Friday, March 11, 2011

Eastern Empire has a new look!

After a long period of stasis, it looks as though Eastern Empire has been revived. This is one of my favorite Tau modellers out there. I've gotten so much inspiration from this guy over the years and now his site is back up. Have a look at all those awesome Tau comics and models. I especially recommend looking at this "unique models" section. It features a female Fire Warrior. Great Stuff.


Gredus said...

It's the elites gallery that does it for me. That Urban camo and the conversions just look so god dam sexy.

NockerGeek said...

Tael's work is amazing, and I've been jealous of it ever since I started. His conversion and painting skills are both amazing, and everything looks so clean and polished.

Shawn Lowrey said...

Tael is pretty much... the shit. I have been following his stuff for years, both on Eastern Empire and also on Advanced Tau Tactics, where he posts most of his work.

I used his color scheme for city fight tau for my army.

Old Shatter Hands said...

What always amazes me is that his conversions are so slick and so original that you can't tell where the pieces come from...his conversions look like GW sets. Plus his painting is always just right.

His urban broadside is amazing, GW should take some notes from him.