Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tau of War is alive!

Hey guys, just a quick post here. I know I've been MIA for past two weeks. I just decided to take a blogging break for a little while. I have some new stuff to post for next week, including a new army concept: The Tau Stealth Cadre! That's right I am currently working on a Tau Specialist Army that centers around 3 maxed units of Stealth Suits, Kroot and Pathfinders. I just got in a shipment of about 8 metal Stealth Suits and I am going to begin work on those as soon as I finish my Sanguinary Guard for my Blood Angels, look for those next week over at Jawaballs' Blog. At any rate, I am not dead! Rejoice!


Tnoussis said...

Huzzah! That sounds pretty cool, especially since you haven't apparently included them in your army lists for quite some time. I scrapped most of the stealth suit parts from a battle force to convert battle suits, and I'm planning on getting the old metal ones too. That way I can use the newer models as shas'ui. It sounds like you might be doing the same ting. Maybe you'll even include some stealth converted battlesuits.
I know shas'el Tael has some great ideas for his slimmed down urban cadre suits.

Pete W said...

Hey OSH.

Glad to hear you're still around. I hope that weekend away went nicely.

We definitely need to bring out the Tau Special Ops Cadre and see how it does in game.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

OSH, what will you be using for a commander? Will you be using crisis suits, or will you use Commander Shadowsun in order to keep with the theme?

Old Shatter Hands said...

Unfortunately I need some missile pods in the list so I am fielding a Shas'El and a couple bodyguards. I've considered throwing in Shadowsun but she's pretty expensive. Might be worth it though. I'll post my tentative list later on.

Basically, it's three stealthsuits squads and 2 units of 15 kroot that outflank or infiltrate together. Pathfinders deploy and mark targets while a big 5-strong unit of piranhas moves up the center to smash tanks. I'm not sure it will work yet, but it will be fun!

suneokun said...

Sounds wonderfully refreshing either way ... great IDEA! If you're after some Tau-butt-kicking-action ... come and have a look at massacre of Chaos Daemons.

Proper old school - fish of fury, pathfinders, Kroot and Stealthers pulling a blinder... all good stuff:

Grajo said...

Heh, just when I show the world my tau army you went MIA, at least is good to see you are ok and wargaming :D

B.R. said...

OSH a system that I like to use with stealth suit squads is to give each of them a droid controller. That way for only 2 points you get Gun Drones that can also benifit from the stealth rules. It makes for a pretty impressive infantry kill team! :)