Thursday, December 2, 2010

Conflict GT - Tau List Decisions

In less than two months, another big tournament comes to the East Coast, Conflict GT. I've heard about this tournament before but never managed to get to it. I generally don't travel far for wargaming as a rule but given that this is in the neighborhood of the BFS guys, I'm going to be looking at making the drive up to NY to attend this thing.

It's a 1750 tournament but from the website I can't tell how many rounds it will be, nor what the scheduling is. This makes travel plan a little difficult at this stage. So what to bring is the question. I feel compelled to bring my Tau, even though I said I had shelved them. My Blood Angels are looking tempting. In fact, my Blood Angels are almost shootier than my Tau, sporting 6 lascannons. Well, somebodies got to play Xenos, might as well be me. Plus the blogosphere still considers Tau are powerful army even with Space Wolf Missile Spam out there. Since this is a Tau-blog, let's see what kind of list I could field at 1750.

Here's what I've got so far.

Shas'El, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multitracker. 87 points

3 units of 2 XV8s with Missile Pods, Plasma Rifles and Multitrackers.124 points each for a total of 372.
This gives me some rhino-popping help and some weapons for Marines. Splitting them up into little units like this also reducing the effect of leadership rolls too. I think it be worth it.  

6 Fire Warriors in Devilfish, Disruption Pod. 145 pts
10 Kroot, 3 Hounds. 88pts
10 Kroot, 3 Hounds. 88pts
A little light on the scoring units but this is Tau we're talking about. You're alway light on the scoring units even when you take a lot of them. 

Fast Attack:
3 Piranhas with Fusion, Targeting Arrays and Disruption Pods. 225 pts
 The obligatory move-blockers. Problem here is, there is no room for Pathfinders and I still want at least 3 piranhas but I don't want to field a squadron. 

Heavy Support:
Hammerhead with Smart Missiles, Railgun, Multitracker, Disruption Pod, Target Locl. 185 pts.
Really expensive tank but it has staying power, a railgun and smart missiles that can ignore cover in some cases. Helps deplete enemy infantry, especially those guardsmen. 

2 Broadsides with Advanced Stabilization Systems and Team leader with 2 Shield Drones. 195 pts. Good for popping tanks and absorbing fire. 

3 Broadsides armed as above but the Team Leader has a Target Lock for splitting fire. 280 pts. Expensive unit that can absorb fire and distribute 3 railguns across 2 targets. 

This leaves me with 85 points left over. I could add in another Broadside but I don't have a model for it so I'd have to figure something out for that. Another option would be to throw in a second Commander and drop a kroot hound. Decisions, decisions.

So what does the wargaming community think?


tim said...

I have found that 6 man fire warriors are too small and die way too easily. I have found that 9 man squads work the best. Also, I know your against it, but I think that shapers would be great in your army, since they have 3 wounds.

Known as Ben said...

I would take another FW squad in a fish if you can to grab/hold objectives... You've gotta figure at least half the games are going to objective based. I would think the Kroot wouldn't make it to the later stages in the game. Otherwise it looks solid. Good luck.

ps~ love the recent segment on 11thCo.

Harman Smith said...

I believe you have enough troops. Kroot with hounds is always a good thing. Piranhas are a great choice, keep them no matter the cost.
I say take away one kroothound, add a second commander. One hound is not going to save the day. A badass commander will. Good luck, Shatterhands!

Big Bad Garou said...

Actually I am really concerned about the lack of markerlights... I would drop the hound and add a second commander but you might really want to think about something with markerlights. You will have Long Fangs in cover that will be absorbing fire from those rails with saves.

Old Shatter Hands said...

I think Big Bad Garou is right...I'll need to torrent long fangs with accurate fire before they kill all my suits. I'm not too concerned about reducing cover saves on 'fangs, as I don't have that many AP3 or better, just torrenting them. Railguns are for killing the inevitable razorback spam coming at me....

Known as Ben said...

If you can't fit any Pathfinders in perhaps you could throw some markers in with your suits...

Ko'vash said...

My only 2 suggestions would be dropping the hammerhead smart missiles for burst cannons for a higher rate of fire and they're cheaper. I'd also try and get another scoring unit in there somehow.

Gredus said...

Personally I'd put the Piranha's into a squad of 1 and 2 and take some Pathfinders.

I don't use Piranha's in my list for now as I don't want to just run with what the internet says. When I get round to buying some i'll use them!

davethegamer said...

Its a solid tau list.

Sure, there are a lot of tweaks out there, and of course more troops/markers/other is always useful.

If you really wanted the markers, drop the fish, add path sqaud and have the fw ride in the their fish.

thank you for the post!

Old Shatter Hands said...

great comments, guys. I think I am just going to have to live without pathfinders. The three separate piranhas do much more to prevent my army from being overrun. A friend suggested dropping the hammerhead and fielding 3 units of 2 broadsides instead, and fielding 3 units of 3 twin-linked missile pod XV-8 instead. That would make most of my firepower twin-linked, minimizing the need for markerlights. Plus it adds a unit to the army and increases the redundancy. a revised list to follow.

Rathstar said...

I've also had poor performances from my hammerheads in terms of what they kill, but they provide an exellent distraction for enemy anti-tank guns which saves shots on the crisis suits and devilfish.

I'd be worried about dropping the last hammerhead because the devilfish (and therefore the squisy fire warriors inside) will not last long (after they come on from reserve).

Although your friends suggested list has very accurate firepower, it doesn't have the volume of shots, and I think you'll miss plasma at 1750 pts against MEQs. How about changing the 9 deathrains for 2 fireknifes (which can be joined by the shas'el) and 2 units of 3 firestorms (missile/burst suits) ? The missile pods are less accurate but you have more shots for when it comes to shooting infantry later in the game.

Good luck for the tournament.