Monday, September 20, 2010

Thoughts on Marriage and the Tournament Scene: Battle for Salvation Grand Tournament

Being married and being addicted to Warhammer 40k is generally a game of give and take. If I am an angel for a couple weeks, help out with cleaning, cooking, laundry, putting the kid to bed, etc I generally get my 1 night per week (sometimes less) gaming fix in. With the Battle for Salvation Grand Tournament coming up in a couple weeks, I am being a veritable Martha Steward in this place. With a newborn, this situation is very tricky. You see, I have to be on my best behavior for a couple weeks and then as the days approach the Battle for Salvation, I have to start moping around and complaining about how all my friends are driving up to New York and toss some dice with the boys from the Battle of Salvation and I can't go. Oh woe is me. Let's hope it works. Timing is very important here. You see, I can't be seen as being extra good, wearing an apron all day, just so I can go to a Tournament. It has to look voluntary. So I have to wait until the final days before the Tournament before asking. Right now I bide my time, baking bread and changing diapers. 

I hope to see you there. 


Drathmere said...

Don't power game the system man. Women know, they just know!

NockerGeek said...

I feel your pain, man. Pretty much the same situation for me, apart from the changing diapers bit (thank God for that).

Pete W said...

Hahaha, you sly dog OSH. You should be glad that the wife does not generally follow the 40k blogosphere or you could get rumbled and stuck on diaper duty from now on ;-)

I hope it works out though and if nothing else, you can probably get a day off to come to Frederick more easily than NY. Speaking of which, are we still looking good for Sunday as my friends who've just started 40k are really keen to see experienced players go at it.


PS: Hugs to the lovely little bundle :-)

Xyhelm said...

Congrats on the newborn!

I know what you mean. I have to limit game-time also to make sure that I am a good husband and father.

Recently, I took part in a WH40K 6-week league (every Saturday), so my wife and I made a bargain that I would go on a dairy-free diet during that time, lol. It was crazy-hard! (Thankfully, the dairy-free diet didn't benefit me*, so I won't have to do that again. *Individual results may vary.)

I hope you can go to the the Battle!

Antisocialnerd said...

err why are you marrying wives that won't let you play i'm an big anime fan and go to a lot of conventions if it was convention time it'd be bish it's convention time see ya and she either accepts that or not i'd assume it'd be the same if i got deep into warhammer haven't yet i plan on marrying an a fellow anime fan current girlfriend is one and go to conventions together dump any kids we have onto someone and bail eventually we'd bring them too though they would enjoy it i hope put the foot down dammit.

and then bring them on a romantic weekend sometime to say thanks lol ^_^

The Fabulous Orcboy said...

I (think I) agree with Antisocialnerd: just, uh, ask.

I mean, my wife considers gaming of any kind to be akin to slow torture, so would never want to come along with me and game. But it's not like she and me don't have some different hobbies and friends. Some weekends, she hangs out with hers, and I hold down the house. Vice versa other weekends. And sometimes we make it a traveling vacation for us, with some gaming for me (or hobby-time for her). Weird how that works.

This whole "be an angel and trick my wife" schtick is very 1950's. I really hope you're joking and pulling on some (outdated and somewhat sexist) stereotypes here.

Old Shatter Hands said...

Yes, I'm joking. Don't worry, guys. It was more of a shameless plug for the BofS guys.

Ken, you going?

Sholto said...

Congrats on the new addition to the family! That's superb :) Hope you're all well.

I heard you on the 11th Co podcast. Did I miss the batreps from Nova, or are you going to do them?

Most wives I know are happy to let their menfolk go and do their men-thing. They just like to know that if they ask you not to go, you won't. So long as they know that, they're content never to ask ;)

Old Shatter Hands said...

@sholto, Wow! They finally uploaded that interview. I gotta go check it out. I probably won't be able to listen to myseld as I get so embarrassed. I hope I didn't make myself out to be a damned fool. LOL!

As for the bat reps from NOVA, I was thinking about it but I haven't had the energy to go back do them. The games I won were complete routs, the games I lost: one was close and the other I got tabled! I'll work on it and see if I can get something up soon.

Admiral Drax said...

Solidarity, mate.

Hope the littlun's well.

Sholto said...

It was a really good interview. You got all your points across very well, and I enjoyed listening to it. NOVA sounds like it was a blast!

Nocturus said...

Lol. Hope she doesn't read your blog ;).


Jawaballs said...

I hope you get to make it up man! I have done pretty good with my wife and newborn and being allowed to travel for tournaments. My secrets? I lie like a rug and throw money at her like it's Christmas. (In addition to every thing you mentioned including cooking fantastic meals every day... etc.)

First of all, she does not know just what I do at these things, and I have convinced her that they are 50% business where I am building Jawaballs Productions and making connections. I do make some money, (very little) and make it a point to give her a "share". So she thinks that these trips are lucrative. (lies) Because I actually secretly save money for months and pull it out and give it to her when I ask to go to a tournament. "this is how much I made last time baby!" She seems to be content with 100 bucks in her pocket plus money from me to pay for a baby sitter while I am gone so she can go to the spa. Plus she gets two or three days of not having my fat, snoring, hairy ass in the bed with her. Get fat and snore!