Thursday, July 22, 2010

Secrets of the Fio'la: XV88 Team Leader

The XV88s are nearing completion in the assembly phase. The goal is to get them primed this weekend and begin the painting process, which should take about a week once it gets going. Current painting projects are tied up with my new Kroot unit and still slow progress on the Mad Dok commission. More on that later. Below you can see that this model combines pieces from two Forge World sets which gets pretty pricey but some times when you have an idea you've got to do, no matter the cost. 
Unfortunately my wife's camera is out on the job today so I had to use my phone so I apologize for the fazzy quality here. I think it works well for a sneak preview so you don't get too much at once. When he's finished, I promise quality pictures. Below are his railguns that have been incorporated into the forearm. 


Marshal Wilhelm said...

Gun arms?
That's different! ~ lol

Still, no need to make everything Storm-trooper same.

If you could show us the arms without the shield generators, that would clue us in more ;)

Firewasp said...

Looks good, like the use of the targeting array in the chest, from a landraider?
What do the arms look like on the back, be interested to see how you have built it into the suit arms.