Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ork Waaaagh!

Although Tau are my main army, I still paint and collect many other miniatures from other lines. The Ork line is particularly one of my favorites. Perhaps it's because they're so different from the Tau that I get use different painting techniques and try out different colors with them. I've recently started taking commissions as well and this allows me to touch a variety of ranges. Below is an Ork Mad Dok I painted. The conversion was the client's own but the paint job as all my work. If you're interested in commissioning a piece like this Mad Dok below, send me an email and we can talk about it further. You'll find my email in my Blogger profile.
There's also a spiffy new blog out there that is focussed solely on Orks. Done by many of the same folks who write the Space Wolves blog, Ork-Waaagh is pretty kickin'. Check it out: Ork-Waaagh! I really like the Ork Nobz they've recently posted. Sweet stuff!


Nat X said...

The level of wear on that model is awesome.

Mekaniak said...

Cheers OSH. I've got another update for the Orks to write tonight.

MTD said...

Looking forward to seeing this in the flesh at DW. Make sure Marc gets to hold it.

It really came out nice. Although the human flesh on the hooks should be ork flesh me thinks.

Seeing this makes me want to break out my orks and give them a spin again.

Grajo said...

Very nicely painted model.

I really like the yellows (a real pain in the ...jumpack to paint).