Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long Fangs Complete

Long Fangs are one of the most popular units out there these days. Very few Space Wolf armies will leave Fenris without them and I felt that I had to do them justice in this commission. I am pretty proud of how they came out, especially the Squad Leader. I set out to make him more technical and ended up with a right-cool Space barbarian. These days he’s the object of my man-crush. Those shades just make him so hot.

There is some freehand on this unit and I follow Ron from From the Warp’s advice on doing freehand symbols. Break the object up into manageable shapes and take your time. Great advice, Ron. It worked!




The Antipope said...

These are spiffing mate, I particularly like the guy on the first pic :)

sonsoftaurus said...

Splendid. Really beautifully done. Only thing I would personally change would be the purity seals; blend in a bit much for my taste. But fantastic execution. :-) The voxpack for the squad leader is a nice touch, goes well with the auspex.

Andy said...

Great job, love the grey (I'm not a fan of the blue grey the GW studio use), and the guy with the auspex looks superb. I agree with sonsoftaurus on the voxpack, it all works well together on the model.

Tylermenz said...

Very nicely done, I like the highlights on the grey armor.

Tylermenz said...

very nice. Love the armor.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Very nice!

Neat painting always goes well and I find edging to be great for armour.

My only criticism - besides them not being mine :P is the purity seals. I know it is more faffing around, but having them red helps them stand out from the mini. The parchment also looks very similar to the armour yellow. Maybe a bit whiter?

The pack leader is great :)

How many more Wolves are you painting for your friend?


I guess people have seen the new Tomb Kings miniatures? Gorgeous for the most part.
*wipes chin*

Kirby said...

Good looking models there OHS :). I like the Tau head sneaking in there :P