Sunday, December 13, 2009

Warhang-over: Inner Circle Holiday Beatdown is done!

It's Sunday morning after the tournament and MAN have I got a warhangover. Anyone who has crammed three games into one day knows that feeling. The tournament went rather well for with 2 wins and one loss. The loss wasn't bad as I was beat by the one guy who won Best General for the entire thing! I certainly feel I gave him a good fight. I must say there were moments in the day that were really edgy with Old Shatter Hands getting blasted, blown up or clawed in various ways. I think he only survived one game of the three. Sidestriker was well worth his points, having a BS5 Fusion Blaster around is a great thing. I think the real stars of the show were the Broadsides. They managed to dish out lots of punishment and took a serious beating. My opponents spent lots of effort to knock them out, giving the rest of my army the breathing room needed to out-maneuver the enemy force.

Dameon if you're reading this, I've got you in my sights for a re-match. Thomas, great game. You played it as a great sport, which is not what I can say for myself in my first game. Pete (or Pierre), you had me crying for my mommy the first 3 turns of the game. Sorry for losing my cool, Mech Eldar gets me so grumpy! I must say I've never been more surprised by winning a game ever. That is all for now, battle reports to come Monday morning.


CJ said...

Hey OSH,

I know the feeling mate! Been to a Doubles tournament this Saturday we actually ended 3de overall, but damm your tired after that.

Looking forward to the battle reports while I write some of my own up. Your army is looking great as always, curious where you ended up looks like 2 wins and a loss and your painting should carry you a long way!

cool to hear side striker was doing well, he better keep up the good work or OSH will have to drop him over the knee and give him a smack on the backside. Guess people don't like OSH since he got shot up a fair bit.

Don't be fooled to think that people don't do that to make you loose your cool and try to make you react disproportionate. I never loose my cool over loosing the council and that always freaks the other guy out more. He starts to question what my real plan is if it wasn't the council. Cool to use on other players but be careful you don't fall for it yourself.

Cheers CJ

Pearlygates said...

Well OSH, you might not have won first place in the fight, but I assume you did win first place for best painted army!!!!

Looking at your Tau force, it looks like quite a mean little army when you see all those tanks and Piranhas!

Can't wait to read the battle report, did you take many pictures? or were to too involved in the game that you forgot?

What were the secret missions? Did they play out well or cause a distraction to the game?

Now that it's over, is there anything you would have changed to the army?

Anyway, you don't have time to recooperate from your warhangover! You've got an eager lot of people waiting for your Battle report; so 'Get To It' soldier!!!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Hey pearly and CJ,

I did manage to get lots of pictures. Of my games and other peoples as well. Also I did win best painted! Yay! Got myself a 30 dollar gift card, with which I bought some stuff for my next army...blood angels who will soon be revealed once I get all the painting done and some games in.

Secret missions were not a distraction but an added bonus. they were pretty weird actually. One of mine was"win without causing any wounds in CC", I won the game but actually caused lots of wounds in CC! I had a team of Broadsides stomping the crap out of some Dire Avengers. S5 is no joke!

I think the army was great! Well-balanced and killy. The only thing I noticed was that my devilfish and firewarriors really lacked teeth. There were times when I needed them to attack and they just couldn't deliver.

The Brotha said...

Dude that tourney was a blast. I wish I had done better. Congrats on getting the best painted. You deserved it.

Pearlygates said...

Yay!!! I think it was blatently obvious that you would win best painted army! Your painting skill is second to none that I've seen, and that's including GW armies!

CJ said...

Congratulations on the best Painting award! it's no surprise to us your blog flollowers I've seen what comes to tournaments and your army is just something really really special!

Good to hear the tournament set-up was a good one!

Cheers CJ!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Thanks guys...

I feel that I have proven the might of the Tau Empire for time to relax with some casual games. Competitive play nearly gave me my a stoke yesterday. High blood pressure. The brotha can attest to that. Time to start playing to lose.

Brotha, how bout some games with my blood angels?

CJ said...

I believe that might have to do with your top positions in the games I ussually play the lower bracket and all though that sometimes has the disadvantage of crappy players with no rules knowledge it also sometimes means guys like me that just want to have a good time :. my last game was lke that this saturday. Great guys cool lists and a great game and those games are why I go to tournaments and why I play the game. And funniest thing is we tied that game and tied 3de place with those guys so even though it wasn't top 2 we had a blast :D

By the way I have to ask how big is your display board? seems to be huge if you can park 5 tanks side by side. Thinking of making one for my army but haven't decided if it should be flat or have multiple lvls but transporting can be a problem I guess. how do you solve this?

