use their rapid fire or to charge.

Otherwise sit them in cover and you have some cheap and cheerful firepower. Their low points cost is definitely something that works well in a tau army.

Me and OSH have been discussing the good and bad of the kroot and our hopes for the next codex. I'd love to see Krootox become more useful (just give them relentless) and for the Forge world Gnarloc Riders and Great Gnarloc to be more useful as well.

Pete W said...

Also I believe in finding the use in any unit that new players may use.

Since the battleforce comes with Kroot and many players are tight on money then it's only right (I think) to find a way to get the most bang for the buck.

I'm totally a sucker for the jungle chicken men so we'll see how it goes.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Thanks for all the advice, guys. I think kroot are in. Remember too that units in your army should never be relegating to only task- kroot as a meat shield or hammerheads as purely long range fire, but it's better to understand the full bag of tricks your units can offer. Yes kroot can be played tactically by outflanking on to an objective but I could also use them as a meat shield if needed. It's just about looking at your opponents army and realizing before set up what tricks you're going to use. Meaf shields work great against nids but not so much against guard for example.

The only stupid thing is using the wrong trick on the wrong opponent.

Kroot actually offer a lot of options: meat shield, outflank, objective holding in woods, infiltrate, drop pod protection, etc. Whereas broadsides are pretty much fear factor, long range fire and soak up fire unit

CylonDave said...

Good luck with your army. From my experince in these events a Mech army does very well.

The Brotha said...

Old Shatterhands,

You will feel the might of the Emperor Xenos scum. The galaxy must be purged of the heretic, the unclean, and xenos. Your fate has already been decided.

By my fury you shall know the Emperor's name!

Cpt. Marcus Sylvanus of the Woodland Rangers

Old Shatter Hands said...

Hey if you're a woodland ranger you might know this, it's something I've been wondering since we read Greek mythology in the 7 th grade. Do forest nymphs f@ck trees?

The Brotha said...

Not sure how the Greek gods do it Xenos but the Roman gods, as is our chapter is based off of, do not have nymphs that copulate with trees. Ours usually take fish head looking things such as the Tau, and eviscerate them with the chainsword. Usually in the lower body orifices.