Monday, April 5, 2010

XV8 Conversions: Team Assembly Compete

Just a quick update on the current progress on my next Crisis Team. The majority of the assembly work is complete. I have to finish off adding hands to the suit in the middle but I've got a locate an appropriate powerfist to snip the fingers from. I really like the helmet design of the one of the left and center. The aerials come from Stealth Suit kits and I've run out of them.
This is the most recent model added to the team. I really like the look of his feet and legs but I am not sure the pose is right. I could reposition the arms and head without my trouble but I am just not sure. It seems that at least one of the models in the team should look like he is shooting someone, instead of striking a pose like the others.

A list of items used to follow.


Dhinanta Aloke said...

As usual your XV8 conversions are truly awesome :)

I still love the hands, though those are a bit different than OSH (smaller, as they should be). I really like all the subtle ways you bulk them out. It just feels...right.

Pete W said...

I agree with Dhinata.

Really excellent work here and I think this team looks great. The powerfist fingers are real gems in my view as well. They look badass but are not as obvious as OSH's. A subtle but good way of showing who is boss.


Swift Hunter said...


Nice XV8-badass team! I like "bulking them up' wuth plasticard in lower parts of legs, and even those additional chest plates, and head conversions, and of course those hands. However I'm not convinced to Terminators' assault cannons. They look awesome, okay. But knowing they are SMurfy is destroying "I love it!" effect in my opinion, But those additional plates on legs (on the one in middle) are good-looking. On the other hand his Missile Pod is so much SMurfish too... Oh well, maybe I just hate those Cyclones and assault cannons because of damage they done to my fellow Fire Warriors... :D

Cheers, O'Amis

Fehdman said...

Looking forward to hearing about how you made those heads. I've always found the crisis suit heads (among other parts of their bodies) to be too blocky and squarish. I much prefer the FW suits over the GW range. Yours look like a nice blend between the two.