Cheers CJ

Old Shatter Hands said...

The display board is made from one of those cork bulletin boards. It's maybe 22 inches across and 18 wide. I'd like to do a new one...I think they should be flat so you can fit more on it. multilevel would look good but for a smaller more compact army.

CJ said...

Ok so 4 Gravtanks 3 Vypers 18Bikes and 16 Infantry should be on a flat board Guess I should try to make some tyr-out sketches to fit the models.

thanks for the Info OSH. p.s. if you get around to making a new one I would love to see a tutorial on the road you made.

Cheers CJ

The Brotha said...

Sure OSh I'll try some Blood Angel goodness!

Dameon Green said...

I think a rematch can be arranged... Scooter was suggesting we do a "Combat Report Game" where we take our time, record everything worth recording and take a cubic button of photos... could be fun!

Pearlygates said...

I think OSH, Dameon Green, "The Brotha" and Pete should have their own 'mini-Tournament' based on the Inner-Circle Tournament rules!

I would love to see the Battle Report of eanch match, with pictures, possibly with each player reporting on their own Turns! though I don't know who would "Host-the-Post!"

CJ, I think you said before that you live not far from OSH, maybe you could join them with your Eldar? Your army sounds like a good adversary!!!

CJ said...

@ Pearly

I wish I lived close to OSH I actually life in the Netherlands kindof a long swim ;)

Cheers CJ

p.s. OSH would crush my list in seconds I'm no match to the speed and fire power combo.

Pete W said...

Sounds like you had a great time OSH. I wish I could have been there but I would have been embarrassed to turn up with three unpainted units. If only the weather could be a little warmer just long enough for me to prime the LR, Dread and speeder.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the battle reports and getting the lowdown on how it all worked out.

Perhaps the next thing we should do is a friendly campaign/narrative type set of games. That way you can relax and even if you lose, it will all fit into the story.

Firewasp said...

Congratulations on the tournament result OSH. I'm not surprised your army won best painted, looks awesome.

Out of interest, what sort of time does it take you to paint a model?


Old Shatter Hands said...

@CJ, for the display board this was a real simple job. It looks great but is really easy to build.

First I got my board.
Second, I flocked it with sand.
For the road I cut up little squares of cardstock (cereal boxes, shoe boxes, or any thick paper but not too thick). Then I simply glued the squares of card to the base like laying cobblestones.

I also glued in the jungle trees at this stage (which were pre-undercoated)
Next I painted it in cheap acryllics I bought from an art store. I painted the road a different color and then drybrushed the whole thing. Buy yourself a big fat brush for this.

Then I glued in those little bushes I got from a plastic terrarium plant I bought at a pet store. Then I glued in two kinds of static grass for some variation. and job's a good 'un.

Old Shatter Hands said...

firewasp, it depends. I can hammer out a crisis suit in about two-three evenings. hammerheads, devilfish take about a week. piranhas 3 evenings each. An evening being about 2 hours of work. squads of infantry take longer. I generally paint about 12-14 at a time so it can take about a month to complete.

please note I do basecoat my models in kakhi with a citadel spray gun. Seriously speads up the process. and I have a pretty standard formula for painting the army now so it goes quick. I don't have to make many decisions, I just apply my formula.

Pete W said...

Being able to spray models makes things so much faster. I did some commission painting for a chaos player who wanted Black legion colours. A quick black undercoat, a drybrush, some gold bits and I was done. Now that's the way to make money with commission painting.

Sadly I spend much of my painting time basecoating. I may go and bother OSH for the use of a spraygun when I get some more tau models.

Still, even without spraying, you can get a lot done if you just put in some steady time. Even ten minutes here or there can help a lot. I do that in the mornings while I wait for my ride to the metro station to get ready. It's nice because you can get something useful done, but also walk away from it in five seconds when it's time to go.

Pearlygates said...

I'd love to be able to just spray my army's base colours; I'll just need a bucket load of Scorpion Green!

Please let me advise anyone who's thinking of ever painting a tau (or any other army!) in green - DO NOT PAINT THEM IN SCOPION GREEN!!!!

It looks such a beautiful vibrant colour but is even harder to paint a consistent coat than it is to paint yellow over black!

Dhinanta Aloke said...

Argh, I really need to get off my arse and paint. I need to get in on these local games you guys keep doing, get into the community the way I used to with Magic oh so long ago.

As always, OSH, your army is dead sexy. I was wondering what happened to your Blood Angels. You used to post about them every so often and then sort of stopped.

