Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shoot Tau Thrill

Lately, Aloh'Nan'El has been posting some awesome deployment tactics. He's got some great lessons on Tau basics and stuff for new players or even veteran players that might want to step yup their game a bit. Look for his "Laying Traps" series. The article are well written and easy to understand because of all the diagrams he's done using vassal--much better than the ghetto Mspaint diagrams I've been making. 

Shoot Tau Thrill has become one of the blog I always read whenever there's a new post. Check it out: 


Marshal Wilhelm said...

Yes very good.

Perhaps you two can have links between one another?

Antisocialnerd said...

Generally speaking i'd be too embarrassed to play like that.

It's like an ultra defensive football formation noone wants to see it or play it regardless of whether it works or not.

Old Shatter Hands said...

@antisocialnerd, There's no embarrassment in playing that. It's a revolutionary war formation, but it's very effective. It's up to you how to play your Tau, just remember, there are a lots of different tricks and tactics you can do with Tau. You decide which ones you like.

@Wilhelm, yes, that's what we're planning. I'll be adding his article to the "Joining the Tau Empire" links.

Pete W said...

Great link OSH and it seems like you and Aloh'Nan'El are on the same page with respect to fighting extremely tactically with the tau army. Given the way that 40k in general and 5th edition in particular have made the game so fast and assault dominated, it's great to see tactical play that allows an older, shooting codex to survive and thrive.

@antisocialnerd. I understand that it might look a little defensive and frutrating but having seen how quickly other armies can just barrel across the table and decimate the tau in hand to hand, I think this kind of play is powerful. It makes other players have think more carefully and efficiently about their methods of attack.

To take the football analogy, this is for middle school team facing NFL-sized players. They really can't take the opponent's impacts and so must play a very careful and planned game to succeed.

Marshal Wilhelm said...


Your name should be a source of strength to you!
You have thrown off the shackles that control many of us ~ I won't do *this* because of what *they'll* think.

Be liberated! People are important, but don't not play this style because they think it's silly.

Believe me, they'll dislike for a better reason than thinking it's silly. They'll dislike it because they lose!

Gredus said...

As a Tau player you have to accept that you're going to loose units.

Most new players are destroyed in their starting games by making basic deployment errors. (I'm a perfect example) Some players will learn and move forward, others will quit. Those who've read the deployment tips from Aloh'Nan'El would understand why they need to deploy units in a set way and stand a much better chance.