Friday, July 22, 2011

Captain Tycho Arrives On Armageddon

Captain Tycho is joining his battle brothers in the Blood Angels army. There are still a few areas I'd like to touch up before strapping him in his drop pod for deployment. We're going to shine his boots, get those gems gleaming and  inscribe the emperor's prayers on his parchments.

Captain Tycho could be arriving in your sector if you're the lucky winner, but only if you donate. As of this post there are 2 days and 10 hours left to donate. Captain Tycho knows you've been putting it off so the time to act is now.

Captain Tycho says there's a paypal widget where you can easily donate and put yourself in the running to win one of four beautiful armies. Check out to view them all.


Grajo said...

Pretty nice conversion and pretty nice paintjob!!

Morgrim Dark said...

That looks amazing... conversion and paintjob!

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Excellent job :)

Cobalt Cannon said...

Maybe it's just the character, but um... He looks like the Phantom Of the Opera! HAHAHAHA!

It's a excellent work of art as usual from you OSH. Did you try to make him look pale in his face? Is that part of the vampiric thing the blood angles seem to have or the lighting? His armor looks so rich. I personally would warm up his skin tone, but If you are going for the vampiric thing, then I'd leave it alone.

Aside from the constructive criticism, it's another excellent work from you. The winner will be pleased, and for such a good cause.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post but I want to make this for my boyfriend. He loved your conversion! What body did you use?

Tim said...

Anon, thanks. It's made from mostly sanguinary guard bits. The legs were cut and re-positioned to make him walking instead of leaping. Hope that helps.