Any chance you can do some close ups of Sidestriker? Looking forward to the battle reports :) You always put a little bit of story flavor to them that makes them really nice to read.

Firewasp said...

@OSH, Thanks it's nice to get a feel for the timescale behind your painting. It's not a huge amount different to my own time. Yours looks a lot better though. :-P
I've just started to basecoat my tau using the citadel spray gun. be buying up my local GWs supply of knarloc green at this rate. Think I'll have to invest in a compressor.

@Pete W (like the pic by the way :-P). I tend to find the same thing. Unfortunately my evenings mainly consist of crashing out after work.

@Pearly gates, My Tau army is based in knarloc green, then drybrushed scorpion green. Have you tried adding a bit of paint thinner to it. I find it helps alot with the consistancy.

and finished....

Pearlygates said...

Firewasp, it's not paint thinner I's paint thicker!!!

My problem with scorpion green is that you need about 3coats average, and then it's just one of those paints that shows up all the brush strokes.

I might try out knarloc green underneath as a secondary base coat with my new models.

Pete W said...

@Pearlygates - try basecoating with a brighter, but still basic base colour. I use Dheneb stone as my main colour for the Tau but I tend to paint the entire model that colour (except the black parts) because my desert yellow secondary colour is a nightmare to get a good coverage of over black. However, getting a good stone coat underneath lets the bright colours go on nicely over an otherwise dark undercoat.

@Dhinata Aloke. You should definitely come and play with us sometime. Don't even worry about getting things painted for now, just get out and join us for a game. I've still got a bunch of stuff un/semi painted and it's no bother. If you're free to come to Rockville, MD on thursday night I might be going to Dream Wizards to play a game.

@ Firewasp. I know what you mean about crashing out. I just worked both saturday (7am-1pm) and sunday (1.30pm-5.30pm) at starbucks on top of my 9-5 monday to friday and I want to crash out so much too. The trick is to not put yourself under any pressure and take the time to do a model that you really want to do. I've been working on the banner bearer from marneus calgar's honour guard set. It's really intricate and I'm having lots of fun not worrying about finishing my army, or having to speed paint, or having ten of the same models to paint. Also you can bust out the new colour scheme easily enough. If that's not your thing, just force yourself to do ten minutes before you sit down on the couch. You'd be amazed at how quickly that adds up. For example, using my red and gold marines it might be 2x10 mins base coat, 1x10 mins to drybrush and wash, 1x10 mins to do secondary colour(s), 1x10 mins for finishing off and last details (like eyes). So that gets me one marine per week with no special time dedicated to painting.

Pearlygates said...

Pete, Honestly.....9 to 5 work, along with a second job at starbucks; early rise to paint your Tau and other models; games in the evening - do you actually EVER spend any time with your wife???

You seem so busy, your wife probably left you 4years ago for not spending time with her, and you still haven't even noticed!!!! lol.

How's your Tau army coming along now?

Dhinanta Aloke said...

@Pete - I have class deadlines this week and a work deadline at the end of this week, then all the holiday traveling fun. I do plan to take you up on that offer once things calm down though :) I might even be able to pull my hermit of a roommate out.

Pete W said...

@Pearly. I don't actually spend as much time on my 40k stuff as it might seem. My wife is in grad school and with it being the end of the semester she's really snowed under with work/deadlines/exams so I get a bit more free time. Basically it's about trying to get a bit done whenever you get a chance. I get up at 6.45 and am ready to leave at 7.15 but my ride generally isn't ready until 7.30 so that's 15 mins painting time right there.

I try to do half an hour each evening to paint at least something. It's nice to see things progressing a bit even if it takes a long time. I've actually played a lot fewer games than it seems. I played one game, then the first game vs OSH and then the most recent one in my blog with the giant spider tank. We definitely have more games scheduled but I've had to cancel a bunch (like the tournament etc.) because of my, or OSH's, schedules conflicting.

My Tau army is completely painted and I have my next purchase planned out. So far it's 2 Crisis, 3 stealth, 12 FW, 12 Kroot, 2 Piranhas, Skyray and Hammerhead. Next on the list is another battleforce, a skyray (to make a hammerhead) and two more piranhas. Still that's a chunk of money and a chunk of time that I have to find first. You can see the paint scheme for my tau at Look at the picture with the spider tank at the end.

I'll post up some more photos when I get a chance.

Me and OSH are already talking about an apocalypse game where he can use my tau and I'll use his marines so maybe that will be a post soon.

@Dhinata. Drop a message/email when you get some free time and we'll sort out a game or two.