Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Video: Deployment Openings

My latest video goes over some deployment tricks you can do with a Mobile Cadre. Sometimes, the Tau really win the game in deployment and here's a quick video laying out a couple options for you Tau players to put in your Bag of Tricks. Neither of these deployment setups will work every time, but like a good chess player, you've got to know multiple "openings" based on your opponents' moves.

For some reason I can't get this video to fit in the blogger window. You might want to check it out in my Youtube Channel: tauofwar.


SynnerG said...

Thanks for the vid. I should hopefully be able to use it to teach my friend how to play Tau in the coming weeks. I need to give him an edge since he's still a 40k n00b and he learned the game with my Necron and he's ready to move on to something with more options.

Looks like it's redesign-your-blog month or something, lol. Jawaballs, you and I have all changed layouts in the past month. :-)

Rathstar said...

Excellent vid, I particularly like that you mention that sometimes the main aim of the firebase is to kill the opponent's mobility so the opponent can't get back to the other objectives, and that a secondary objective is to take as long as possible to die (reducing the time the enemy has to get back to the objectives).

In staying alive as long as possible I find the use of kroot screens really helpful in allowing the crisis suits to fire as much as possible before they are overrun.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see these types of videos: clear, concise, and useful. However, more than anything, I think it just goes to show that all good players need to possess their own bag of tricks... specifically, various set plays.

Related, for what it's worth, I think it's crucially important for everyone to figure out how to move various types of enemies of objectives too.

Anyway, thanks again for the video, well done.

Cobalt Cannon said...

That was a really good Video. I had to crack up when I saw your opponent split his force in two revealing his side and rear armor of his tanks to you. I could just imagine his, "OH CRAP!" moment.

I think when playing this game it might be a common mistake for players to get caught up in the idea of, "I must smash my enemy's army!" When they should be focusing on the objectives of a mission. That temptation can loose you a fight if the mission's goal is something other than annihilation of the opposing force. It's also something that can be taken advantage of as you showed us. Very nice.

Kroxitau said...

I always like watching videos!

I also try to reserve my kroot and firewarriors, however it always seems like they come in on turn 2 just as the fighting gets crazy.

I have a spear head objective game that demonstrates piling up in a corner to create a massive firebase, that worked pretty well, but I got a little too aggressive with kroot and they got flamered.

Have you faced a lot of assault marine lists that rely on deep strike? I would like to see some tactics with deployment regarding how to respond to large units of feel no pain marines dropping in with a 1D6" scatter and a failed reserves re-roll. Other than buffering yourself out with drones to make dropping close to your valuables more difficult.

I am not too worried about mech marines, I am more concerned with deep strike FNP marines.

Solid tactics though. I would like to see a couple more battle reports where the Ion cannon played a factor. I like trying to use units or options that not a lot of other people do and try to make them work.

My current test is going to be sniper drone teams.

You should make more videos! Also, to re-size your video so it doesn't bleed off of the edge go in to edit post/ edit HTML. Look at the embed code for you video. There should be four numbers, usually youtube has them set at 480 385 480 385, or something like that in the code, reduce each number by 100 and save then it should fit, that's what I do.

Grajo said...

Hmmm, since I´m kinda noob and my first battle with tau should be in about 2 days I´ll take a good look at the video... when I´m not at work :D

Old Shatter Hands said...


You know my suggestions for assault marines dropping in -- fry 'em! Deployment-wise I would probably put down my crisis suits and broadsides, then ring them with vehicles. As a unit drops down I would open up and let fly the plasma rifles. But honestly, I've never played against an army like that. Maybe next week at Blob's Park I'll run into one of them.

Thanks for the props, guys. I don't get to make videos too often as I have to borrow my friends Flip. Someday I'll get my own.

ehemkeh said...

Great job with the video, very easy to follow.

You made a good comment about going 2nd. I have been playing to always try to go first but I have had trouble sometimes adjusting to my opponents deployments.

Kroxitau said...

@OSH: The Flip rocks, maybe you have a birthday coming up, or some loose teeth to put under your pillow and you get a Flip camera as a gift!