Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tank Battle on the Wastes: IC Tourney Game 2

The Space Marine Tank Commander scanned the horizon from his Vindicator Siege Tank. The dust stirred in the winds across the wide expanse before him. Scout Reconnaissance had revealed that his quarry, the elusive Tau Cadre of Old Shatter Hands, would attempt to cross these plains in an attempt to surround the large Space Marine Force as it moved to capture the airfields on the northern continent of Thoth. His commander had sent the one of the Chapter's armored tank companies to smash the Cadre in the open killing fields of this wasted sector.

"Enemy spotted, range 1,000 meters" recited his servitor from within the battle tank.

The Tank Commander activated his comm-link. "Right, listen up lads. The Xenos approach. Their forces command astonishing firepower and swift grav-tanks. We cannot let them through this line. Our orders are to hold and keep them from flanking us. The fate of the Chapter lies in this battle. There is no failure, men, only victory and death."
With that command, the rattling engines of the Space Marine Tanks roared into action as the Tank Company fanned out to cover as much ground as possible.

Out there in the wastes, Old Shatter Hands surveyed the great iron behemoths from his advanced tracking and visual systems. Like a pack of wolves they moved about the sparse cover of the plains in search of prey.

"Sidestriker! An armored tank company holds the weak spot in their lines. I want you on the hunt, seek out and destroy their heavy tanks. I'll send out the Piranhas to flank them and my team shall hold the center. Send the Devilfish APCs on a wide flanking manuever."

"Right, sir!" replied Sidestriker. From within Sidestriker's suit, a wry smile formed on his face. As he lept to position himself in the cover of the ruined structure of an Imperial idustrial site, his suits internal computers began to light up in warning of the approaching Imperial Tanks

The Broadside marching into position. Fio'Vre Tobo, the only Fio to command an XV88 team in battle, made the order "Set stabilizers, Shas'Ui. Fire on my targets."

Game 2 Vs Space Marines. Mission conditions: 5 objectives, 5 Kill Point chosen from your opponents army list.
Old Shatter Hands faced a large tank company in this battle.
5 Razorbacks with various weapons, chosen as my kill points.
3 Dreadnoughts
3 Vindicators

Looking at his list, I was a bit ruffled. This was going to be tough. I knew that I would be able to get all 5 Kill Points though so I was confident in my little warriors. WE rolled for deployment and he won, chose a side and went first.

After his deployment was finished, I looked across the table to find he had made a grave error in setting up. He deployed in a long line, spread out from corner to corner. This meant that if I decided to concentrate all my firepower on one flank, I could take his army in two pieces rather than all at once. I set up my piranhas on the far left flank, moving towards the center there were the two hammerheads, the Deathrains, Old Shatter Hands and his bodyguard, the Broadsides and Sidestriker, taking cover in some ruins.

After I set up, he quickly realized he had to redeploy to win this one, and redeploy fast. His Vindicators moved out to start blasting away at my Broadsides, who took the shots in stride. I began to form a powerful flank attack, lead by my Piranhas and supported by my Hammerheads and Crisis Suits. My turns were characterized by wrecking at least two tanks per shooting phase. The first turn alone I was able to destroy 2 dreadnoughts and one razorback. Sidestriker held the center and as vindicators approached he lept out to fire on them with his Fusion Blaster, destroying two of them single handedly.

The Space Marine Tank Commander was able to cause some damage on my army and early on, he captured three objectives. As my Devilfish came on the board they moved to contest and eventually claim objectives in the last round.

Unfortunately, my opponents set up simply left him vulnerable to a flank attack with little chance of a successful counter attack. Thomas was a gracious player and never complained once as my forces enveloped his tank company.

This game was a huge success. I managed to get all 5 kill points and claim 3 objectives. Plus I managed to get one secret mission, destroying 4 vehicles in one turn.

This battle did demonstrate a valuable tactical lesson though. Never deploy in a long line against an army that can focus all it's fire power in one area relatively quickly. Your opponent can simply pick one side of your army while negating the other flank from the game until they are ready to face. It's a classic example of dividing a force and conquering it.


Pearlygates said...

Well, you certainly showed the Space Marines how a REAL battle is fought!

Although you say that your opponent made a grave mistake lining his tanks up sid-by-side, it didn't really look like there was that much cover on the table even if he did split his army up.

He probably knew what would happen against Railguns, that if he hid one tank behind another, it would simply cause an obstruction to manouver round it.

But a great game! How exactly did Sidestriker take out TWO tanks with a fusion blaster in a single turn?

Dhinanta Aloke said...

Sounds like you gave them a pretty sound kicking. Were there marines in the Razorbacks at all or ?

@Pearly: It says he took them out single handedly, not in one turn. Even one exploding into the rear of the other couldn't do it, though that would be a pretty epic chain...

Pete W said...

Though, technically if he had a multitracker and a target lock, he could fusion one in the face and missile pod the other in the flank. I don't think that's how sidestriker is kitted out but it's still possible ;-)

Well played OSH in any case. Tom is a tough opponent.

Pearlygates said...

Ahh so it did Dhinanta! I must have misread the line. (or did I?? last blog I mentioned a spelling mistake in OSH's report, he quickly changed it)

OSH, just wondering, are the weapons on your broadsides glued or magnetised?

I ask because earlier today I had a game chnaging the weapons on broadsides from s/m/s to plasma rifles and giving them multitrackers and the Shas' vre gun drones instead of shield drones.
The reason being is because in the past few games I can remember, my Broads' only died in close combat, so I could get off roughly 6 Space Marine killer shots a turn when threatened (2 broadside teams of two).

I was wondering if this setup might be of value to any other players who have the same situation as I normally do.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Pearly, they're not magnetized but the configuration you just mentioned would do very well I am sure!

Yep, sidestriker can only target one unit a turn. And no amount of wargear can change that. Only shadowsun can target two separate units.

Pete W said...

Good point, I was thinking about the target lock on vehicles. Ooops :-)

Pearlygates said...

Oh I just had a game using Shadowsun today. Just left a comment about it on Pete's blog.

I don't particularly rate her; - she needs bodygaurds.

I would love it if she was a stealth unit that could have a stealthsuit bodygaurd. she does look like one!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Meh, she's ok. Woefully over costed these days but ok. I've had some good games with her.

Pete W said...

I might play around with Shadowsun at somne point. Thanks for the post Pearly. If you have some pictures or want to write up a battle report, I can host it on my blog if you want.

The Brotha said...

The rangers are coming for you!

Adam said...

Well played OSH. My friend made this mistake in a game using his Thousand Sons. But setting up in the opposite corner, he had a long drive to reach the Tau lines. Unable to get their quickly enough and being shot my railguns, he didn't stand a chance.

You can read the batrep Tau VS Thousand Sons to see what I mean.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Saw that, it looks like the Thousand Sons just didn't set up close enough and the Tau player was able ot pick targets at leisure.

Funny that you mention thousand sons as that is the army I fought in the last battle, and lost. for some reason, CSMs are the toughest army for me to beat. But I think it is simply through lack of experience fighting them as I only face them in tournaments.

Adam said...

Some armies win on that first encounter shock factor, but they're a breeze the second time around.

I'll give you my thoughts on your games as always :)

...God I miss playing my Tau army

Old Shatter Hands said...

How're your space wolves turning out?

Old Shatter Hands said...
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Old Shatter Hands said...
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Sholto said...

It's a Tau player's dream, when an army sets up so you can refuse flank them and destroy them in detail! Hope your opponent has learned his lesson.