Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Video: The Tau Army

I recently posted a video on Youtube about my Tau Army and how it is structured using Fritz's Attack-Support-Defend Model. I plan on making more and getting more descriptive as I do. I'm still new to this whole Youtube thing. You'll probably be surprised by which units I've placed in the attack role. One thing I make a mistake on the cost of a Warfish with 6 Fire Warriors. For some reason I say it's 215 points when it's really 180 or something.


Swift Hunter said...

Nice video, I like your army divide into three parts. Very interesting look at Tau. More Tau videos! :D

BandTheory said...

I thought I'd leave my comment on here instead of ATT because I'm not sure if it's in bounds or not.

I just wanted to ask, with the the list you run and the way you play it, is your 'attack' portion of the list the 'killy-est' part of your list? Does 'attack' mean anti-vehicle in the mech dominated environment ?

Great blog by the way.

Xanadu said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the lack of attack units to fit in the 3 section model, but in larger games an investment in some Xv9's would add another dynamic, tough to kill unit which in the few games I have now played with them can seriously be the bane of many peoples lives.
One of the only downsides of using them would be the huge points sink that they would be: 75 each bare plus weapon upgrades ~20pts each would be horrific in a small game especially if they deep strike badly...
That as well as getting permission from your opponent to use them.

In Cityfight games, I use a fusionhead to great effect in place of a railhead for attack purposes, as the close quarters make the templates really hurt, but in larger open games, the tank is seen as a very scary thing, and almost immediately dealt with by a missile or two.

Old Shatter Hands said...

The role of the attack section of your army is to cause as much havoc as possible, while soaking up the most fire.
Pirahnas and Broadsides are the only units really up to this task in the Tau army. First off, I move my piranhas out to attack a weak point, moving flat out to give them 4+ cover, and keeping them in a fan formation to give AV11 to front and side shots.

My broadsides are placed in a position that I am going to abandon and pump out railgun shots, killing big tanks. Your enemy will be so focussed on killing the piranhas that are threatening him and your broadsides that the rest of your army will be able to move and fire without opposition.

BandTheory said...

So the piranhas and broadsides are mostly diversionary/anti-tank. Then I take it that your crisis suits are the ones you call on to clear off say a tactical squad from an objective? I'm just a newb with a Tau battleforce trying to sort out the role players put their mini's in.

Great paint jobs by the way.

NockerGeek said...

It's an interesting way to split up a Tau army. I wouldn't have thought of a static unit like a Broadside as an 'attack' unit, but with its damage dealing capabilities and its durability, it does make perfect sense.

By keeping the FWs in reserve, do you find that it makes a big difference in keeping them alive despite the small unit size?

Old Shatter Hands said...

The attack element's job is cause damage and distract your opponent from your scoring and mobile units. Broadsides serve this well because of their durability and the fact that their firepower can't go ignored. 3 s10 ap1 railguns are going to wreck your army unless you take them out. This means that they act as a magnet for close-combat units. Instead of moving out to engage the enemy, the enemy moves out to engage them. So set them up where you want to lure your opponent: away from objectives. Their range means you can target nearly anything on the board.

The XV8s are used to clear objectives and wear the enemy down through repeated shooting. They are pretty slippery and can cover a lot of ground in a game. They also support the main attack units, piranhas and broadside.

@NockerGeek, reserving fire warriors really does keep them alive. It makes a huge difference. and it means you can deploy them where needed during the game, instead of committing during deployment.