Friday, January 29, 2010

Fluff Friday: The Survivor of Fourth Squad

I haven't had much to play lately or much time to take photos of my painting progress but Tau are forever in my head. I've decided to start Fluff Friday today. I hope you enjoy the first installment. I am by no means a serious writer but feedback is always appreciated. 

The Survivor of Fourth Squad

When the Chapter dispatched our mighty company to the planet of Thoth, the men were joyful. Once again the roar of engines and screams of battle would ring in our ears. The ancient glory of battle would be ours once again. We cheered as our pods blasted from the great crusader ships in orbit. The blue planet below would soon run red with the blood of our enemies and praises of the Emperor would ring loud on its mountain peaks. But the fate that awaited us below, not even the the Astropaths of the Black Ships could have predicted. 

As the thick iron barges of our Drop Pods slammed to the ground, we were met with enemy fire. Although our Auspex had pinpointed the positions of enemy troops, the foul Xenos struck at us from the thin air itself. Blue bolts darted clean through many of our comrades. Flickering fire spat from the Tau gunlines upon a ridge ahead. The incantations of the Tech-Marines morbidly mocked as our armor was tore from our bodies, splattering blood before us. I commanded my men to take cover and meet the enemy with bolter-fire. 

Just then a pod slammed down before us. The doors fell and Brother Hamied stomped forth, letting fly with his twirling assault cannon. His thick iron body absorbed many blows as enemy fire was drawn to his bulk. I saw our chance and I took it. I commanded Fourth Squad to fall back to the rally point and regroup. As we fled the onslaught of the Xeno, Brother Hamied's great hulk had fallen, crashing to the ground. His one thousand years of service gone in a matter of moments. 

The rally point was a fortified position, a bunker dropped from the skies. As we gathered there, Sixth Squad joined our own and formed a parameter. The Marines lay down suppressing fire as we watched our entire company crumble before us. The weight of enemy fire crushing the strength of our force. 

The screams of battle that we had once yearned for, became our own as wounded Space Marines littered the battlefield. We were but stones heaved at a nest of hornets, stirred from their industry to bring naught but death and destruction on the Chapter. 

Soon we were enveloped by the Grav-Tanks and Battlesuits of the enemy. I turned once to command our weapons specialist to fire on an approaching tank but as I looked upon him, his body exploded in flames and he was wiped clean from the universe. I was thrown from my feet at a few meters in the air. The world around me seemed to go silent as floated through the air. All went black and I did not feel my landing.  

When I came to, I was alone. 

To be continued...


levi said...

Haha! A glorious day for the Tau Empire! Wish there would be more victories for us like this on the table :D

Alexander said...

There are not very many stories of the space marines getting there can kicked.

5stars just for that.
and it was a thrilling read and well put together.

Pearlygates said...

Good story OSH! Nice to read about the Space Marines being knocked down from their pedestal of Superior Ignorance!

Look forward to the next addition!

SergeantMortis said...

Even though im a space marine guy it kind of nice seeing there faces getting pounded because space marines dont win every battle they lose some too.

levi said...

SergeantMortis, I completely agree with You and with the others as well. I'm a Tau player, but I really love the Empire (SM, IG, Ordos, everything). Though thinking it over how dark are the times for humanity and how many battles do they loose, there aren't enough (almost nothing) sources about how they were beaten. Waiting for the next Friday.

SergeantMortis said...

Thank you levi for agreeing with me.Like you i also like the other races like the tau because they look cool and are not a bad army.e Talking about the battles of the space marines,even me the Sergeant of death finds it hard to find any battles the marines have lost the only major lose i know is the Drop site massacre of Istvaan V during the horus heresy.

levi said...

Considering it was about 10000 years ago, we can say there arent many sources about the defeats of the imperium :)